Reality Shift Board Game

Introduction to Reality Shift Board Game

Reality Shift Board Game is an exciting game where players compete head-to-head to be the first to build their dimension, control powerful artifacts and save their world. The game features unique mechanics and high replay values due to constantly changing objectives and a highly strategic card system. Players will use their cards, dice and strategy to create a resilient defense as they fend off threats from other players. They will also use different effects to outwit each other and gain advantages. As the game progresses, players can unlock powerful artifacts that provide special abilities such as teleportation, rewinding time or manipulating the board. With eight characters to choose from and immersive themes inspired from fantasy and science fiction films, Reality Shift Board Game allows for countless strategies and imaginative play for many hours of adventure!

History Behind the Game

Reality Shift Board Game has a unique history. Developed in 2016 by game designer Chris Walker, Reality Shift was first released as a prototype that quickly began to gain popularity. The early version of the game was praised for its creative and fresh approach to the classic board game genre, with players able to shift between alternate realities.

The success of the initial prototype led to a full-scale retail release of Reality Shift in 2019. The popular board game has since expanded across multiple platforms, including an online edition and even some expansion packs. As the years have gone on, Reality Shift has become increasingly popular amongst gaming enthusiasts with many citing its creativity and potential for providing hours of fun as key reasons behind their purchase. Its success can largely be attributed to its innovative mechanics which challenged conventions within gaming and presented players with an entirely new way of playing a traditional board game. One of the major aspects that make it stand out is its focus on fostering imaginative exploration with different scenarios featuring questions that must be answered; this provides great entertainment and allows people to do some light puzzle solving while they’re playing as they explore all kinds of alternate realities while keeping within the core structure of board gaming. Additionally, Chris Walker’s ongoing support through various updates gives existing players a chance to further explore possibilities along with adding more content for newcomers trying out the game from scratch. With continued support from fans along with plenty of expansions in sight, its clear why Reality Shift Board Game continues to garner an ever-growing fan base today still!

Overview of Features

Reality Shift Board Game is an innovative and unique game experience for those aged 12 years and up. It combines elements of a card game, dice, and role-playing with the narrative aspects of traditional board games. Players must utilize their cards, dice abilities, and various strategies to help their characters journey through 18 levels of reality shifts.

The primary component that makes Reality Shift Board Game stand out compared to other board games on the market is its focus on player choice; it goes beyond traditional ‘roll-and-move’board games. Instead of a pencil and paper approach to keeping track of different in-game elements, each player has a set of individualized character cards with special powers assigned to them. As the game progresses, players make decisions based on their strategic cards and the outcomes they want to achieve. These decisions can determine how well they progress through the levels before completing their story objective at the end. Furthermore, while there are pre-defined rules in place that help keep order when playing the game, certain elements give players flexibility in terms of how they choose to win or battle opponents as they move forward in their missions.

In addition to being an entirely new take on classic tabletop gaming experiences, Reality Shift Board Game also provides a sense of creativity and expression by allowing players to come up with creative ways to use their abilities within the limits provided by rules guidance from coaches or referees during their gaming sessions. For example, players have complete control over which types and combinations of character powers are used throughout gameplay ” enabling a great diversity of tactics such as harvesting energy from nature or fighting off enemies using advanced weaponry. Last but not least, Reality Shift Board Game encourages social interaction among participants through conversational roleplay around quests, dialogues with non-player characters (NPCs), community building interactions with teammates & rivals alike while they strive towards achieving shared objectives in cooperative play mode!

Unpacking the Game

Reality Shift is an exciting board game that turns the realities experienced by each player into an unpredictable game of surprises. The game is suitable for adults and families alike, and comes with everything you need to set up a thrilling gaming experience. The box contains a game board, ninety control tokens of five different types, fifty action cards, four character pawns and rules book.

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To assemble the game, begin by unfolding the game board so that all the spaces are visible and place it at the center of your playing surface. Place all tokens in their appropriate areas on the board. There are four character pawns: green, red, blue and yellow each marked on one side with a unique symbol ” make sure these symbols are facing upwards when placed on the board. After arranging tokens shuffle action cards and deal seven to each player face down. Players then make three stacks from their cards consisting of two ‘Movement’ cards and one ‘Action’ card as instructed in the rulebook.

The goal of Reality Shift is to be the first player to move around all nine dimensions without losing control tokens (which can be lost by enacting bad actions or landing on opponent’s tiles). Play commences when players take turns clockwise making their way around the board using their movement cards until they have navigated through all nine dimensions or have lost all control tokens.

Exploring the Rules

Reality Shift Board Game is an exciting and highly engaging game for players ages 8 and up. Like many great games, this one requires an even number of players to enjoy the experiences. Up to four players may get involved in a single game. Each person should have their own character before they start, which can be selected at random or chosen by the player themselves. Each character should have 8 pieces, 6 of which are basic shapes and 2 which are colored squares; these color codes represent the skills each character will possess as they progress in the game.

The goal of Reality Shift Board Game is for each player to complete a reality shift with their chosen character. To accomplish this, each character must earn 10 stars in the course of the game. The stars can only be earned by completing puzzles and selecting correct answers out of multiple-choice options. Along the way, there are other mini-games that can provide extra fun but are not required for success. Players can also choose to skip some questions if they seem too hard or tedious.

