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The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game, created by Robert Kiyosaki and his Rich Dad Company, is a board game designed to teach people the fundamentals of financial literacy while allowing them to ‘play-test’ their investment strategies. Throughout the game, players will acquire real estate properties and invest in businesses while playing through two distinct phases. During the first phase, you will make multiple “deals” with different characters to garner your income and build your net worth. During the second phase, you must outsmart the other players by correctly allocating funds among investments and actively protecting those already made. Though complex at times, the premise of this classic board game is simple: guarantee success for yourself by learning how to manage finances wisely – starting from nothing and ending as a financially independent retirement age millionaire or even a multi-millionaire.


The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game was created by Robert Kiyosaki, founder of Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is based on his best-selling book, which chronicles the financial lessons he learned from his rich and poor fathers. He first introduced the game concept in 1992 in a newsletter to introduce readers to real estate investing as a means of achieving financial freedom. In 1995, Kiyosaki released an updated version of the game entitled Cashflow 101.Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have purchased his game around the world in order to gain a better understanding of how money works.

The concept behind the Cashflow board game is to help players understand how their finances work and make informed decisions about spending and investing. The players use an interactive board and financial components such as stock market cards to simulate real-life experiences related to earning income, making investments, taxes, wealth building and more. The goal for each player is to become financially independent by increasing passive income sources such as investments and real estate holdings through smart decision-making.

The game has been praised for its education value and effectiveness in teaching players about essential business concepts such as budgeting, savings habits, cash flow management and investing techniques in fun ways that hold their attention without being too dull or intimidating. Additionally, since its launch more than two decades ago the Rich Dad Cashflow board game has been used by schools, businesses for team building experiences, charities fundraising efforts and much more. As a result it has seen tremendous success which stands certain that this educational classic will continue to inspire future generations interested in entrepreneurship and finance alike


The Rich Dad Cashflow board game is a strategy game based on Robert Kiyosaki’s best-selling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. It is designed to teach financial principles, including investment strategies and building wealth through real estate. The goal of the game is to get out of the “Rat Race” and become financially free before your opponents.

The Rich Dad Cashflow board game follows a very basic set of core rules and gameplay mechanics. Each player starts with a salary from their job and then attempts to manage their assets in order to achieve financial freedom. On their turn, players roll two dice in order to move around the “circles of life” track on the board. Depending on which circle the player lands on, they can choose an action such as buying real estate, taking out a loan, investing in stocks or bonds, or making business deals. Each action requires its own instruction card that details what type of asset can be bought or sold at each step in the process.

Aside from managing assets, players also need to manage their cashflow; if they don’t have enough money at any given point in time they may not be able to make certain investments or take certain actions that will help them reach the goal of financial freedom faster. To keep up with cash flow needs players can take jobs throughout the course of the game, just like they would in real life.

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Another important aspect of playing the Rich Dad Cashflow board game is maintaining relationships with others who appear in your circles (such as mentors, bankers etc). These relationships can be beneficial when it comes to making money and achieving success faster than your opponents as you navigate through all aspects of pursuing financial freedom within the ‘Circles Of Life’. To add an additional level of complexity to gameplay, players must also pay taxes on any income earned and are required to contribute towards charity by donating 10% of all rental incomes generated from any owned properties during their journey towards becoming financially free!


There are a few strategies that can help you increase your chances of winning the Rich Dad Cashflow board game. Firstly, it helps to plan out your moves ahead of time. Have an idea of which trades or investments you plan on making and what order you will do them in.

Secondly, it’s important to limit expenses as much as possible in order to maximize your profits. Be sure to manage unplanned surprises carefully and try to reduce additional costs and Debt payments where possible.

Thirdly, focus on building your financial portfolio with smart investments and diversify into different asset types ” stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. This will help limit risks associated with specific market situations that may occur during the game.

Finally, try to look at all potential opportunities and think ahead several steps before taking part in any transactions. It pays off to take calculated risks when they are backed up by research while remaining aware of the all-too-real risk that you could lose everything after one mistake.

