Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is a family favourite board game sold in retail giant Sainsbury’s supermarkets. It has been available since 1935 and remains one of the most popular board games ever created.

It comes with a standard set of game pieces, one dice, 32 houses and 12 hotels. Designed as an economics lesson disguised as a fun game, Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys challenges players to build their own property empires by buying and trading different properties on the game board, all while attempting to steer clear of bad luck or hefty fines from ‘the bank’.

Gameplay To begin playing Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys each player chooses their game piece then roll the die to determine who will go first. The objective of the game is to become the wealthiest player by obtaining wealth through property trading and development (houses and hotels).

Players take turns rolling two dice with their turn consisting of without moving their piece around the board accordingly as well as completing any actions applicable for each space they land upon. This includes either buying or trading property if they land on available property, paying rent fees for unowned properties owned by another player, or paying fines when landing on squares such as ‘tax’ or ‘go to jail’.

Winning and Additional Features The winner of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is determined at the end of the game after players have had multiple rounds over several hours. When all spaces are occupied by buildings, rentals begin becoming incredibly expensive leaving opponents little choice but to potentially bankrupt themselves if they cannot come up with enough money – leading someone else to winning first place.

However, exciting additional features like chance cards can prove helpful in helping prevent someone losing due to fate and add an extra level of excitement that keeps people hooked until the very end.

History of Monopoly Game, from Hasbro to Sainsburys

The beloved family game of Monopoly has been around for decades, and it all started with a game called The Landlord’s Game. This game was created by Elizabeth Magie Phillips in 1903 as a way to show the dangers and unfairness of having too much concentrated wealth.

By 1924, several versions of this game had been made and marketed, but it wasn’t until the 1930s that Charles B. Darrow saw potential for his own version. At first, he made combinations of The Landlord’s Game, hand – drawn floor plans and homemade cards.

He sold these sets to friends who then convinced another Philadelphian owned department store to begin selling Darrow’s gimmick. It wasn’t until Parker Brothers bought the rights in 1935 that Monopoly gained popularity.

Since then, Monopoly Classic Board Game has evolved over time thanks to remakes such as Sainsburys monopoly classic edition which launched in 2020.This special edition box brings together some of Sainsburys most popular pieces including; biscuits, sandwiches and snacks.

The sole purpose of this special edition was to recreate an unexplored side of Monopoly as well as give back to charity; £1 from each sale went towards support charities such as Childline, Centrepoint, Royal Voluntary Service and Mental Health UK.

This special edition continued the long standing legacy that Parker Brothers began in 1935 which is most likely why it was so successful when it first released on shelves with unsurpassed demand despite its short stint on retail shelves.

Sales numbers were not shared publicly however since its initial release,many other shops have began stocking the Monopoly Ultimate Banking Ap,, family favourite board games etc all helping keep alive one timeless classic loved by adults and children alike across generations.

Features & Components of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is a popular board game created by the renowned Parker Brothers. This edition from Sainsburys is based on classic Monopoly rules and includes all of the excitement of buying, collecting rent and more. Players travel around a stylised graphic board in an attempt to accumulate as much wealth as possible while avoiding bankruptcy.


An interesting aspect of this version of the Monopoly board game from Sainsburys is its array of different tokens. Each player will choose one token which they can move around the board and represent in the game with. The tokens available include iconic figures like the battleship, car, top hat and more, each offering their own characterful representation for players to identify with within the game.

Deeds & Properties

Players take turns to buy deeds for their properties on the board using pretend money provided within the game, explained through inspired instructions cards included in a pile next to it (incase one gets lost or forgotten). Playing pieces then move around to land tiles that represent properties such as Bow Street, Marlborough Street etc.

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When other players land on these properties having not bought them previously, they will have to pay rent that has been set by first-time buyers.

Cards & Chance

The game also includes communal ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards which inform outcomes related to player situations e.g ‘Go back 3 spaces’ or ‘Collect £200 from every player’ etc However, some adjustments can be made depending on house rules amongst players if desired – or kept bottled up thank you notes or surprise gifts delivered straight through letterboxes. All these little things make this ensemble a real winner.

Benefits of Playing Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Playing Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is one of the best ways to have some family time. With its easy-to-follow rules and exciting gameplay, this classic board game will be a hit with the entire family. Here are some key benefits that come with playing Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys:

  • Develops Strategic Thinking – Playing this game helps to encourage players to use their strategic thinking skills as they have to determine whether it is worth it to invest or hold back. This helps them understand various business concepts and improve on their decisions.
  • Improved Social Skills – While playing the game, participants have to interact with one another and negotiate deals. As this interaction takes place every turn, players learn better social skills so they can agree on something or settle opposing ideas.
  • Enhances Money Management Skills-Money management is also an important characteristic that can be developed when playing Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys. Players must manage their money while trying to amass more by acquiring properties in order to win the game.

A great way for families to bond through this interactive board game, Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys requires players take risks in order for them to succeed. By doing so, they begin understanding cause-and-effect and see first hand how decisions can affect outcomes.

Players are required to pay attention so as not to miss possible opportunities which might lead them closer towards a goal as well as think ahead of situations while formulating a strategy that can guarantee victory.

Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys also helps build math skills because it involves calculations such as adding up sums of money, taxes charged, interest rates for loans and amount won or lost due to investments are all considered within the context of the game. Participants need deft calculations when bidding for properties in auctions or having memorable duels at ‘Chance’ or Community Chest cards.

