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Lisboa is a globally popular board game designed by Vital Lacerda and launched in 2017. It allows two to four players to take part in an exciting journey across the Grand Lisboa area in Portugal during the 18th century Age of Discoveries. Players get to control major characters such as traders, diplomats, aristocrats and many more while engaging in thrilling strategic decisions related to shipping markets, construction, taxation, politics and commerce.

The idea behind the game’s design was to capture one of Europe’s most influential periods of history as accurately as possible. To make sure that information on what it was like trading, constructing and ruling at the time remained faithful to reality, considerable research was put into creating the game. The intricate rules are based on true stories from Lisbon’s golden age – when it took centre stage on the European trade map – along with interesting details from Portuguese heritage.

In terms of its popularity, Lisboa gained widespread acclaim among board gamers shortly after its launch; becoming a major success thanks partly to its collaborative nature and tactical gameplay. By 2019 it had acquired numerous awards including recognition from Board Game Geek for achievements such as “Best Strategy” or “Most Innovative”. Furthermore it has been used for competitions at international level too. Thus today this tabletop experience provides many interested fans with hours of fun!

In-Depth Gameplay

In order to have the best experience playing a game of Lisboa, it is important to know the rules, understand strategy and consider advanced tactics.

The main goal of the game is to build your city”Lisboa”which is divided into five distinct cities. Players must manage their resources efficiently by constructing buildings and sailing trade ships in order to gain victory points. The game encourages creativity by forming unique strategies based on resource management, diplomacy, and luck.

Players should pay close attention to the tile placement during their turn as it could benefit them later in the game. When building towers or other structures that grant bonus victory points at the end of the game, strategic placement greatly benefits a player’s strategy. A player should also try to keep track of how far away other players are from earning bonus points from structures, since this may influence their tactical decisions throughout the game. Furthermore keeping track of other players’ hands may be beneficial so a player can predict what type of moves they will make during their turn and plan accordingly.

Aside from strategic construction, sails are an important element in Lisboa. By sailing trade ships across oceans between ports networking with trading partners unaware players can gain valuable resources such as money, diamonds and Victory Points (VPs). Managing a sail/trade network is essential for success as it provides access to more powerful cards while also earning VP tokens cheaply early on in the game which can be kept until end-game scoring rounds ensuring that there are more potential VPs available for final scoring rounds when compared to other players .

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Overall the intricate mechanics and complexity of decisions give an exciting new challenge every time you play Lisboa! By carefully managing one’s resources and implementing risky but rewarding strategies like sail networks one can gain wealthier rewards than ever before! Try it for yourself today!

Pros of the Game

The Lisboa Board game is a unique and exciting strategy game. Players have the opportunity to build and develop their own districts of the city, with various combinations of noble titles, buildings, trading ships, wealth levels, and victory points. At the start of the game, each player is randomly assigned control over either one or two major ruling families in 1755 Lisbon.


• The game emphasizes strategy by allowing players to plan ahead and make strategic decisions about which resources to use based on their current position.
• Variety of actions players can take for development such as constructing buildings or sending out trading ships to generate revenue.
• The game features mid-game adjustments that make it more interesting as players compete for dominance throughout the course of play.
• Different goals offered – each player can focus on different tasks such as gaining specific noble titles, developing a certain district with particular buildings etc.
• Player interaction encouraged through trading activities between opponents that may benefit both sides in different ways.
• Replayability is high due to its complexity and vast number of options available making it enjoyable across multiple plays.

Cons of the Game

One of the major cons of the Lisboa board game is the complexity. The game can be difficult to learn and stay engaged in, as there are quite a few rules and mechanisms that players must keep track of. As such, it is advisable to only try this game if each player has experience with playing strategy or resource management games. Furthermore, due to the high complexity level, it takes some time to play through even one game session, which might not suit all players’ tastes.

Another undeniable con of Lisboa is its cost ” getting all its components can get expensive depending on where you purchase them from. Although online purchasing helps cut back some of these costs, this remains a limitation for players on a budget.

Notably, for those who entirely purchase physical copies, having limited space could also be an issue in that setting up the board is quite demanding in terms of tablespace ” something that might not be practical for smaller casual gaming sessions.

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Finally, Lisboa isn’t recommended for new gamers or those young children because its difficulty may overwhelm them and dishearten them from future gaming rounds.

Recommended Age Group

The Lisboa board game is suitable for ages 12 and up. The game’s difficulty level is moderate, with the goal being to rebuild 16th century Lisbon after it was destroyed by an earthquake. Players will control noble families who are competing to become the most influential family in Portugal while they race against time to restore Lisbon.

The cost of the game varies; however, most retailers have the price set at around $90. This price may seem high, but considering that it contains over 400 cards and 176 wooden components, it’s not too expensive. It also makes a great gift because of its high-quality components and replayability factor; you can play the same game several times without becoming bored.

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new strategy games or something more educational, the Lisboa board game is sure to be a hit with people from a variety of age groups and backgrounds.

Final Thoughts

Lisboa is a highly detailed and complex board game that focuses on exploration and development of the city of Lisboa during the Age of Discoveries. This board game provides players with unprecedented control over every aspect of planning, city building, and managing resources as they navigate through a series of events unique to this time period. With fantastic artwork and components, insightful rulebook, character cards that offer interesting twists to the game play, and ample role-playing opportunities, Lisboa is an absolute must-have for strategy gamers.

Final Thoughts:

The final thoughts on the game of Lisboa would be that it is truly an amazing experience with its beautiful art style, detailed ruleset and exciting character card twist to keep people engaged in the story being told by this historically themed game. This game heavily encourages players to immerse themselves into their own version of the Age of Discovery through a thoughtfully designed strategy component that also plays off multiple paths for victory depending one what aspects you prioritize in your gameplay strategies. Thus, making Lisboa an enjoyable replayable experience whether one enjoys expanding their cities economic power or adventuring into hidden locations for special rewards. All these details make it an engaging addition for any gaming collection that’s sure to remain popular in both its physical and digital form from many years!

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