Nomids Board Game


The Nomids Board Game is an innovative strategy game that will challenge players to think outside of the box. As you travel around a magical kingdom, you must outwit your opponents and use each card, spell and special item to your advantage.

Developed with strategy gamers in mind, the Nomids Board Game offers a unique gaming experience that requires strategic thinking, problem solving skills and good communication. Players will take turns playing different cards while advancing around the board. By accurately predicting their opponents’ moves and making clever uses of spells and items, they can beat their rivals and win the game. In addition to using a variety of cards and objects, players must also plan ahead for future moves in order to succeed. With its mixture of tactics and luck, it’s sure to provide exciting gameplay for both novice and experienced gamers alike!


Nomids is a strategic and exciting board game for two to four players based on the ancient Chinese game Go. It’s perfect for family game nights and family friendly fun, as each round may take between 10 and 30 minutes. The objective of Nomids is to get more pieces on the board than your opponent. Each game includes 64 pieces, so you can have up to four players competing against one another at a time.

A truly innovative concept in board gaming, Nomids was designed to work without any dice, markers or counters needed! Instead of having markers to keep track of wins or losses, the players literally move their pieces around the board as part of their strategy. This adds a unique dimension to the play experience, making it more engaging and captivating than typical turn-based games where you simply roll dice and place pieces on the board.

The rules are simple yet challenging: players collect points by strategically moving their pieces around the board while also blocking their opponent’s attempts at getting points. Players compete by trying to out-maneuver each other with careful forethought and quick reaction times”no luck involved! The first player to 20 points marks them as the winner of that particular game, but now worries if luck isn’t on your side in one game; Nomids creates an interactive playing field so no one player can take all the points in one go!


Nomids Board Game is a unique and highly engaging game that can provide players with several educational benefits. Playing Nomids is an effective way to sharpen cognitive skills, improve strategic thinking and increase social interaction. This highly entertaining game utilizes a variety of colored tokens to represent countries in the international world. Players must gain control of as many nations as possible by strategically selecting a token that corresponds with their country’s flag. By doing so, they gain control over the nation and any resources associated with it.

To further enhance the educational value of playing Nomids, the game requires players to think critically about their move before playing each turn. As players manage resources from multiple countries, they must plan ahead and consider how their moves will impact neighboring territories which simulate real-world situations in international relations. As the game progresses, players must make thoughtful decisions on who to attack and prioritize resources like military strength or economic power. Making such sound decisions encourages problem solving skills and promotes critical decision making abilities.

Not only does Nomids enhance cognitive skills, but it also encourages social interaction among participants. Players benefit from improved communication between nations while creating diplomatic strategies, stimulating meaningful conversations within small groups or large multiplayer groups alike. The game also allows parents to spend quality time interacting with their children, teaching them important diplomatic strategies like diplomacy or negotiation while having fun at the same time.


Nomids Board Game is an innovative strategy game that has taken the gaming world by storm. Created with a unique and distinctive hexagon shape, each piece of this board game has been crafted with care. The pieces are made of premium wood and top-notch paint and coating materials to ensure an uninterrupted gameplay experience every time you hit the table. Moreover, the artwork featured on Nomids Board Game is truly one-of-a-kind; it’s highly stylized visuals leap off the board. Colorful characters representing Warrior heroes come alive as you battle against your opponent in exciting adventure scenarios. In addition, cleverly placed trackers and markers help keep score of the action while immersive sounds add a thrilling element to your gaming journey. Your board even comes packaged with a stone counters set which can be customized to suit your tactical team building strategies! Whether you’re looking for a way to pass time or to commence large scale battles against other enemies, Nomids Board Game is sure to captivate you for hours on end.

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How to Play

Nomids Board Game is a strategy game in which players vie for control of castles and their territories. The object of the game is to be the first player to capture four castles and their respective territories.

To begin, each player chooses a color to represent themselves and sets up their pieces (2 King pieces, 1 Royal Guard piece, 10 Soldier pieces). Players then take turns rolling the 2 dice provided. On your turn, you can move one of your pieces between two adjacent Territories on the board. Moving into an opponent’s territory will capture it as long as you have an equal or higher number of pieces than they do. If all 4 castles have at least one piece in them then a siege phase begins. Players must make strategic moves in order to protect their castle(s) while trying to break into those of other players using tactics such as diverting enemy soldiers away from their castles with smaller piece or isolating other players’ units by strategically surrounding them with yours.