Additionally, all participants must place their 8 pieces on their board – two of them in “orange zones” and one in each of six “colored zones” that correspond with certain shapes and numbers on their board (this is used for scoring throughout the game). Finally, once players are all set up it’s time to begin!

At the beginning of each round, 2-4 cards from the Question Deck need to be drawn by each player at random while keeping them facedown until everyone has chosen their answer so nobody has an advantage over others during gameplay. Besides puzzles and answering multiple choice questions correctly; dice rolls also give every player an opportunity to earn rewards during play like star tokens as well as additional pieces that contribute toward completion of reality shifts faster. Additional cards may also be available depending on what type of expansion pack you have purchased; these include specialty items such as special movement advantages over other characters or shortcuts through levels that make it easier to obtain stars quickly among other things! Invite your friends over today and start shifting realities!

Strategies for Winning

Reality Shift board game is a thrilling, fast-paced game of luck and strategy. While luck will play a role in determining the player’s fate, it is possible to increase your chances of winning if you implement a few basic strategies. Experienced players have some tips on how to win.

First and foremost, you should use the lightening dice to your advantage. When rolled, these dice supercharge your gaming pieces allowing them to advance multiple spaces with each turn. Learning which pieces can be moved with these Lightning Dice, such as the King and Shield pieces, gives an experienced player an edge over novices. You will want to focus on using these pieces to break through your opponent’s defense and reach the end goal while guarding your own pieces from danger.

It also pays off to focus on keeping track of your opponents moves. This way you can pre-empt their plans and alter yours accordingly. Pay attention to when other players roll the ‘Memory Ejector Dice’ since this piece removes another players ‘Power Cells’ for their game piece and gives it as a bonus for yourself. Finally, remember that in Reality Shift board game, daring moves are often rewarded so take risks – but be calculated in doing so!

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

The Reality Shift Board Game is revolutionizing family game night. Kids and adults alike are raving about the unique experience they get while playing this interactive game. Players take turns rolling the die, which determines the level of difficulty for the challenges presented on each card. Answers must be both creative and within the rules to accumulate points.

The great thing about this board game that so many people love is how it keeps everyone engaged for hours of entertainment! The Reality Shift Board Game is designed to encourage teamwork, logical thinking, problem solving and communication with others. Playing this game makes for lively conversations, thoughtful debates, and lots of laughter among family and friends. People who’ve already experienced it say that it takes them closer together by being able to engage with one another in a meaningful way ” something hard to achieve nowdays with all of our electronics around us!

Another unexpected bonus when it comes to the Reality Shift Board Game? An increase in confidence in players’ abilities! This cleverly-designed interactive game bolsters players’ quick-thinking skills by having them answer tough questions under pressure, leading them to surprise themselves with proficiency. Plus, it’s adorable packaging adds an extra touch for children who play the game – including the feeling of assurance that comes from unboxing a gift!

Pros & Cons


1. The Reality Shift Board Game allows players to experience a different perspective, which can be educational, inspiring and entertaining.

2. It promotes creativity, decision-making and strategic thinking skills.

3. It gives players an opportunity to explore the consequences of their decisions in a safe environment, without any real risk of consequence.

4. The game is affordable and has simple game play that’s easy for both kids and adults to learn quickly.

1. Since the game only lasts 45 minutes, it doesn’t give players the opportunity to fully understand the outcomes or explore potential solutions thoroughly.
2. It can be difficult for younger players if they don’t have the basic knowledge of economics, geography or other key topics necessary to complete some of the scenarios on the board.
3. As it requires between three and six players, a large group may not always be available to join you at one time.

Availability & Pricing

The Reality Shift Board Game is available on various online platforms as well as in retail stores. It can also be purchased through crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter. The game generally retails between $30 and $50 depending on the store, platform or website. Many sites offer discounts and free shipping if purchasing multiple copies of the game. Alternatively, there are some retailers that allow customers to rent the board game before actually purchasing it. This way the customer can determine if they will enjoy the game before committing their money to it.

Recap & Final Thoughts on Reality Shift Board Game

Reality Shift Board Game is a fun and challenging game full of exciting twists and turns. Players take the role of characters in an alternate reality where they must travel a winding path to achieve their goals. Along the way, they’ll experience card-based challenges, mini events, puzzles, and more. This is a game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages; it’s easy to learn yet has enough strategic elements to keep even experienced gamers engaged.

At its core, Reality Shift Board Game is about planning for the future and working together with other players. Everyone takes turns making moves so that you all can reach your destination faster than any individual could alone. It’s an excellent project management simulation that not only rewards collaboration but also encourages class discussion and problem-solving skills. The replay value of this game is exceptionally high as you’ll never play the same game twice thanks to its randomized cards and reward system incentivizing alternate strategies each time it’s played.

The visuals for this board game are really cool too; character pieces move along incredibly detailed boards filled with vibrant colors and creatures to interact with along the way. Making your way around these charismatic environments makes every game session enjoyable even if you don’t win or complete your objective that run through! The components of total package make Reality Shift Board Game a brilliant mixture of both educational and entertainment value making it perfect for family gatherings or independent tabletop gaming sessions.

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