Keeping It Saxy Board Game


“Keeping it Saxy is a great game for anyone looking to have a fun and interactive time! My friends and I had so much fun playing together – we loved the variety of topics in each round, so there was always something new and exciting for us to explore. The rulebook was also incredibly helpful as all of us players got the hang of the game quickly. Highly recommended!”

“I recently played Keeping it Saxy with my family and it was an absolute blast! We were all laughing and having such a great time. It was an interesting twist on traditional board games and the questions kept the night going. We came back to it time and time again because we couldn’t get enough! A highly recommended addition to anyone’s game shelf.”

“Keeping it Saxy has been delightfully entertaining since day one of playing. With rounds both friendly for younger kids yet challenging for adults, everyone has something to learn about our culture ” from music facts to fashion trends, we get a great taste of our culture within a board game form. There’s never a dull moment playing this one!”


Videos and images of people playing Keeping It Saxy Board Game can add a lot to the game’s presentation. Video clips could be used to show players engaging in the creative activities of the game, such as playing music or singing along with tracks. Commentary explaining game mechanics and strategies can help explain how to play the game in an engaging and entertaining manner. Images can also be used to capture memorable moments during gameplay that will bring smiles and laughter for years to come.


For shorter games: The game can be played to a certain point instead of the full game. Instead of starting from the beginning, the board will start with some chosen categories on it and Short Cards will be used throughout the game instead of playing until all are gone.

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For more advanced players: The game can be made more difficult by using Longer Cards, adding Challenge Cards to every set, and/or shuffling Extra Cards into the deck. Challenges could include scenarios where two pieces must be played at the same time or longer phrases must be completed before moving on to the next phrase (which would make for a very intense battle!). Each time a Challenge Card is chosen, players must ready their thinking hats and get ready to improvise! Another option is adding Bonus Points which force players to think ahead in order to grab them before their opponents.


The Keeping It Saxy Board game is an entertaining and interactive board game that can provide hours of entertainment for adults and kids alike. In order to ensure everyone has a great time playing the game, it is important that it be set up and explained properly. To help make sure this happens, tutorials can be created to provide instructional videos or graphics on how to play the game and set it up. Tutorials should outline all of the components of the game, explain any special rules or features, display examples of play so people know what to expect when playing, offer guidance on how to determine who goes first and then take turns, and demonstrate any possible exceptions in regard to scoring. Furthermore, viewers should also be taught about bluffing strategies and other techniques used in the game in order to maximize their chance of winning. Having tutorials available will encourage new players to try out a round or two as well as help experienced players perfect their skills for each gaming session.

Expansion Packs

Upcoming expansion packs can greatly enhance the game experience of Keeping It Saxy Board Game. Expansion packs can add new rules, pieces, and cards to the game. With additions like additional characters (both saxophone players and other musicians), fresh story scenarios, innovative objects, obstacles, and abilities (like street magic or advanced technical skills), players will be able to enjoy a whole new adventure with each expansion pack! Players can use the expansion packs to customize their own Playing Field, altering the levels of challenge or complexity. With different genres of music available in the expansion packs, players can choose which genre they want to explore as they compete against one another. As well as three new games crafted from these expansions, chess-style battles and cribbage-style solve-a-tone versions are also available to draw on for added excitement. With unique artist profiles being added periodically too, fans will appreciate learning about inspirational figures in music history for more of an immersive experience.

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With the Keeping it Saxy board game, you can now have an even more immersive playing experience. For those that want to add a bit of extra flair, a detailed illustrated rulebook could be included, which would provide useful illustrations for the rules and regulations of the game. Game pieces could include saxophones and music-themed cards which would require players to complete tasks related to their specialized instrument. There could also be collectible tokens such as bronze, silver, and gold saxophones for fans of the genre or for children looking for an exciting challenge. One interesting add-on could be professional musicians providing instructional audio recordings to help from novice players all the way up through expert levels. These additional accessories would bring an enriching feel to the classic board game.

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