How To Play Sentinels Board Game

Introduction to Sentinels Board Game

Sentinels Board Game was designed by popular game designer Richard Garfield and is a two-player card based game. The goal of the game is to deliver justice and triumph over evil forces while also trying to save civilians. There are two main ways to win: either protect all 10 citizens on the board, or successfully defeat all 5 “sentinels” that stand in your way.

Players setup the board by placing five different sentinels that have unique abilities, health, costs and victory conditions in predetermined locations. Players then take turns by playing cards from their decks that represent heroes, equipment, events and environments which can be used to fight directly against sentinels or provide support for players’ goals. Cards on the board can be played face up or face down, but must be revealed when a sentinel encounters them during its turn (players have 3 seconds to respond). When all sentinels on the board have been defeated, the player who first succeeded in protecting all 10 civilians or defeating all 5 sentinels wins!

Players customize their decks in pre-game setup and use strategy when playing cards throughout they game to increase chances of success and gain an advantage over their opponents. Players learn quickly how powerful cards combine with each other as well as how specific events work”such as the damage dealt by a hero’s special ability or environmental hazards. After each session, players reflect upon which strategies were successful and which didn’t work so well.

How to Set Up a Game

1. Gather Materials – Gather the game board, character cards, player guides, dice and rule book. Place them in an easily accessible area for playing.

2. Assemble Game Pieces – Check the box for all pieces needed for play: tokens, tiles, models, cards and any other components. Set up these pieces on the game board accordingly.

3. Set Up the Board – Lay out the main game board which includes locations for each player’s hero pawns and the villain deck spot. Place markers indicating where heroes should spawn and how much ground they need to move before encounter world events or villains during their turns.

4. Introduce Players to Sentinels – Provide a basic overview of the game and inform players of their roles as heroes (if playing cooperatively) or as villains (if playing competitively). Share information about what makes a hero successful such as heroic abilities, synergy with other heroes and experience rewards gained through completing adventures and scenarios.

5. Establish Rules – Establish basic rules such as allocation of resources among teams or players at the beginning of turns along with effects of damage or modifiers that can increase the challenge during gameplay like infighting or environment hazards i.e., negative card draw penalties if a token is drawn near an ignore wall despite being commanded by another active member of your team/alliance to interact!.

6. Begin Playing – Start playing by rolling dice to determine initiative order then proceed clockwise from left to right around table between family/friends who have been recruited into your league to save planet Prime!

Rules of the Game

Victory Conditions:
The game of Sentinels board game is won when one player has successfully destroyed all the villain’s activity and saved the day. Players must keep track of their success and failure points as determined by their actions throughout the game. Once these points reach a certain threshold, usually around 200 success points, that player is declared the winner.

Each time players defeat villains in combat or complete a mission they will receive victory points based on their performance and the type of villain they are facing. Points can also be gained by recruiting allies, recovering plot devices, and accomplishing goals. Victory points can also be subtracted for items lost or high stakes that were not successful. At the end of each turn, each player’s total victory point score is tallied up to determine the victor.

Time Limit:
The recommended time limit for a single round of Sentinels Board Gameis two hours, however some people agree to stretch it out longer if both teams agree to do so beforehand. If it becomes too difficult to finish in two hours then a time limit may be extended at everyone’s agreement before beginning play again. Players should discuss this before starting a game so expectations are clear and no one gets disappointed with an overly long-game session.

Turn Order:
In Sentinels Board Game, players take turns in clockwise order according to initiative order which can be tracked on either the player dashboards provided with expansion packs or through record keeping of all initiative rolls. The initiative roll occurs at the start of each new round when players roll their preferred die type (usually a d10) and add any bonuses from things such as equipment or character stats/traits . Whoever rolls highest goes first until everyone has gone once and then play as normal returns back to who rolled highest for initiation purposes first.

Roles and Powers

The Sentinels Board Game pits players against a formidable enemy which must be defeated in order to win. Each player takes on a special role with unique powers, and each one is important in the overall strategy of the game. Here are some examples of roles and special abilities available to players:

1. The Operative: Players with this role can use their skills to gain information on the enemy and plan out strategies to defeat them. This role is great for those who like to be strategic and think ahead.

2. The Enforcer: This role is for those who like direct action, as they are responsible for executing attacks or plans of action on the enemy. They have access to various weapons and gadgets that can help turn the tide of battle.

