Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template


The Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template is an easy to use game board for the popular game, Aggravation. This game originated in the 1920s and was known by various names such as, Wahoo, Potsie and Hoochie Coochie. The basic elements of the game remained the same over time; a board showing corner spaces called homes, colored marbles called players’ pieces and a deck of playing cards. The objective of the game is to be the first player to move all four pieces from their home spot around the board and into each corner space. Players take turns rolling dice, advancing their pieces around the board and attempting to block their opponents’ movements by interfering with their routes between two spots separated by certain designations on the game board. The game also incorporates complicated rules for capturing opponents’ pieces which must be returned to their original home position at a certain point in the course of play. The Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template contains instructions on how to play the game along with an illustration describing different features of each part of the board that players should be familiar with when playing this classic board game.

Benefits of the Template

Pros: A printable game board template is an easy, affordable way to create a custom game board layout for any board game. It is also a great time-saver, as the user does not have to spend hours designing and creating the entire game board layout. Additionally, the template is adjustable and adaptable to suit one’s individual needs and preferences.

Cons: There is a lack of detailed instructions available with most printable game board templates. This can make it difficult for less experienced users to figure out how to use the template properly. In addition, the quality of a printable game board depends on having access to higher quality paper or printing materials. Poor paper or printing equipment can result in faded or discolored layouts.

Setting Up the Template

Step 1: Print the game board. Select print from the “File” menu at the top of your browser window and select your preferred layout size. Make sure to adjust the layout for best quality printing.

Step 2: Cut out each piece of game board. Carefully use a pair of scissors to cut around each individual section of the template – this includes both the board itself and all pieces that make up the diverse playing field.

Step 3: Assemble all cut-outs into a corresponding matching game board. Use clear tape, glue, or whatever adhesive you prefer to assemble the pieces and create a neat and presentable version of our printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template.

Step 4: Attach playing pegs or stones to their respective starting points indicated on the board. Create two different sets of playing pieces with distinct colors to differentiate between players in order to keep track easier during gameplay – these can be anything from small beads and circular wooden discs, to coins and buttons!

Step 5: Place any dice needed for gameplay onto an accessible tray next to the gameboard. Depending on the type of rules you are playing with, more than one type could be used (e.g d6 and d8). Set them aside after prepping them so that they are readily available once play begins..

Step 6: Enjoy your customizable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template! And remember – teamwork is key with this type of game!

Rules for Play

The basic game board layout consists of four rows and four columns, and each player has 16 playing pieces. Each type of playing piece is different ” for instance, a flat may be represented by an orange square, a wall by a yellow rectange, and a block by a blue circle.

At the start of the game, each player will place their 16 pieces in their own designated row or column that they have selected. Players then take turns placing blocks on the board which will move other pieces out of their way to occupy the last unoccupied space on the board. The aim is to get four pieces in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Now that you understand how to set up and play the Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template game and all its variations let’s dive into the exact rules for each variation:

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Classic Aggravation – In the Classic version of Aggravation each player starts off with 2 walls surrounding 4 flats with one in each corner. On your turn you roll the die and depending on what number is rolled you can move one or more pieces (either walls or flats). After rolling you choose which combination of your pieces to move following standard “possible moves” guidelines as specified below: 1- You may move any one piece 6 spaces 2- You may move any two pieces 3 spaces 3- You may move any three pieces 2 spaces 4- Move any one piece 5 spaces 5- Move any one piece 1 space 6- Move any four

pieces 1 space Once moved, if it lands on another opponent’s piece it sends that back to home base where it must start again from the beginning. If you manage to get all 4 of your flats into your home base then you win!

Reverse Aggravation – The Reverse variation involves starting at ‘home nest’ with all your pieces already set inside instead of outside which makes for some great strategy decisions as players compete for position over control points much earlier in this version versus regular Aggravation game play. In reverse gameplay there are no walls around home nest so players can force movements out of them easier than traditional play while also using those movements strategically to end up taking over multiple control points at once early in their turn. After rolling dieplayers can carry out classic possible moves dictated by dice roll but cannot land directly onto opposing players home nests without at least 2 intervening non-opposing friendly pieces meeting those qualifications along path of intended trajectory

