What Civilizations Can You Play In Civilization The Board Game


In Civilization The Board Game, you can play as one of several iconic ancient civilizations including the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese. Each civilization has its own unique strengths and strategies that are tailored to their culture and historical context. For example, in playing as the Egyptians, building monuments is especially important for advancing through the game board ” their religion grants special access to technologies like Writing or Construction with each successful Monument build. On the other hand, Chinese players enjoy a focus on Diplomacy over War as they navigate alliances with other respective factions; they claim more tiles than others by consolidating neighborhoods in conquered cities. Every choice and action is filled with depth and strategy backed by each civilization’s historical development throughout history.

Civilization Choices

Civilization: Rome – Represented by a golden laurel on their player board, the Roman civilization was one of the most influential and longest-lasting empires of its time. Roman players will have strength in military-based strategies, with an increased ability to conquer new lands for resources. Additionally, they can investigate new technological advancements quickly and efficiently.

Civilization: Egypt – Represented by a double Ram in stripe headdress on their player board, the Egyptian civilization was renowned for its wealth and advancement. Egyptian players can handle large scale projects such as building monumental monuments, developing economic infrastructure and more effectively managing resources like food, money and workers. They also excel in research of new technology.

Civilization: Greece – Represented by a trident symbol on their player board, the Ancient Greeks achieved renown through their incredible contributions to science, mathematics, government and literature. Greek players benefit from having strong military representation alongside great cultural achievements that generate additional victory points when completed.

Civilization: Japan – As represented by a samurai mask symbol on their player board, the land of Japan is home to both an impressive military power as well as rich artistic tradition. Japanese players’ abilities stem from this volatile combination; powerful armies enable swift expansion while craftsmanship allows them to develop high-value artifacts that contribute extra victory points in scoring rounds.

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Special Abilities

Egyptian: Pharaoh’s Heir can be incredibly useful in combination with their special ability which grants its bearer a permanent -1 on the combat die. This special ability means that in any battle, the Egyptian side has a much better advantage with their lower risk of attrition and larger chance of victory.

Babylonian: The Sacred Marriage special ability allows the Babylonian player to heal any wounded unit at the end of every turn. This advance healing gives them an edge over opponents who are less able to quickly replenish losses caused through combat and bad moves from other civilizations.

Chinese: The Great Wall special ability enables Chinese players to raise walls around cities, making them more difficult for enemies to attack and take over. This is especially useful for creating strong defensive strategies without relying heavily on troops or manpower.

Greek: Divine Inspiration is a great tool for increasing resources and productivity levels during peacetime situations when there isn’t much danger present. Taking advantage of this divine blessing can be helpful when building new cities and developing technologies for your civilization.


In Civilization The Board Game, players can experience the cultural advances and military dominance of a variety of ancient empires. The base game releases with eight of the most powerful civilizations in human history: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Japan Arabia and Mesoamerica. Additionally, there are four expansion packs that offer exciting reskins and modifications to the classic play: Carthage, Imperial Rome & Britannia; Barbarian Hordes; Exploration and Conquest; and Dual Inquisition & Reformation. Each expansion contains new resource tiles, components and governments for an improved gaming experience. In addition to these expansions there are two reskinned versions available: Age of Enlightenment which includes new civilization models of France, Prussia & Poland as well as an extended game play featuring representation from musicians and politicians; and Dungeon Adventure where players must explore dungeon depths in search of treasure while avoiding monsters along the way.

Tips and Strategies

Civilization the Board Game puts players in command of one of four ancient civilizations – Rome, Greece, Egypt, or the Barbarian tribes. Each civilization has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, from the barbarian tribes’ swiftness and ferocity to Egypt’s ability to generate food faster than any other civilization. As you play, you’ll look to develop a strong military, expand your borders, research technology, build Wonders of the World, and win alliances with City-States in order to be crowned the one true ruler of the world.

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To successfully play Civilization The Board Game you should compare your strategies to those used by the earlier civilizations. Many strategies used by early civilizations still work today in History and Civilizations type board games. For example, try engaging in diplomacy rather than constantly resorting to war as a tool; leverage resources wisely through efficient use of trade; manage population production carefully; defend against external threats proactively; focus on building wonders that provide significant bonuses; and make use of alliances with city-states for extra protection or benefits. All these strategies will help you achieve victory at Civilization The Board Game.


Are you curious to learn more the various civilizations that can be played in Civilization the Board Game? When you’re ready to explore further, take this interactive quiz to see how much you know!

Which of these ancient civilisations can you play as in Civilization the Board Game?

A) The Sumerians
B) The Babylonians
C) The Egyptians
D) The Romans
E) The Hittites
F) The Persians
G) The Vikings
H) The Japanese

Which of these great achievements could be gained from your Civilization in the board game?
A) Monuments
B) Wonders of the World
C) Cultural advances
D) Economic advances
E) Military conquests

Which of these technologies are available for use in Civilization the Board Game?

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