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Taverns and Dragons Board Game is a unique experience for friends and family to share together. It provides hours of fun and adventure by combining great storytelling and entertaining game play mechanics. Two to four players can take on the roles of brave adventurers, searching for lost treasures, battling fearsome opponents, escaping perilous dungeons, and ultimately finding victory in the tavern.

Each player takes on the role of an adventurer. Together they must travel throughout the land of Talincaar, visiting exotic locations while collecting rare items and defeating powerful bosses along the way. The ultimate goal is to escape Talincaar with enough glory to fill up their tankards at the legendary tavern called Dorithil’lalkon. Along the way they will encounter dangerously unpredictable situations that require courage, intelligence, and cunning to overcome them.

Players can customize their characters with a variety of options such as armor, weapons and spells that unlock new tactical possibilities in every game. Using their own unique combination of skill-sets, each player will make choices about which paths to navigate based on luck, strategic decisions or simply winging it!

During your journey you will face numerous challenges from dice rolls representing randomness to turn-based card battles requiring intense concentration. Fights occur between teams composed of adventurers of one another or bosses from evil forces – sometimes an opponent between one’s allies can create some interesting alliances but betrayal opportunities! Crossing paths with mysterious creatures adds even more surprise elements alongside special event cards capable for changing the course of a game abruptly

Prepare for an exciting journey full of engaging twists and turns as you progress across this fantasy landscape full of hidden secrets! Who knows what lies beyond?


Taverns and Dragons is a board game for 2-4 players that combines elements from both Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and European-style board games.

The object of the game is to earn the most gold by managing a tavern, which includes building up reputation, attracting adventurers, and competing with your opponents to complete quests.

Players take turns buying items and upgrades in the market, hiring adventurers to establish quests, and recruiting recruits to build reputation. As their reputation grows, their tavern will attract more adventurous visitors who want to complete quests for rewards. When adventurers arrive at the tavern, the players must compete amongst each other to see who can fulfill the adventurer’s needs”Fulfill these requests successfully and they will receive rewards in return.

When it’s not their turn, players may choose to explore dungeons or provide assistance to other players’ adventures in order earn rewards cards. Using these cards also provide bonuses throughout the game such as reinforcements or new potions that can be used during exploration sessions. Rewards accumulated throughout play can be used to purchase additional items that can make future adventures more successful or gain access to special characters.

The game ends when all available quests have been completed or whenever one player reaches a pre-determined number of gold pieces. At this point, the player with the most gold will have won! Alternatively, if two players happen to tie for first place then a sudden death battle will ensue between them in order to determine an overall winner!


The Taverns and Dragons board game includes a variety of components to bring the game to life. It consists of the following items:

1 Game Board ” The colorful game board features illustrated scenes and pathways which players will explore during their journey.

2 Boxed Sets of Character/Enemy Miniature Figurines ” These mini figurines are used to represent adventurers and enemies as they move through their quest.

2 Decks of Cards ” One deck contains spell cards, while the other deck contains character cards containing details about each player’s characters such as health points, special traits, and skills.
Referee’s Guide ” This booklet provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and run a complete adventure for 2-6 players. It also offers useful tips for Dungeon Masters about how to keep the action flowing smoothly.
Dice Set ” A standard 7 piece dice set is included with this game that can be used to make important rolls throughout the journey.
Maps & Play Aids ” Map sheets provide players with illustrations of areas they may explore while on their adventure, while colored tokens make it easy to track movement, treasure sites, factions and more.


Taverns and Dragons is a cooperative board game where players work together to complete quests and improve their taverns with the ultimate goal of becoming the best landlord in land. The main objective for players is to acquire the most Tavern points by completing story-driven quests and upgrades for their taverns. Completing these tasks will grant rewards such as money, gems, items, and more. Players can use the money to purchase new upgrades for their tavern or hire unique adventurers to help them on quests. They can also collect gems throughout the game which can be used as currency to buy helpful resources or even rare artifacts. Through completing various activities such as slaying monsters, exploring dungeons and forging powerful weapons, players can earn glory points which allow them to move up a league table where they face tougher opponents but gain more rewards in return. Ultimately, the winner is crowned at the end of the fantasy-style adventure when they have earned enough Tavern Points through completing accomplishments on their journey ” proving that they have become the greatest landlord!

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Taverns and Dragons Board Game is an exciting fantasy-themed strategy game where players compete to achieve victory points by completing successful tasks. To win a game, players must employ winning tactics and strategies. Here are some examples of the most effective tactics and strategies that can be used in Taverns and Dragons:

1. Plan your moves carefully: Before starting your turn in Taverns and Dragons, take time to consider every move and how it will impact the board. Consider which actions will yield the most rewards or objectives as well as consider potential risks from other plays. Thinking ahead and planning out moves carefully can give you an edge over your opponents and increases the likelihood of success in achieving victory points.

2. Be flexible with the objectives: Be prepared to adjust your strategy depending on how other players move during their turns or what tasks they attempt to complete. Having a backup plan or adjusting your plans based on each situation is important if you want to remain competitive in the game.

3. Utilize all available resources wisely: The resources available in Taverns and Dragons can be powerful weapons when used correctly – make sure to use them effectively towards victory point acquisitions or completing objectives quickly. Keeping track of all resources allows players to anticipate weak spots or upcoming problems before they become too serious, allowing for adjustments before things go south.

4. Take strategic risks: Risk-taking is often necessary for progressing further in the game – however, don’t take unnecessary chances that could put you at a greater disadvantage than benefit. Calculated risk-taking can help players open up previously blocked routes for victory points or completing successes more quickly – but make sure those risks fall within an acceptable level so that any losses won’t be too severe for recovery later on!

