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What Am I Saying board game is a classic favorite that has been captivating players since the 1950s. While the rules have remained largely the same over time, this strategy-based game of charades and visual communication has seen an increase in its already legendary status due to its simple yet fascinating gameplay. The goal of the game is for one team to guess words or phrases ” which are represented by images ” correctly before their opponents. Players must read aloud the clue associated with an image on the board and use hand gestures, facial expressions and verbal hints to indicate what it is they’re depicting. It’s then up to their opponents to try and decipher whatever clues were given so they can guess correctly in order come out on top. As such, What Am I Saying presents an interesting challenge as players try to present as much information as possible, using only visuals – all while trying to beat their opponents! Consequently, What Am I Saying board game has become a timeless classic that is still enjoyed by people of all ages today.


What Am I Saying Board Game is a unique game full of fun and strategy. The game can be played with two to four players and has two levels of difficulty which allows players to choose how challenging they want the game to be. It also includes verbal, physical, visual and guessing elements so each round is always different. This creates an exciting atmosphere as players match words or phrases while attempting to keep track of clues that other players have already used. Furthermore, the game includes question cards with multiple categories such as history, science and Pop culture. This element guides conversation around interesting topics and encourages new knowledge among friends or family members who play together.


What Am I Saying is a game for two or more players where each player takes turns trying to guess the secret phrase. During a player’s turn, they are given a chance to earn points by correctly guessing the secret phrase from a list of clues. The goal of the game is for each player to get as many points as possible by using their own deductive reasoning skills and communication skills with other players in order to quickly guess the secret phrase. This game is important because it encourages players to hone their deduction and communication skills, practice problem-solving strategies, and enables them to learn about how different pieces of information come together in order solve difficult puzzles. By playing What Am I Saying, players will also be able to practice their ability to strategically pick up on verbal and nonverbal cues while having fun!

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Strategies for Success

1. Take turns asking and answering questions. This will ensure that everyone in the game gets a chance to speak up and no one player monopolizes the conversation.

2. Make sure everyone’s answers remain vague enough for others to guess, but clear enough for players to engage in open dialogue when trying to figure out what the speaker is saying.

3. Ask follow-up questions if you feel like the answer wasn’t clear or specific enough.

4. Keep track of how many guesses each player has given so far, so you can determine a winner at the end of each round fairly.

5. Encourage players to come up with creative clues as they try to guess what other players are saying, rather than opting for overly general clues like “What food do you like?”
6. Brainstorm answers before someone speaks up; this encourages more strategic thinking and gives all players an opportunity to think ahead before coming up with an answer or response.
7. Give other players time and space to respond without pressuring them into responding quickly; let conversations flow naturally without rushing participants into making a simple guess right away.
8 .If talking isn’t going well and everyone seems stuck, try bouncing ideas off of each other or suggesting potential topics or items related to what was previously discussed ” it can help stimulate conversation and break up any lulls that may exist during playtime!


1. Instead of having the players take turns giving an adjective, have them give a type of object instead.
2. Give all the players two pieces to place on the board at once, which will force them to think more abstractly when coming up with answers.
3. Create your own version of the game by adding or taking out squares from the board and changing out some words for new ones.
4. Create teams so that two people are competing together against other teams for a bigger overall score!
5. Change up the rules to add in random elements of surprise such as dice rolls that move your piece forward multiple spaces or back one space at a time.
6. Introduce new catchphrases or buzzwords at each turn and incorporate them as part of the game play!
7. Devise a point system based off different categories such as difficulty level and creativity to award points to participants who come up with great adjectives.
8. Swap out objects around on the board mid-game so that players have to change their guesses frequently and quickly!

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The What Am I Saying board game is an incredibly fun and exciting experience that is sure to bring joy and laughter to any gathering. The game is highly interactive, as it involves a mix of strategy and guessing, which makes it great for players of all levels. It is also designed to be unpredictable, with no two rounds being the same as players attempt to guess the correct phrase or word within the time limit. With its easy-to-follow instructions, anyone can have a great time playing What Am I Saying! Moreover, this game combines the best aspects of other player favourites such as charades and 20 questions in one interesting package. In short, it’s an entertaining and entertaining way to bring friends together for a fun and unique challenge.

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