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Spielbound Board Game Cafe is a vibrant and hip cafe located in the heart of downtown. We are the perfect place to meet up with friends and family, as we offer a wide range of board games to cater to all interests and ages! Not only do we provide delicious snacks, beverages, and desserts but also access to hundreds of unique board games from all around the world. Our cafe is full of life and activity as people have fun engaging in friendly gaming competitions with friends or by themselves. Come down for an exciting experience that is sure to bring out your competitive side with a healthy dose of laughter and group bonding.



February: Spielbound Board Game Cafe is founded in Omaha, Nebraska by Chris and Kerry Workman.
March: Spielbound celebrated their soft opening with a week-long discount.
June: The cafe opened its doors to the public with more than 600 games to choose from.
July: Guests were able to sign up for game nights, purchase tickets for tournaments and even order beer online.
September: Spielbound launched an online store to purchase board games and accessories that could be shipped anywhere in the United States.
November: The cafe started offering a “Take & Bake” subscription service that allowed customers to subscribe monthly or quarterly from a curated list of board games.

January: Spielbound Board Game Café released their first mobile app for iOS users allowing them to manage rewards, browse upcoming events, reserve game tables and access exclusive offers.
March: A new room was added to accommodate larger groups and private events such as birthday parties or corporate retreats.
May : Spielbound started a loyalty program rewarding regular customers with discounts and freebies throughout their visit.

Game Selection

At Spielbound Board Game Cafe, we have an extensive selection of games suitable for all ages and interests. Our staff are always available to help select something perfect for each customer. We proudly split our game library into categories such as fantasy, word-building, negotiation, and party games to make it easier for our customers to navigate through their choices. We also stock classic favourites and emerging titles that are just starting to gain popularity in the board gaming world. Our cafe continually adds new selections as they come out ” so our selection is never stagnant or stale! There’s something suitable for anyone here at Spielbound Board Game Cafe!

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Spielbound Board Game Cafe offers exclusive activities for its members. They include special game nights and workshops, held both at the cafe and online. The special game nights provide members with the opportunity to interact with other board gamers, challenge one another and share their gaming expertise. On these nights, members can discover unique games and discuss strategies.

The workshops, both in-person and virtual ones, are perfect for those who want to advance their knowledge in board gaming. Experienced gamers give presentations on topics such as game analysis, game development and different playing styles. Members also have the chance to learn how to lead an effective game play session and design their own board game.

Food & Drinks

Spielbound Board Game Cafe is an innovative dining and gaming experience offering a seasonally inspired menu with unique cocktails to match. The menu is filled with shareable small plates, made with fresh local ingredients. Some of the popular items on the menu include Roka salad, Tom Yum soup, miso-eggplant salad, and Korean bibimbap. For those who are feeling indulgent, there are also of burgers and sandwiches for lunch. Guests can enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks from the selection of craft beer, wine and mixed cocktails. Specialty drinks include the Honey Bee Mule made with ginger beer, whiskey and sweet honey syrup; the lavender gimlet featuring Hendricks Gin and homemade lavender simple syrup; and the aptly named Crazy Cat Lady featuring orange vodka infused with fresh strawberry juice. Spielbound Board Game Cafe is sure to impress guests with its delicious food and flavorful drinks!


Spielbound Board Game Cafe is located on 3244 North 24th Street in Omaha, Nebraska. The cafe is open Monday-Wednesday from 11 AM to 9 PM and Thursday-Saturday from 11 AM to 1 AM. They are currently closed on Sundays but plan to open for certain special events.

For those looking for a unique place to relax and play, a visit to the Spielbound Board Game Cafe is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening with friends. The cafe offers an ever-growing selection of traditional and modern board games, as well as friendly staff who can help introduce you to new favorites and teach you complicated rulebooks. On top of offering delicious beverages and snacks, the cafe also provides exciting ways to get involved with their gaming community through various tournaments and events throughout the year.

As the only board game cafe within a 60 mile radius, Spielbound provides customers the opportunity to take part in something special when they visit. Whether it’s an active game night or lazy Sunday afternoon spent among thousands of games, Spielbound makes sure there’s something fun waiting behind their doors each time you arrive. If you’d like more information about specific events or hours of operation please visit them online at spielbound.net.

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At Spielbound Board Game Cafe, we are proud to offer competitive and reasonable prices for game rentals and special events. Our rental fees start from as little as $2 an hour, depending on the complexity of the game. We also have a variety of board, card, and strategy games available in all price ranges. For those looking to rent games or host private events or tournaments at Spielbound, our pricing is designed to provide ultimate flexibility”you can book by the hour or enjoy discounted rates when you rent multiple titles.

We understand that throwing a party can be expensive so we’re pleased to offer special discounts on our events packages. Whether hosting a birthday or anniversary celebration, or just getting a group of friends together for game night at the cafe”our options are designed to meet any budget! We also offer custom packages for large groups; contact us for more details about availability and pricing! If you’d like to take some goodies home with you after your visit, we even have a selection of board games and related merchandise available for sale along with digital downloads from popular gaming companies.


If you’re looking for a unique experience, then come to Spielbound Board Game Cafe and make it a night to remember. Play some of your favorite board games in our relaxed atmosphere made just right for having fun. From popular classics like Chess and checkers to contemporary favorites such as Settlers of Catan and Munchkin, you’ll find something that will keep you entertained. Our staff is warm and welcoming, ready to help teach unfamiliar titles and make sure all the rules are followed properly. Come visit Spielbound Board Game Cafe today for a truly memorable time!

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