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Lorenzo Il Magnifico, or “The Magnificent,” is an Italian board game named after the legendary Medici family member Lorenzo de’ Medici. The Medici were influential Italian Renaissance bankers and patrons of the arts who played a large role in fostering cultural and economic development during the Renaissance period. The board game was created by Flaminio Scarano and Simone Luciani, inspired by the original works of 15th century painter Sandro Botticelli and Italian sculptor Donatello.

The objective of Lorenzo Il Magnifico is to become the most powerful family in Tuscany by acquiring political power, cultural influence, money, and resources such as land, relics, servants and villas. Players must strategically use their cards to develop their farms, build up their cities and earn points for influence tracks through card activation with dice rolls for various action rounds. It also involves trading with other players in order to acquire resources needed to expand one’s political territories. With shared elements from worker placement games, resource management simulations and economic decision making it has been praised for its complexity and simulation-style characteristics along with its educational aspects that make it appealing to historians studying the renaissance period. Today it has won numerous awards since its release in 2016 including People’s Choice award at Spiel des Jahres Fair 2017 as well as nominations for most prestigious awards such as Anzaka Prize 2018.

Gameplay Description

1. Game Setup:
All players must choose their characters, select a colored set of game components, and arrange their personal boards. Then each player takes 8 coins with the same color as his/her own set. Also, all resources (wood, stones, and coins) should be distributed among players without any specific order or pattern.

2. Card Placement: All cards are placed in their corresponding spaces on the board by their type (Leader Cards, Tower Cards, etc.).

3. Action Spaces: Players start in separate cities with limited action points and they need to move around the board to activate action spaces where they can execute various actions such as buying resources or selling products.

4. Market: Each turn some random goods are randomly added to the market and players can purchase them if they can afford it. Another way to get resources is through completing military campaigns that require coins to access some rewards such as extra victory points or special bonuses like extra dice rolls during a combat phase later in the game.

5. Political Deck Setup: The Political deck contains four decks of different types of Politics cards (Lanterns, Wheatsheafs, Tokens, and Veils). Each round these cards will have diverse effects on gameplay so it’s important to lay them properly at the beginning of round preparation for a smooth play flow.

6. Dice Roll: After setting up all cards and components on board now it’s time for first dice roll by starting player; He/She needs to roll two dice at once and advance character based on results from both dice combined places moved by each die are summed up into one final position; This sum will be used for further activation of certain action spaces which depend upon position on board game will go until one of players gets 10 victory points by building prosperous city throughout game with help of cards

Overview of Components

Lorenzo Il Magnifico Board Game is a popular game designed by Michael Keller and Stefan Feld. It is a game played within a limited number of rounds which can last up to two hours. The aim of the game is for players to acquire achievements through gathering cards, resources, and development points in order to become the most successful player on the board. Players must also stay ahead of their opponents and compete for unique titles such as “The Doge” or “The Patriarch”.

One of the main components of the game are personal player boards. These boards contain different action spots that allows players to take tasks from other players or purchase them from market cards which are then placed onto their individual player boards. The five available action spots include Production Spots, Character Spots, Harvest Spot, Shop Spot and Market Spot. Players often have access to unique abilities depending on which spot they choose which vary from collecting resources and coins to exchanging goods with other players in exchange for money or development points.

Another component are Development Cards which allow players to gain development points whenever they complete certain tasks such as building buildings and developing structures throughout the round. This will help them gain more opportunities while gaining advantages over their opponents and leading them towards achieving victory at game end.

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A third component is Market Cards. These cards act as an additional form of currency during gameplay ensuring that players have access to enough resources when purchasing tasks from other players or taking them off the Marketplace Cards themselves at any given time during play.. Additionally these cards serve as a limitation due to the fact that all purchases must be conducted using only coins which limits each person’s spending ability early on in each turn but increase later on when larger sums can be leveraged using market cards if necessary.

Finally, Family Members act as assistants during play wherein they help facilitate certain actions like obtaining resources quickly without having to use actions spots or place favor tokens giving added bonuses throughout playsetup. These family members become increasingly powerful if their corresponding structures are improved along with increasing VP’s at turn end if applicable..

Strategies for Playing

When it comes to acquiring resources and earning points strategically in Lorenzo Il Magnifico board game, there are several different strategies that players can use.

Player turn order: The player who goes first has an advantage. This means they can get their resources set up early in the game, while other players have to wait. With careful planning and strategic building, the first player can stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the actions and powers available to them before anyone else gets a chance.

Building buildings strategically: When it comes to both acquiring resources and earning points, choosing which buildings to build is very important. First, consider which areas you need to focus on ” production for additional coins or different colored resources, military for favor tokens and Leader cards or citizenry for victory points? You want to place enough buildings that you gain bonuses from adjacent tiles with as few spaces as possible. That will open up more room on your Personal Board for cards that offer additional actions during your turn.