Educational Benefits

The Rich Dad Cashflow board game is an educational game created by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. The game provides a fun and interactive way for players to learn about personal finance and develop their financial literacy. Players are required to employ critical thinking skills as they understand the different aspects of creating wealth, such as building businesses, investing in stocks and real estate, taxation, and retirement planning. They must also learn how to weigh risks and rewards when coming to decisions in order to be successful. In addition, the game teaches basic accounting principles through decisions on budgeting and understanding assets vs liabilities. As players progress through the game they become accustomed to an entrepreneurial mindset that allows them to identify opportunities in everyday life they might have otherwise missed out on. With an overarching theme of financial freedom at its core, the Rich Dad Cashflow board game provides valuable lessons with each playthrough that allow players to gain financial insight along with having immense amounts of enjoyable fun.


The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game is designed to teach players about financial literacy and wealth creation. It allows for multiple variations, allowing for more ways to play the game. One way to play is with beginners, where the goal is to get out of the rat race in three turns by understanding how investments can increase income and build wealth. In this beginner variation, an easy set of rules are used that require little effort and can be quickly learned by all participants.

Another variation is a more advanced version of the game with a longer playing time and a higher level of difficulty where players must make various decisions related to investing, budgeting, planning their taxes, and budgeting for long-term goals. This variation requires a great deal more decision-making on behalf of the player in order to successfully build their empire-like portfolio and achieve success by not being restricted by the rat race. Participation in this game will give players a better understanding of how real estate investing works as well as sound financial advice such as diversifying one’s portfolio and prioritizing assets when making investments.

Finally, players can also choose to customize their own version of the game where they can decide which rules they want to use or modify existing rules to create even newer variants. This will enable them to tailor their experience according to what skills they wish to develop or target ” so that they can utilize every aspect while still having plenty of fun!

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Practical Uses

The Rich Dad Cashflow board game is an incredibly useful tool for teaching people practical uses of real estate, investing and finances. It focuses on the idea of ‘cash flow’ by simulating how income, expenses and investments affect an individual’s wealth. Through this simulation, players can understand the ups and downs that come with taking financial risks, get a better understanding of their own financial situations and make better decisions in their own financing endeavors. While playing the game players can learn about stocks, bonds and other investment strategies as well as important terms like debt consolidation and asset allocation

The game can also be used to teach concepts like liquidity vs. illiquidity, leverage, tax optimization through loopholes and asset diversification. Other lessons that can be taken away from the game involve personal savings preferences such as paying down debt vs. investing in appreciating assets as well as managing cash flows through budgeting techniques. The game also serves as an excellent platform for learning the basics of accounting”such as calculated ratio analysis”and business math while prompting conversation among players on topics such as diversification risk control, portfolio theory and ROI (return on investment).

Where to Buy the Game

The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game, created by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter, is an educational game designed to teach the essential skills of financial literacy. It is based on Mr. Kiyosaki’s popular books, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “Cash Flow Quadrant”. The board game includes a custom game board, 6 playing pieces, dice and other accessories needed to play. Players move around the board and make decisions about investments, income sources, expenses, taxes and other money matters. As they progress through different money “life cycles”, players accumulate wealth and learn more about finances at the same time.

The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game can be purchased in stores across the United States as well as online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. Additionally, it can be found directly from Robert Kiyosaki & Sharon Lechter’s company website where they frequently offer special discounts on game purchases as well as special bundles including other products such as books or video lessons alongside the board game itself. Buying from their website also provides access to additional resources such as player guides for how best to use the game in order to gain maximum benefit from your investment in building financial literacy.

Summary & Conclusion

The Rich Dad Cashflow Board Game is an excellent educational tool for anyone looking to learn the basics of business, money management, and investing. It offers a great way to experience real-world financial situations in an engaging and stress-free way. Through use of the game board itself as well as accompanying materials such as charts, lessons, and trackers, players can develop critical problem solving skills and strategies which will serve them in their own financial dealings. The game is easy to set up and takes only a short amount of time to get through the rounds. Additionally, players are able to choose from various levels of difficulties tailored to their individual knowledge and experience levels. All in all, this game is designed to be fun while providing valuable insight into the world of money management.

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