How To Play Ouija Board Game Alone

Introduction/Overview of the Ouija Board Game

The Ouija Board is a mysterious game that has been around for centuries. Its origin has been debated by scholars, and the exact details of its invention remain a mystery. It is believed to have originated as an occult game in China, where it was known as “fou-ji” which translates to ‘witch board’. In the West, this game was popularized in the late 1800s by William Fuld and later trademarked as The Ouija Board. The general principle of the game is simple; participants place their hands on a planchette or pointer board and ask questions to allegedly communicate with spirits of the dead. As such, some traditions consider this to be a dangerous tool that should only be used under certain conditions and guidance of trained spiritual leaders.

Despite these warnings, those who believe in the power of the Ouija Board are willing to try it out even if they do not have someone else present. To play alone, one must make sure that they take into consideration all precautions before conducting a session with the board. Preparations could include proper protection/shielding techniques such as surrounding yourself with white sage and other spiritual cleansing elements coupled with meditation and prayer prior to starting a session and setting clear intentions for the spirit or person you wish to communicate with during your session. During your solo Ouija Board experience you will need an accurate lit candle for light (to prevent possible spirit communication misinterpretation), two people’s hands (against each other) ontop of planchette piece which can be bought at special esoteric stores as well as online outlets; and lastly a piece of paper or notebook to keep record of any responses received from beyond during your ritual experience!

Pre-Game Preparation For Playing Ouija Board Alone

Playing Ouija Board Alone – This section could explain how to properly set up the board, such as not eating or drinking at the board and being clear about any questions you are asking. It could also include instructions for asking questions and interpreting answers.

The proper attitude required for playing alone ” This section could cover a few key points to keep in mind while playing alone. For instance, it is important to stay positive, focus on the present without worrying about future outcomes, be aware of your surroundings and any physical reactions you may have throughout the game. It could also give advice on how to protect oneself from spiritual interference or malevolent entities, such as prayer and meditating prior to the game and using white sage or other cleansing methods upon concluding the session.

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Step-by-Step Instructions For Playing Ouija Board Alone

The Ouija Board game is a popular spiritual activity that can be used to connect with the “other side” and receive messages or answers. You do not need multiple players in order to use the board ” you can play alone without any issues. If you would like to learn how to play this occult game by yourself, here are some simple step-by-step instructions:

1. Set up your playing area and make sure it’s free of any distractions or disruptions.
Set up and light a few candles in the area to create an atmosphere conducive for spiritual pursuits.

2. Call upon the spirits. Once your environment is settled, offer a short prayer of dedication asking for protection and inviting any relevant spirits into your sacred space.

3. Ask questions. Begin by stating who you are and why you wish to contact them intimately requesting them to answer your query sincerely as you ask specific questions about whatever topic you’re seeking guidance about ” whether it be about love, career, health, etc.. Be aware that spirits can take longer than usual human conversations to respond so take your time during this process.

4. Place your hand on the planchette while focusing on the question at hand, then move the planchette slowly around the board feeling out if there is any kind of presence trying to communicate with you through movements or signs directing above certain letters answering what their response may be or where they want it directed towards next until all doubts have been answered or fulfilled giving room for closure in this session
5. Dismiss & Cleanse After successfully using the Ouija Board, offer a closing statement thanking any relevant entities for their presence then releasing them back into their respective realms as you cleanse yourself with white sage after being done with every session as a final measure of protection against negative energy or incorrect readings given from outside sources

Extra Precautions When Playing Ouija Board Alone

Playing the Ouija Board game alone has its risks, both natural and supernatural. On the emotional level, playing the Ouija Board alone can be quite unsettling as it often potentially invites unseen forces into our realm. It is recommended that protection rituals and affirmations are performed prior to beginning a session in order to create a safe space for yourself. It also helps to call out for any protective entities that might be watching over us during our sessions.

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On the supernatural level, playing the Ouija board without anyone else present can open one up to potential energies and entities that one may not be emotionally or spiritually prepared for, nor capable of scaring them away or communicating with them on an equal level. It is therefore suggested that beginners always perform the Ouija Board game in the presence of at least one other person, preferably someone more experienced than themselves so they could ask questions and receive knowledge. If playing alone still feels necessary, perform cleansing rituals after each session where you mentally visualize yourself surrounded by a white light of protection while calling upon Divine Light to cleanse your energy field and space around you.

Closing Summary

Playing the Ouija Board alone can be a powerful and spiritual experience. Although it’s best to play in a group, it is entirely possible to acquire messages from beyond the realm of this day-to-day world when playing on your own. Before attempting to contact or communicate with any spirit, make sure that you protect yourself energetically by setting an intention and inviting protection from any angels or guides. To begin, set aside some time for yourself in an environment that encourages relaxation, such as calming music or incense. Make sure that you are comfortable and take deep breaths to help ground yourself. Then ask any questions you have out loud (or internally if preferred) while keeping your mind open to intuitively receive answers ” through words, symbols, sensations or visions. Remember: spirits cannot “hurt” us; however they may deliver uncomfortable information that can be difficult to accept. Be confident that everything is unfolding as it should and practice patience as messages may come slowly at first ” but they eventually will appear! When done playing the board, thank the spirits for their presence before thanking and dismissing them gracefully. Finally, remember this key reminder; always allow closure when playing Ouija Board alone. By doing so, you ensure a safe and successful communication with higher energies as well as peace of mind for yourself afterwards. Have fun!

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