Once a player has captured 4 castles and/or battered down 3 enemy boats (which are obstacles scattered across the board that can be destroyed with two attacks), that player wins!

Advanced Strategies for Competitive Play – In competitive play there are often strategies employed to increase chances for victory; such as conspiring with another player for mutual support against a third (dishonestly known as ‘Backstabbing’), remaining patient until you can contrast your enemies piece numbers rather quickly with well-timed attack strikes, or attacking at once from multiple sides if there are enough pieces available to do so. Additionally, royal guard pieces should be used cautiously due to its limitations on movement compared to soldier pieces. It is also beneficial not just aimlessly move randomly since it will reduce the options available on future turns – hence why careful plans should be laid out before making each move when playing against opponents striving for victory!


Nomids is an exciting and fun board game that has gained a tremendous amount of popularity over the years. Since its release, it has been endorsed by leading professionals in the game industry, who have acknowledged its educational value and praised it as a great choice for families looking to play games together.

Nomids is an excellent tool for teaching geometric concepts, as well as improving strategic thinking. Through playing the game, kids can learn important math concepts like area and perimeter calculations and triangular multiplying. Additionally, players must form strategies in order to develop strategies for collecting more components than their opponents; this encourages them to think creatively and plan ahead without relying on luck alone.

Experts have also complimented Nomid’s approachable and easy-to-play nature which makes it perfectly suited for beginners of all ages. Due to its straightforward ruleset, it’s perfect way to introduce people to the concept of playing board games while encouraging them to stay engaged with new challenges every time they play. Parents can be sure that their children are learning valuable skills while having lots of fun simultaneously!

Customer Reviews

Nomids is a classic board game designed for two players. The object of the game is to collect as many point tiles as possible by executing strategies and forming patterns on the tile grid throughout the course of the game. Nomids has become very popular over the years, and numerous customer reviews prove that it is widely enjoyed by young and old alike!

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Some proud owners have proclaimed that not only is Nomids entertaining but it also encourages creative thinking while giving players an introduction to simple concepts of strategy and logic. Game sessions can be both exciting yet relaxing, creating a fun experience shared between friends or family.

The wide range of ways to play Nomids means there’s always something new and unexpected that can be experienced. Players can try different tactics every time they pull out their tiles, increasing replay value and making each match as unpredictable as want them to be. Customers who have purchased Nomids also like to reorganize the rules or add extra pieces into the mix in order to keep everyone on their toes in what quickly becomes an intense competition for points! Further, strategic variants of Nomids such as bidding are becoming increasingly popular among those looking for a higher level challenge from their board games. Thus, customer reviews unanimously point to Nomids’ legendary versatility when it comes time for game night. With so many possibilities, it’s no wonder that this classic retains its charm even in today’s era full of modern digital diversions!

Buy Now

Ordering the Nomids Board Game online is the most convenient way to get it. There are many websites that offer the game, so it is best to check a few before deciding which one to use. Many of these sites will offer free shipping and discounts, so be sure to take advantage of these whenever possible. You can also use a prepaid payment method if you do not have a credit or debit card available. When ordering online, always make sure to read the site’s policies and procedures for paying for the game and returns in case anything goes wrong with your order.

Alternatively, you can purchase the game in-store from a local store that sells board games. If you are able to go this route, be sure to inquire about any specials or discounts being offered at the time. In addition, some stores may also have demo versions of the game on display for people to try out first before making a purchase decision. This can be especially useful when deciding whether you want to buy something sight unseen online or not.

Bonus Offer

For those who buy Nomids as a gift for others, we are offering a special bonus. With every purchase of the game, you will receive a Nomids-branded t-shirt that can be worn while playing the game. The t-shirt features a unique design created by our team of in-house graphic designers. Furthermore, you will also receive a coupon code to use on our website granting 5% off your next purchase. We know that it’s not always easy to find perfect gifts and hope that this bonus offer will make the process easier and more enjoyable.


Nomids board game is a fun and entertaining way to engage with family, friends, and opponents. Featuring ancient characters with mysterious powers, this game is sure to provide strategic challenges as players strive to take over the world. With its innovative turn-based combat system and unique power customization features, both veterans of traditional board gaming and new players alike will be delighted by the exciting moments that this game produces. The multiple levels of complexity allow for multiple rounds of play with each one offering a unique set of challenges for all playing types. With randomly generated boards and an unpredictable outcome every time, Nomids breaks the traditional linear format allowing for completely customized experiences of open ended play. This ensures replayability earning Nomids a place on any serious player’s shelf.

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