5. Know when to cooperate with others: Collaboration between players can open up more possibilities than competing alone, especially at complex stages of the game where victory points require multiple steps from different players in succession in order to be successful. Form alliances with trustworthy competitors while still aiming towards victory – this way, both parties benefit even if only one emerges victorious!


Taverns and Dragons is a board game that pits one to four players against each other as they journey through a fantasy world. The object of the game is to be the first player to collect three tavern tokens, in order to become the master of the taverns.

At the beginning of the game, each player will choose their character from a selection of unique and varied characters. Each character has different sets of skills and abilities that can give them an advantage over their opponents, allowing them to more easily complete their quests and defeat monsters during their travels.

Players then roll dice in order to determine where they move on the board. Along their path they will come across various encounters, such as towns or dungeons, and will have opportunities to pick up weapons or items that can help them along their way.

Once a character completes a quest or defeats a monster, they gain treasure which can be used at different taverns throughout the board in order to purchase tavern tokens. Whenever any player amasses three tokens, they are crowned victor! In addition to completing quests or defeating monsters to accumulate treasure, players can also use this treasure rob fellow adventurers (unless otherwise specified).

In Taverns and Dragons two additional rules must be kept in mind by all players:
1. Players must return all weapons/items that were used from locations on the board back downstream before obtaining victories at no cost previously paid for them (Freeplay Rule);
2. If multiple players “freeplay” weapons/items from locations on the board simultaneously, only one weapon/item gets returned back downstream with its original owner being deemed it’s rightful owner (No-Tussle Rule).

The game ends when a single player collects three tavern tokens; signifying that they are victorious!

Expansion Sets

Taverns and Dragons is an enjoyable board game for people of all ages. The game combines elements of tabletop role playing games with the traditional board game concept. With numerous expansions available, players can customize their game by adding extra content, components, and scenarios to make their gaming experience even more fun. Here is a detailed list of expansion sets currently available for Taverns and Dragons:

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• Adventurers Expansion Set: This expansion set introduces new characters, exciting challenges, and plenty of rewards! New storylines – including a plot involving the mysterious Black Caravan – open up for players to explore.

• Maps Expansion Set: This set includes beautiful 8×10” maps showcasing some of the most dangerous places in Emhyr, perfect for displaying while playing Taverns and Dragons.

• Beasts & Magic Expansion Set: An exciting new foe awaits adventurers with this thrilling expansion set! Plus new magical items and beasts that players must overcome or befriend as they adventure through Emhyr.

• Loot Box Expansion Set: Forget trinkets; this latest expansion offers up some major treasures! Weapons, armor, enchanted items – it’s all here ready to be discovered or pilfered by adventurers on your next quest!

• Adventure Package Expansion Set: Make sure you’re always prepared for an epic quest with this complete package! Featuring a variety of items from across the sets listed above in one handy bundle.


Taverns and Dragons is a fantasy-based board game designed for 2 to 8 players by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. The game allows the players to explore mythical places, battle monsters and other characters, gain magical powers, collect treasures, build their own taverns, and complete quests while playing a character of their choice from one of four fantasy races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, or Orcs.

The original version of Taverns and Dragons is a stand-alone game which can be played with 3 to 8 players. There are also two versions that are part of the Board Game Expansion Series (BGEX) which includes “Kingdom” and “Court” expansions.

Kingdom is an expansion which adds 5 new dimensions (each consisting of its own ruleset) to the base game allowing for a variety of more strategic playstyles such as increased player control over monsters & treasures and scoring systems.

Court introduces a special turn order mechanic in which certain characters may receive bonus actions depending on how long they have held court with their opponents.

Furthermore, various coin decks exist as add-ons to give players even more options in terms of developing strategies while playing the game. Ultimately, there are myriad ways to play Taverns and Dragons due to all the possible variants available with the various expansions and extras.


Taverns and Dragons is a board game that lets you and your friends gather around a medieval tavern table to roll dice, battle monsters, and explore fantastic realms while enjoying an immersive role-playing experience. The game allows up to four players to customize their characters with special abilities, equipment, and magical spells and then follow the whims of an all-powerful Dungeon Master (or DM). One of the game’s most touted features is its easy set up, which allows players to quickly get into character and start adventuring in no time.

Many experienced players agree that Taverns and Dragons is a delightfully entertaining RPG experience. It offers hours of entertainment through its gripping story-telling adventure system that keeps everyone engaged. The intricate characters offer plenty of depth for both novice and experienced RPGers alike, allowing each person the opportunity to develop their stories as the game progresses. Additionally, some reviews note that the production quality of the board pieces and playing pieces are top-notch. Moreover, it has an intuitive turn-based combat system ” complete with siege towers ” allowing novices to learn quickly without having to read long instruction manuals beforehand. For these reasons alone, Taverns and Dragons has been widely praised from many veteran gamers.



• It can provide hours of entertainment with its customizable pieces and engaging game play.

• It’s a great way to get together with friends and family, as it is extremely social depending on the group.

• The game is incredibly unique, as no two games are ever the same.

• Even if you aren’t a fan of roleplaying games, Taverns and Dragons board game offers an interesting spin on classic board game mechanics.

• Learning the rules can be time consuming and difficult to grasp initially.
• There is a large initial cost in terms of buying all the necessary pieces.
• Creating your own scenarios can prove to be frustrating for beginners if they don’t have any creative experience from previous RPGs or designing games.

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