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3. The Engineer: Those with technical expertise will do well as an engineer, as they are able to build various defensive measures or forge attack plans using their advanced knowledge of technology. They also serve as a source of inputs others may lack during debates over what tactics should be employed during a mission or battle.

4. The Investigator: An important role for those who like puzzle solving or crime-solving, the investigator gathers clues and puts together pieces of evidence in order to discover special locations or master plans devised by the enemy which may give you an edge in battle if taken advantage of properly.

5. The Leader: Finally, there is a leader among you whose job it is to direct the team decision-making process and ensure that all paths are explored before taking action against your foe(s). Communication, planning, coordination and delegation will often fall under their responsibility throughout the course of playtime ” depending on how experienced your fellow players are at strategizing won’t always be easy!

Strategies and Tips


1. Don’t be too hasty – it’s important to take your time and plan out your moves carefully, because if you rush into something without a plan, you could end up in an unfavorable position early on.

2. Build up your forces – having an army of heroes and powerful cards can give you a strong position against other players. Make sure to use card combinations that maximize the benefits of each hero and card type.

3. Know your opponent’s strategy – once you have identified their strategy, use the environment and resources to counter it or turn it into a strength for you.

Advanced Players:

1. Use surprise tactics- by surprising opponents with unexpected deck compositions or unpredictable movement, successful players can often gain an edge over others who are playing more cautiously or relying on recognized strategies.

2. Utilize hidden information – hidden information can be extremely important in Sentinels board game, since being able to predict your opponent’s actions before they happen can make a big difference in the outcome of the game. Pay attention to what cards they’re playing and when, which heroes they’re using most often, etc, to gain insights about their overall strategy and be one step ahead of them if possible.

3. Take advantage of environment – experienced players know how to use terrain blocks, obstacles and other environmental factors effectively, creating strategic advantages over opponents who aren’t paying attention to this kind of detail.

The Various Versions of the Game

Sentinels of the Multiverse is a cooperative card and dice-based board game created by Bruce Parks, Adam Rebottaro, and Paul Bender. It features an original multiverse and a variety of superhuman characters who must face off against a sinister villain set on total domination. The board game currently has seven versions available, including expansions, limited editions, and new variants.

The first five versions are the Classic Core Set, Enhanced Edition Core Set, Vengeance Expansion, Villains Support Pack Expansion, and Rook City & Infernal Relics Expansions. The Classic Core Set allows players to control one of four heroes while they team up to thwart the world-dominating schemes of one super-villain from an iconic comic book universe. This version of the game included four hero decks ” set up very simply with two pre-built introductory decks that can be quickly modified; four environments that can alter anything from airflow to gravity; and four villains capable of unleashing their own unique diabolical plots!

The Enhanced Edition Core Set includes cards for all previously released characters (the classic core set plus the Vengeance expansion), updated art throughout the game as well as improved clarity in rules text and more versatile hero options provided by additional variants. Players also get a fifth Hero deck featuring Haka as part of this edition which adds another layer of challenge to already dynamic villain strategies! This edition offers 4 heroes in their signature environment with special variants like cosmic or magical chaos energy razing their adversaries when things get dire!

Equally popular is the Vengeance Expansion focusing on greater customization through twelve additional criminal masterminds including Unity and Ambuscade alongside several robotic entities like Chrono Ranger roping heroes into strategy-shattering time travel quests. Furthermore expanding opportunities for unique Heroes Unleashed: Unleashed Scenarios featuring non-player character villains such as monstrous Hellions assaults players across even more flexible battlegrounds ” another vital ingredient for groups looking for more innovative ways to prevent these criminal masterminds’ reign terror on both innocent civilians and superheroes alike!

Finally, Villains Support Packs are designed exclusively to optimise your experience with each particular villain also adding elite technicians or genetically modified henchman armies etcetera in order to bolster any nefarious plotline ambitions you have possible in store”all this culminating in increased strategic possibilities making it easier than ever before for you to carry out fiendish operations though staying ahead of attacking forces serving justice saves any lousy workdays repeatedly occurring prior”so keep both eyes open ‘til justice has been served!