Using Buildings Efficiently: Once you’ve chosen where to build your buildings, make sure you’re using them efficiently by placing workers on them each round. This helps you acquire more goods and services than would normally be available without a worker on duty. For instance, certain buildings such as “The Chapel” can give extra point when a worker is placed there but no bonuses if left unattended. In addition, making sure your workers are gaining Experience (advanced level of Usage) by using the same type of building each previous round will offer even more bonuses throughout the course of the game play.

Rounding Out Your Deck with Cards: While acquiring new resources and adding additional action tokens should always be part of maximizing your chances at success each turn; always remember to include cards into everyone’s personal deck since these possess special abilities that don’t fit into either category stated already. These include overpowered Leader cards which grant special powers or other exclusive collectible objectives from Foundations or Hillsides with bonus points after fulfilling specific conditions allowing players added flexibility within how choose how exactly they win at this game ultimately!

Impression of Players

Lorenzo Il Magnifico is a complex and highly-strategic board game that is beloved by many strategy gamers. Those familiar with the ‘Euro’ type design appreciate its depth of play and wealth of options, as well as capability for deep replay value.

Aside from experienced strategists, new players have also embraced Lorenzo Il Magnifico. Players who are relatively new to the board gaming hobby often remark on the tight mechanics and thrilling choices presented by each turn of play. Even those completely fresh to complex games have been able to pick up onto the basic concepts very quickly, allowing newcomers to join in on engaging competition without feeling overwhelmed or simply being along for the ride.

The highly-varied components included in Lorenzo also allow for a great deal of personal expression; for example, each player puts together their own ‘military’ side of the board unique to themselves, which allows them greater feel of agency throughout the game. Moreover, all players seem to agree that it allows for an almost endless variety of strategies that can be employed during game time”this leads experienced players particularly craving more multiplayer encounters due to all fewer strategies they have already tried out in previous plays. The amazing replay value earned Lorenzo Il Magnifico near universal praise from players both new and old, who consider it an extensive (and expensive) investment well worth the price!

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Differences from Similar Games

The Lorenzo Il Magnifico board game is a strategic and interactive game for 1-5 players aged 14 and up. Unlike other similar, yet popular, games such as Catan, Risk, and Settlers of Catan, Lorenzo Il Magnifico focuses on the ability to manage resources. Players aim to develop effective economic strategies to gain the long term victory.

The main difference between Lorenzo Il Magnifico board game and its rivals lies in its focus on resource management. The objective of this game is to gain influence over the territories specified on the board by proceeding through various phases such as harvesting resources, building structures or recruiting characters that can improve their power or generate more resources. Moreover, understanding how certain parts of the game are connected will be key to success ‘ those who manage their resources successfully can obtain powerful rewards that multiply their efforts exponentially by earning them additional resource points which turn into more powerful bonuses. Additionally, players can customize their experience with up to three expansion modules in a single play session, adding variety and replayability every time they choose to play it.

Overall, Lorenzo Il Magnifico offers an entirely different experience than its competitors due to its mechanics focused on innovative strategies built around effective resource management iantead of luck or outright aggression as seen in other classic board games.


Lorenzo Il Magnifico is an epic board game designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Simone Luciani. It has been created for 2-4 players to take on the role of Florentine aristocrats managing resources, developing their lands and invading powerful families. In this game, players need to enchant the church, gather soldiers, construct buildings and try to outwit their opponents.

In Lorenzo Il Magnifico, players need to make wise decisions in order to receive rewards from their strategical moves. Players are offered many paths to victory, allowing them to specialize in many different avenues such as trade and science. The Faith deck allows for tough decisions that might affect one’s reputation and raise the other players’ hands, so careful planning and risk taking are essential for success! Players can even build a majestic palace that serves as a stronghold against incoming foes.

Players gain rewards through actions taken with family members such as military strength or job opportunities which grant either positive or negative influence in the city council of Florence. Resources are collected along the way using action cards while traveling around the city of Florence provides additional strategic gains. The use of personal dice also increases uncertainty when taking actions on other player’s territories or engaging in political warfare.

Overall, Lorenzo Il Magnifico is packed full of complex mechanics where strategy and cunning creativity come into play with issuing threats while manipulating resources available. This awesome board game offers exciting gameplay filled with worthy accomplishments as each player clones from rich heritage to grow their fortune throughout beautiful Renaissance-era Italy!


Lorenzo Il Magnifico is truly an incredible board game that offers something unique compared to other traditional style games. Players can experience an exciting replay-ability through its clever mechanism that encourages the competition and challenge of combining elements for success or failure, with a focus on making meaningful decisions and expansions turn after turn of play. With beautiful artwork and excellent components, Lorenzo provides its players with a hugely satisfying game in which they can explore uncharted territories with their own special strategy. What’s more, as each game can be modified to activate/deactivate various features, it encourages players to come back every time they play and try something new out. Furthermore, with 14 pre-built character cards to choose from, there’s enough variety to introduce newcomers while still allowing experienced gamers to refine their strategy depending on which card they go for. For those looking for a fun yet challenging board game that offers significant value each time you try it out ” look no further than Lorenzo Il Magnifico!

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