Aggravation Game Board Template


The Aggravation Game Board Template is a fun and easy way to bring the classic board game into your home. It provides an entertaining game for both young and old. With four levels of challenging play, countless hours of fun await you!

This template comes with all the necessary components to get started, including a full-color game board, plates, pins, and dice. Assembly is quick and easy, requiring only basic tools, such as scissors or glue.

And it doesn’t stop there! The Aggravation Game Board Template includes all the instructions you need to begin development, making your own unique version of the classic board game. Add your twist with customizable rules or design elements to create an entirely new gaming experience that’s sure to provide hours of entertainment. You can also adjust it to match different party sizes as well as skill levels ” perfect for a variety of ages and groups!

Furthermore, this template is not simply limited to at-home use; students can take the excitement with them wherever they go for even more opportunities to show off some competitive spirit on their trusty template. So what are you waiting for? Make the most out of this template by setting up friends and family for hours of Aggravation Game fun in no time at all!

Essential Components

The Aggravation Game Board Template is an iconic style of game board with simple, yet essential components. At the center of the template is a cross-shaped track that consists of four corridors and four goal corners. Small discs are used on the track instead of typical playing pieces like chess pawns or checkers pieces. To keep a tally of each player’s progress, there are usually slots for pegs in each corner. The aim of the game is to move one’s discs around the track and reach their own home corner from their colored starting point first – the winner is whoever manages this first by hopping over opposing players’ pieces.

Apart from the main components mentioned above, there are other small details included in the Aggravation Game Board Template that makes it special. On many templates, there will be an area with additional markings such as curved stripes, stars or another type of symbol near each player’s goal corner to indicate which set of discs belongs to which opponent. Additionally, many templates feature built-in dividers made up into grids or squares on some sections of the board which help guide each player on where they can place discs in order to hop over opponents’. All these features combine together to provide an enjoyable and engaging game experience that has been loved by families since its inception.

Assembling for Action

The aggravation game board template is a great way to make your own fun and exciting game for the whole family. The traditional game consists of two sets of 3 marbles each and a board with four “start” spaces, two middle spaces on either side of the center, twelve “safe” home spaces and an end goal space.

To get started, either print off or draw a copy of the template onto some thick poster card or cardboard. Next, cut out any necessary parts such as circles or squares in all the marked places. This can be done with scissors, an x-acto knife, or even just a sharp penknife. Once you have finished making all the cuts to your board pattern it’s time to start painting! If you’re feeling creative use different colors for each of the participating teams, otherwise basic colors like red and blue work well too.

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Once that step is complete, you want to add holes in between each space so that the marbles can move around easily. These can be made using scissors, an x-acto knife, a hole puncher tool or even jigsaw if need be. Finally glue a plastic cover/protective sheet onto your game board as this will help preserve its durability and look much nicer when it’s finished being used. Now you are ready to play – simply place three marbles per team on each start space and be sure everyone knows the rules before you begin rolling away!

Get Creative

When making a unique Aggravation Game Board Template, you have the opportunity to be creative in designing your own game! Here are some tips for assembling a custom Aggravation Game Board:

1. Start with designing your board layout. You could consider using symmetrical patterns or shapes such as circles, squares and rectangles. Make sure there are enough spaces in between the pieces so that each piece can move freely around them.

2. Consider what game pieces you would like to use for the game. The traditional four-player game utilizes two pairs of matching colored marbles, so think about how colorful or neutral you’d like your pieces to be.

3. Choose which type of material you’d like to make your board out of – wood is a popular choice but there are other options too such as cardstock or foam core board if you want it light weight and affordable.

4. Once you have all of these details choosen and designed it’s time to start constructing your board! Lay out all the pieces in their setup circle before taping them down or gluing them together, depending on how permanent the design needs to be and what’s comfortable for you to work with. Finally give each player a set of marbles – one pair for each player (one color per player). Now it’s time – let the games begin!

Get Connected

There are several online resources available to help enhance your Aggravation Game Board Template. First, you can check out the official website for the game, which offers instructions, graphics and other helpful tips for customizing your board. Additionally, there are a number of sites that feature free printable templates of Aggravation boards as well as templates for other board games, such as Checkers and Monopoly. These templates could help you create a unique custom look for your Aggravation game board. You can also find videos of existing Aggravation boards online to get ideas and inspiration for designing yours. There are even sites that offer customization options so you can pick colors, fonts and various backgrounds to further personalize your Aggravation Game Board Template. Finally, if you would like additional help, there are a variety of professionals who specialize in creating custom game boards who may be able to provide assistance with your project.

Pros and Cons of Utilizing an Aggravation Game Board Template


1. Using an Aggravation Game Board Template is a cost effective way of making your own Board game, perfect for game night gatherings with family or friends;

2. An Aggravation Game Board Template is convenient and easy to use; all that is needed is a printer and suitable paper or card stock to create the board game pieces;

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3. The template allows versatility in personalizing the game and components, enabling each individual to create their very own tailored version.

1. An Aggravation Game Board Template may not produce a professional results as that which would come from a professionally manufactured game boards
2. Printing can be expensive if using multiple copies at once, with colour ink being especially costly;
3. It can take time to setup and assemble components/pieces of the board when finished printing them all out

Endless Fun

Using different materials is a fun way to liven up your Aggravation game board template. You can choose from beautifully colored fabrics, natural wood, glittery foam, or craft paper and cardboard to create your masterpiece. A great idea for creating custom pieces is to use buttons as the counters that you move around the board instead of peg. You can also have fun with the traditional pegs by dyeing them bright colors or covering them with sparkly rhinestones for a stylish look. Additionally, you can add extra flair to your game by painting stripes, designs, and patterns onto wooden pieces for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. To really make your Aggravation game stand out, consider giving each counter shape its own individual personality traits such as funny hats or quirky pairs of mustaches! Have fun being creative and remember that there’s no wrong way to customize your Aggravation game experience!

Wrapping It Up

The Aggravation Game Board Template is a fantastic way to have fun and bring family and friends together. The game of Aggravation, which is also known as Wahoo, consists of marbles that each player needs to move around the board and try to be the first one to get all of theirs into the center hole. To start off, you will need an Aggravation Board Template which is available online for free or for purchase in stores. Once you have this template printed out on cardstock or regular paper, it’s time to assemble the game board. Start by taping two pieces of the template together in an L shape and then add strips of Velcro tape along the edges to connect them securely. You can now begin setting up your game. Place 4 marbles each in the initial corner holes, labeled 1-4 on your board, and choose a cup or flat object to use as a “finish hole” in the center of your board for when players reach it with all four marbles. Now that you have everything ready, it’s time to play! Players maneuver their pieces with either dice rolls or from hand spinning their pieces around the corner holes until getting all four marble into the Home Hole. Make sure everyone knows ahead who will be going first if there are unequal numbers playing so everyone stays competitive. Enjoy hours bonding with each other by playing Aggravation with an Aggravation Game Board Template!

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