Also players must consider payment schemes while purchasing properties such as those that involve mortgages or partial rents from other players owning nearby sites with similar colors too. In essence these exercises help enhance specific numerical proficiency thereby ultimately aiding mastery of simple mathematics as well along with developing tactical strategies and forward thinking abilities along the way.

Strategies to Win Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is one of the most popular board games. It is a classic game of chance and strategy that can be enjoyed by people from all backgrounds and ages. Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys has been around for decades and its popularity has not waned since its initial release.

Winning at Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys requires a combination of strategy, luck, and financial management skills. Below are five tips to increase your chance of winning:

  • Strategize Your Starting Moves When you begin a game of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys you should try to strategize your first few moves. Start by purchasing all the properties in a particular color group so you can build houses or hotels on your property later on.
  • Choose Properties Wisely Choose high-value properties like the green ones-Sainsbury Avenue, Vine Street, The Angel Islington-as well as railroads and utilities. These will create a comfortable budget for you in case more expensive properties come up.
  • Build Smartly Once you’ve purchased a few high-value properties, start building houses as soon as possible. This increases the value of your property as other players have to pay more rent when they land on it. Just remember to keep an equal number of houses on each side of the board.
  • Trade Wisely Although trading with other players is not mandatory, it can help stimulate activity within the game. Try to focus on trades that make sense financially for both parties involved.
  • Be Flexible Be willing to adopt different strategies throughout the game depending upon how other players are acting. This will give you an edge over your opponents who may be stuck using just one approach to win the game.

Accessibility of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

One of the greatest advantages of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is its price. It is fairly inexpensive and can be found at most retail stores for around £14. This makes it an accessible board game for both adults and children alike, as it is economical enough to not break the bank.

Owing to its simple components, Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys isn’t too strenuous or complicated to keep up with. The game consists primarily of a board, four tokens (a dog, car, top hat, and thimble), money packs consisting of varying denominations (£22 in total), property cards (22 in all) and two house sets (44 houses).

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As the components are simplistic and many may already have single-use pieces at home, this board game can be set up in no time at all.

Because of this easy setup and lack of complex components, anyone can instill their own rules into the classic monopoly game. If someone has already played Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys before or the standard rules are too arduous for some, then they may alter the gameplay asfits their skill level or augment what exists already.

For instance, younger children might have their pieces move fewer spaces whenever they throw a die as opposed to adults who would play by normal rules.


  • Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is price friendly.
  • The components required are relatively simple.
  • Players may adapt the game play according to skill level

Community Reviews of Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Paragraph 1: Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys is a classic game that has been popular with families for years. It is still as much fun as it was when first released in the 1930s and can be found at most major retail stores, including Sainsburys.

The game has been highly reviewed by the community due to its simplicity and timeless appeal. Many people enjoy playing this game because it contains iconic characters as well as properties that everyone recognizes from the original Monopoly board game.

Paragraph 2: Consumers have been overwhelmingly positive about Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys. Most reviewers comment on its ability to keep players of all ages entertained for hours on end, noting its enjoyable gameplay and easy-to-follow rules.

Fans of the original board game rave about the elements of nostalgia found in the game, while newer fans find it easy to pick up and join in on the fun quickly. Additionally, they appreciate how they can find various versions of the same beloved classic, such as this one from Sainsburys.

Paragraph 3: Furthermore, some users enjoyed Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys for its small touches that make it even more timeless than before. For example, many noted that unlike other versions of the game, this version comes with train tokens that adhere to an EU directive which makes them safe to play with children under 36 months old – something specific only available from Sainsburys stores.

Other features worth mentioning are special character cards with amusing outcomes and a new feature called ‘Quite Space’, allowing heavy players to step away from the table while still engaging in play.

  • Iconic characters and properties
  • Simple yet entertaining gameplay
  • Nostalgic elements
  • Easy to learn rules
  • Train tokens safe for children under 36 months old (EU directive)
  • Special character cards with amusing outcomes
  • “Quiet Space” feature for heavy players

Closing remarks on Monopoly Classic Board Game Sainsburys

Sainsbury’s Monopoly Classic Board Game provides hours of fun and entertainment for the entire family. It is one of the most popular board games in the world, now available in a variety of styles and colors. It plays like the classic version but has a modern twist with additional pieces and features.

Players collect sets of properties to build apartments and hotels, which can be mortgaged to get you out of a financial rut or used to defeat your opponents. With every roll of the dice comes an exciting ride around the board, as players strive to acquire famous locations around their vicinity – Clapham Junction, Tower Bridge, King’s Cross Station and more.

Every game is unique as no two Monopoly boards are ever exactly alike. If you find yourself stuck or your bank account depleted, try joining forces with someone else on the board. Two heads are better than one when negotiating deals if both sides win then everyone’s a winner.

The interactive design makes it easy for younger players; newbies to those well-versed in budgeting strategies. Sainsbury’s exclusive design features laser-cut wooden houses and player tokens look just like Sainsbury products made from cake cases with cookies – such a nice touch. How about that?

Finally, if you get bored with playing Monopoly as you always do at home or when it rains outside; why not check out all Sainsbury’s other options in their vast selection? You can choose from any number of twists on traditional version: Adventure Time, Hello Kitty Editions or Pop Culture inspired versions such as Rick & Morty Monopoly or Game Of Thrones Edition.

For lovers of fantasy there is also Harry Potter Ravenclaw Diadem Edition where players race down Diagon Alley to buy magical items with Hogwarts Consequences card waiting at each end of this fabulous game session – now that sounds divine.

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