How To Sell A Board Game To Mattel


When approaching Mattel with a board game, it is important to give the company a clear and concise pitch. The first thing to do is introduce the board game, detailing what makes it unique and why it would be an ideal fit for their business. Explain the concept and objectives of the game, who it is best suited for and how it distinguishes itself from others on the market. Also, make sure to describe relevant advantages or features that could help a potential customer recognize its value such as special components or themed elements. If you have any reviews or testimonies from players who have already tried the game out, now would be a great time to mention them as well. These will provide valuable insights that Mattel can use when considering whether adapting your board game is right for them.


Preparation for selling a board game to Mattel begins with planning and development prior to approaching the company. This means researching the competition and industry standards, understanding what makes your board game unique or innovative and crafting a succinct pitch (including pricing) that will ignite Mattel’s interest. It is also important to consider the demographic of Mattel’s current audience and customers to ensure that your game is appropriate.

Once these steps are complete, strategy should be implemented for approaching Mattel.It would be beneficial to research contacts within their Toy Department and contact them directly, as well as submitting materials via their website or mail depending on their submission policy. If necessary, you may also consider attending trade shows and conventions where Mattel might present an opportunity to discuss your board game in person. Additionally, it would be prudent to investigate strategic partnerships with other companies already associated with Mattel to better position yourself for success.

Crafting the Pitch

When the time comes to make a pitch to Mattel, you’ll want to ensure that your board game is as well-prepared and appealing as possible. Start by establishing and understanding your target audience”Mattel’s demographics”and develop graphics, logos, and branding elements that can help your game stand out from the crowd. You should also research Mattel’s portfolio of games in order to understand their brand strategy and get an idea of what types of games they might be interested in publishing.

Once you know your target and identified their mission, create a concise pitch”in short, it should include:

• The essential features of your board game
• How it appeals to Mattel’s target audience
• Services or advantages you can offer to Mattel as part of the deal
• A solid marketing plan for launch
• Relevant information about yourself and/or your team

In addition to crafting a engaging narrative in the pitch itself, you’ll also want to present a professional look overall when presenting your product. Make sure that everything looks appealing, neat, organized, and relevant. Likewise, plan on practicing ahead of actually presenting the board game. This will help you work all the details out prior to pitching in-person or through virtual platforms. Finally, don’t forget to bring visuals with you! Examples could include prototypes of the board game if they exist, illustrations or drawings showing key aspects of gameplay or a series of slides outlining ideas related to marketing potential subscribers into purchasing and seeking out your product.

Reaching Out to Mattel

When trying to sell a board game to Mattel, the first step is understanding how to reach them. This can be done by researching Mattel’s current products and their areas of interest. It is also helpful to do research on the company and its corporate goals, financials, and values.

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Once you’ve done your research on Mattel, you will need to make a deliberate effort to reach out through networking or other marketing channels. The best way to contact them is likely through conferences, conventions, or trade shows which are related directly to the game industry. Additionally, social media platforms can be very helpful in connecting with them; for example, joining forums and discussion groups related to board games and gaming companies can be a great way to introduce yourself and pitch your game ideas without any additional cost.

After establishing contact with Mattel representatives and making a connection, it’s important that you craft an attractive pitch tailored specifically towards their interests. You must focus on putting emphasis on Mattel’s value proposition while presenting features of your board game that could benefit their portfolio or brand recognition. For example, if you have components that fulfill certain standards that Mattel looks for in product quality or pricing structure then those should be highlighted when pitching your product as it aligns with their existing criteria for success in product development. Furthermore, if applicable include customer reviews or ratings from previously published versions of your game so they can get a better idea of the demand for it among consumers.

Making Your Pitch

Before you make a pitch to Mattel, it’s important to research who you’ll be delivering the presentation to. Who are the key decision makers? Are there other people in the room whose input is necessary? What questions should you ask in order to determine what the company is looking for and ensure your board game meets those criteria?

Being prepared is essential when pitching your board game to Mattel. Once you know who will be at the meeting, consider their areas of expertise and think of ways that they can best engage with your product or idea. Prepare an organized presentation that highlights the features and advantages of your game, while also identifying any potential risks or challenges. Then practice answering potential questions and consider ways that you can minimize any objections they may have so they see how your board game is a perfect fit for their brand.

Finally, understand not only what makes your board game unique but how it fits into Mattel’s vision and mission statement. This is key in effectively selling them on the concept. Make sure to highlight similarities between what Mattel stands for and what your product delivers in terms of entertainment, fun, imagination, and/or learning opportunities ” all of which are aspects Mattel looks for in a successful product that ca resonate with their audience. Good luck!

Handling Rejections and Problem-Solving

When it comes to selling your board game to Mattel, you may be met with an unfortunate rejection. This can be a difficult situation, but it’s important to recognize it as an opportunity to evaluate your ideas and product before revamping them for resubmission.

To make sure that your board game meets the standards of Mattel, research guidelines carefully for any prior experiences and best practices shared about successfully submitting products. Additionally, make sure that you create thorough product presentation materials in order to effectively capture their attention. Take the time to clearly explain the unique selling point of your product on why people choose it over other alternatives on the market.

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Before attempting to submit your proposal again, use feedback from previous rejections as indications of where changes need to be made before revising and re-submitting. Adjusting components such as rules, packaging, design or gameplay may improve chances of success. It is also recommended to collaborate with industry professionals in order to better understand the market trends and ensure that key stakeholders remain engaged throughout the process.

Finally, having a detailed game plan complete with deadlines should help keep all teams on track once you decide to re-submit a proposal for consideration by Mattel board members . Accountability among involved parties helps streamline communication amongst fellow collaborators and ensures objectives are achieved in order for maximum impact when selling a board game.

Re-engagement and Follow-Up

Once you have presented your board game idea to Mattel, following up and discussing the presentation with them is key. Re-engaging with the team at Mattel after presenting your game can be an important step for developing a lasting relationship between you and the company. During this re-engagement, it is important to make a good impression. Be sure to thank Mattel for taking the time to review your presentation and discuss any questions or feedback they may have had about it. Ask if there is anything else they need from you so that they can move forward in their process of making a decision on whether or not they want to pursue your idea.

In addition, try to stay up-to-date on current industry trends and always be prepared when speaking with Mattel’s team. By being knowledgeable about what is currently happening in the gaming industry, you will show that you are serious about developing a successful business relationship with them. Furthermore, if there has been any recent developments related to board games, bringing that information up during follow up conversations can help establish credibility and demonstrate that you are aware of changes in the marketplace. Finally, remember that selling a board game to Mattel takes patience and effort”be sure to persistently follow up even if there doesn’t seem to be an imminent answer as it could take time for them to review everything before giving an official response. Building relationships with personnel within Mattel could benefit both parties in the long run so do all you can do foster these connections.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the pitch, I believe that my presentation to Mattel was successful. Throughout the process, I gained valuable experience in researching a company’s needs and wants and then adapting my strategy in order to make it more attractive. After demonstrating that my game could appeal to Mattel’s target market, as well as its goals for the year, I felt satisfied that the presentation showed Mattel why my game would be beneficial for them to purchase. It was a great learning experience to understand what elements are important when putting together a professional proposal or pitch. All in all, it felt rewarding presenting a strong argument to this company and completing such a project.

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