Optional Rules

Optional rules can be a fun way to add some extra complexity and challenge to your Sentinels board game. The following rules can be used to customize the game and make it even more exciting:

Improvements – As players progress through the game, they can acquire improvements that can be used to increase the effectiveness of their strategies. These might include boosts to Move or Attack values, defensive properties or Points bonuses for achieving specific objectives in-game.

Campaign Mode – This mode adds an ongoing storyline which continues from one game session to the next and allows for players’ actions within each level to have lasting effects on their characters from one session to the next. It requires all the players taking part in campaign games to keep detailed records of each battle they partake in throughout their gaming sessions.

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Role Play – Players are encouraged to take on characters during play and add narrative elements into the gameplay experience by encouraging their character’s unique personality, descriptions of events as they unfold or even allowing for specialized abilities tailored specifically for their character within the scope of a given mission as provided by lucky card draws or set pieces that may be chosen at random from a given signature deck with special rules attached related to them.

Cooperative Mode – This rule variation makes Sentinels into a cooperative game where players work together against progressively evolving challenges provided by computer driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘bad guys’ employed by other super villains attempting to take over their universe! All players must collaborate if they are going to stand any chance of prevailing against these nefarious forces!

These optional rules provide endless possibilities and allow each individual group of players tailor-make their perfect Sentinels gaming session that caters specifically towards whatever particular preferences they may have. Have fun testing them out and enjoy building memorable campaign stories with your friends while you duel your way across the globe!

Common Mistakes

Common Mistake 1: Not Familiarizing Yourself with the Board and Objectives Before Playing ” Players should always read the instructions and study the board before playing so they have a basic understanding of what they are supposed to do.

How to Avoid: Take time to review the instructions and pieces that come with the game. If possible, practice a round without playing against opponents to get used to the aspects of game play. Have a discussion before beginning play about goals and objectives that should be achieved in order to win.

Common Mistake 2: Poor Planning for Extra Moves ” When planning their strategies, players often forget how turns can impact their total score at the end of the game, even if no pieces were moved!

How to Avoid: Before making decisions involving potential extra moves, think ahead about how those moves may benefit or hinder your chances for success in future rounds. Ask yourself questions like “Will this move affect my future ability to maneuver around this part of the board?” Also, be mindful of which spaces on the board carry more points or are more advantageous than others- having an area of control can help achieve victory or stave off defeat!

Common Mistake 3: Taking Too Long During Each Round ” As levels progress, time becomes an important factor in Sentinels Board Game. Having too few seconds left on the clock when planning or executing moves can be costly.

How to Avoid: Track time during each turn by utilizing a separate timer such as a stopwatch or phone timer application if many players are participating in each round (or multiple rounds). Consider specific strategies that allow for quick decisions such as capturing points faster using defensive methods instead of offensive methods which require additional thought before taking action. Using these techniques can ensure there is enough time allotted for all plays necessary during high intensity rounds!

Fun Variations

One variation to the game of Sentinels is adding additional cards to each individual turn. Every player is given an extra card before they take their turn and must choose one of the two cards available to them before making their move. This should make for more strategic decisions as players would have both their current card, plus options provided by the newly added card when deciding which move to make.

Another variation could involve the introduction of character classes that give each player distinct advantages during their turns. For instance, a knight character might gain an additional block in defense while a wizard might be able to cast a powerful spell once per game. Character classes also allow experienced gamers to customize their playing experience as they can choose which character role would fit them best.

Finally, another variation could include extra cards that are revealed based on how many players are playing and how difficult it needs to be. This can cause higher-level difficulty with more cards available or offer some balance for newer players who may have just one or two additional cards revealed to try and get back into the game. With this option, Sentinels becomes even more replayable as no two games are ever alike!

Wrap Up

In conclusion, playing Sentinels Board Game is a great way to have fun with friends and family. This game encourages thinking strategically, so it’s important to come up with plans and strategies for your characters before the round starts. With plenty of intriguing story arcs, interesting characters, and imaginative worlds to explore, Sentinels has something for everyone! What’s more, each victory is always rewarding as you uncover the secrets hidden within. To be successful at Sentinels means understanding how the different characters interact with each other and the environment in which they exist. To achieve this understanding requires a mixture of strategy and improvisation during game play. It is best to understand all of the rules before starting your first game or two. To learn more about playing Sentinels Board Game, readers may consult some of the excellent gaming manuals available on Amazon or even look up reviews from fellow gamers!

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