Six Player Aggravation – This variation involves 6 players competing against each other instead of just 4 like traditional versions involve with everyone having 8 total playing pieces before starting; 4 flats in middle section laid horizontal rather than vertical & 2 walls each side surround inner core as seen traditionally familiarized & need to complete same objectives mentioned above within Classic setup but beware that sometimes squares found inside classic setup become occupied earlier than usual due sudden influx numbers forcing unique moving patterns generation either later switches directional flow after notifying opponents material presence provide feedback halt upon request complying regulations throughout ongoing engagement period concludes competition closed

Design Ideas and Variations

The printable layout aggravation game board template can be modified and customized in a variety of ways. Here are just some ideas to get you started:

• Color variations: Change the colors of the game pieces and/or background by selecting from a range of different hues, to give your personal version of the template a unique look.

• Piece variation: Customize the pieces by changing their shape, size or material, allowing you to create an entirely new board game experience.

• Board layout variation: Experiment with different board sizes and designs by modifying the dimensions and incorporating obstacles or adding extra spaces for each individual piece to move around.

• Game rules variations: Try out alternative win/lose conditions or introduce newer rules such as having extra “choice” pieces which are optional when moved into certain locations on the board or introducing penalty points if players miss their turn etc.

• Multi-player games: Design your own game that can be played with multiple people at once (e.g., team vs team). This could involve creating additional “action” boards for each team to have their own unique challenges, such as questions or tasks that must be solved before they can move forward on the main game board.

How To Use The Template

• Use dice or a spinner to move around the board and tackle math problems, spelling words or other academic activities.

• Create a scavenger hunt around the board with items that need to be found in order to win.

• Set challenges along the path, such as challenges involving physical tasks or problem solving games.

• Create a guessing game by placing objects, animals, etc. in each square with players guessing what is in the square when they land on it.

Best Two Player Board Games Strategy

• Make it an obstacle course ” create challenges like jumping jacks and sit-ups to do when landing on certain squares on the board.

• Designate certain squares for random activities like jumping rope for two minutes or doing five push-ups!

• Design a trivia game using facts relating to history, politics, sports, famous people and more.

Safety Tips

It is important to ensure that participants of the Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template are aware of the safety concerns at all times. All participants should wear protective eyewear throughout the game and it’s best to limit the speed at which players move their pieces with a regulation or predetermined number of pieces in each one of their hands. It is also important to closely watch the game players if possible, and make sure there is enough room for everyone to move without coming in contact with one another. Additionally, be sure that any obstacles on or around the game board (like furniture or other items) are cleared away before any player attempts to move within it, as this can cause potential harm or injury if these items are not moved out of the way. Finally, everyone should be aware of their surroundings and where other players poses relative to their own movements on the board game. Being aware of these things will help keep everyone safe and focused on having an enjoyable gameplay experience.


The Printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template is an excellent resource for those looking to explore and enjoy the game of aggravation. The template provides a ready-made game board with all of the necessary components for a competitive, challenging game. Additionally, users can use the template to play without worrying about the costs or complexity associated with building an intricate board game from scratch.

The links provided to additional resources on the game are also incredibly useful for learning more about the game before jumping into a full-length session. This includes rules of play, tips on strategy and even strategies for winning. In addition, ideas for further exploration can provide users with even more ways to enjoy the game, such as creating their own boards based off famous cities or inventing their own custom rulesets. For example, players could incorporate dice rolls or special tokens that allow them to switch spots on the board or take shortcuts. Taking advantage of these additional tools can enhance any player’s experience and increase their enjoyment of the game.

Wrapping Up

The printable Layout Aggravation Game Board Template is a great way to add some fun and excitement to any game. Once you have printed the template, it is important to store and save it for future use. Here are some suggestions on how to save and store the template:

1. Create a folder on your computer for storing the template file. This will keep all of your documents in one place and make it easier to organize them.

2. If you only have access to paper copies of the template, make sure to insert it into a plastic sheet protector so that you can easily draw up new ones as needed.

3. Upload your file onto a universal system such as Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can access it from anywhere at anytime with an internet connection.

4. Store the template electronically in a portable device such as a USB drive or memory card so that it is easy to transport when needed.

5. Keep backups of your file in different locations ” both digitally and physically ” such as archiving them on a laptop or sending copies via email or text message for extra precaution against accidental loss or damage essential data files.

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