Once Upon A Time Board Game


Once Upon A Time is an enchanting card game with a fairytale twist! This eagerly-anticipated board game sees players competing to tell the best story – made up entirely of fairytale characters, objects, and settings. It’s a great activity for families and friends who want to make stories together, where everyone works as a team to build an interesting narrative. Players explore their imaginations by rifling through their cards and discussing possibilities with one another. The winning storyteller will be the one who creatively ties all their cards together into a cohesive tale that wows the other players! It’s sure to provide hours of fun for anyone who enjoys creative collaborations and storytelling.

Overview of the Game Components

The Once Upon A Time Board Game is an entertaining and engaging game for families with children 8 and over. The game includes a sturdy game board, seven plastic pawns of various colors and sizes, a deck of story cards with tales from different fairy-tales, as well as villain cards to create obstacles for players. It also comes with six cardboard endings representing the classic Happily Ever After finish, two jumbo dice with unique features and a convenient storage bag where all components can be kept in place.

In addition to the components mentioned above, there are also several tokens representing the different characters from each story included in the game. These tokens will often come into play when players need to call up help or use some sort of special magic in order to complete their stories and reach the Happily Ever After ending!

Rules & Setup

The Once Upon a Time Board Game is a fun and exciting game that encourages players to use their creativity and resourcefulness to win the game. Players take turns spinning the storybook spinner, drawing cards from the Storybook, and playing cards from their hands to move the plot forward. To set up the board game, players should choose one of each card type: Character, Object, Place/Event. Each card should be placed in its designated area on the board: characters go in the center circle, places/events go in either side circle (red for past, blue for present & future), and objects go on top of the ballerinas. Login tokens are used to indicate which player is currently controlling the story by placing it on an unclaimed card or tapping an existing card owned by another.

Board Game Categories

To demonstrate this set up procedure, I have included a video tutorial below. This video will provide an overview of all necessary components required to play the game, how they should be arranged on board, as well as explanation of each person’s turn using examples. It also offers some helpful tips on how to win during gameplay as well as strategies to help reach your goal faster.


Core Gameplay

Once Upon A Time Board Game is an easy and fun game for people of all ages. The game is designed to create stories together with other players by utilizing a deck of cards filled with characters, items, and places. Players begin their story by picking a fairy tale card that will dictate the setting of the story. Players then take turns drawing cards and using those cards to complete their story. The end goal is to be the player who reaches the Happily Ever After card before any of their opponents.

In order to help viewers better understand, using a video tutorial is a great way to explain core game-play in a visual way. A video tutorial could include an overview of the general rules and how to set-up the game; how each round works with examples of different scenarios; which players win or lose each round depending on different card combinations; and how to create imaginative stories in each round by incorporating magical creatures, unique locations, heroic figures, magical tools, etc. In short, creating a video tutorial will make it easier for players new and old to learn about this unique game that encourages storytelling as well as competition.


Experienced players of the Once Upon A Time board game use storytelling and communication skills to their advantage. Players can utilize a broad array of tips and tricks to enhance their game play – Establishing a good story order is key; when starting your story remember that characters should not be introduced at the beginning and make sure to have a clear climax. Additionally, come up with creative solutions by reworking words in strange ways or combining them into different turns of phrase. Taking time to pause after each card can help create suspense and build anticipation for what comes next. Lastly, be sure to pay attention to clues from other players so you can pick out keywords or points that can help you move along your story arc quickly. By utilizing these strategies, players will not only have an enjoyable experience, but also take away crafty storytelling know-how.

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Pros & Cons

Once Upon A Time Board game is a highly interactive family game that encourages creative problem solving and strategic thinking. Players are given the challenge of crafting their own creative story by using cards to write a simple narrative. This allows for relaxed and comfortable fun where different players can engage in friendly competition or collaboratively develop a joint narrative adventure.

Player Reviews & Feedback:
Many players enjoy the imaginative premise and interactivity of Once Upon A Time Board Game, with some noting its ability to bring families together through shared storytelling adventures. Others compliment the game’s replayability, as well as its flexibility when it comes to how stories can play out differently each time.

Some players have found that Once Upon A Time Board Game may not offer enough structure or guidance for novice players when starting out or constructing stories from the cards. Players have also noted that due to its limited resources, the game struggles to create new scenarios that are significantly different from the ones already experienced from previous rounds.

Final Thoughts

Have you played the classic board game, Once Upon A Time? If so, tell us about your favorite memories from playing! Or if you’ve never tried it ” what do you think it would be like? Leave a comment to let us know your thoughts and ask any questions you have about the game!

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