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What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon is a spin-off of the popular What Do You Meme? meme game that was released in 2016. The purpose of the game is to match caption cards with their corresponding photo cards within a set amount of time. Players compete to find the funniest combination and win the round. On Amazon, you can purchase the game which includes 200 caption cards and 75 photo cards. The rules are simple and as long as you have enough players, it can be great fun at any gathering or party. It even comes with an additional “Party Pack” expansion pack containing 45 more cards, so there’s plenty of room for creativity and laughs during your gaming session.

Themes of the Game

What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon is a popular game for people of all ages. It combines the amazing game of meming from social media with the classic card game of Password. The base card set features seven decks of funny meme-style photos and captions, but there are countless expansion packs that add even more exciting themes. From the tabletop classic “Exploding Kittens” to crowd-favorite topics such as Disney, music, and internet culture, What Do You Meme provides hours of lighthearted fun for friends and family alike. Popular expansion deck themes include:

• Party Pack ” Hilarious sayings and comical new photo cards designed to get your party started.
• Holidays ” Let’s you enjoy memeing on crazy holidays such as National Taco Day and Marge Simpson Day.
• Pop Culture ” Deck featuring pop culture icons like Spongebob Squarepants, Princess Peach and Pokémon.
• Parenthood ” A themed deck designed to show the many shaded sides of raising kids in the modern world.
• Office Edition ” A work themed deck featuring fan favorite characters like Dwight Schrute, Michael Scott and more!
• Pets ” Perfect for any animal lover out there; this deck features everyone’s favorite furry friends along with some amusing puns to create unique combos!


The What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon edition includes a total of 360 cards – 225 Caption Cards and 135 Photo Cards. The game is suitable for 3 ” 20 players and requires players to try and match their Caption Card with the funniest Photo Card to create the ultimate memes. Additionally, it comes with a unique card tray to help you easily organize your cards and special ‘Bonus’ cards that give you the upper-hand when playing against your friends. For added fun and convenience, an app is also available on iOS devices that allows players to quickly look up all of their Caption Cards, as well as earning points when they win.

Game Play Instructions

Game Play Instructions:

1. Each player is dealt 5 cards face down.
2. One player is designated as the judge for the round and draws an additional card from the deck to be the photo card (this can usually include some type of meme).
3. All other players then have 30 seconds to select a card from their hand that best completes the caption on the photo card given by the judge for that round.
4. Once all players have made their selection, every player passes their chosen card to the judge who shuffles them and lays them down in front of each player for voting.
5. Then, each player votes for which caption they think should win with a show of hands or individual votes without being influenced by any comments they may hear from others while making their selection.
6. The caption with most votes wins and its owner receives one point-card which they can place in their pile at end of game play and whoever has accumulated most points declares himself/herself winner!
7. Then new photo-card selected by new player as judge and as per Step 2 and everyone starts again 🙂

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Strategies & Tips:
• Choose cards that you think will stand out – humour, emotion, popularity of subject etc – these will increase your chances of winning a round since people will remember it more easily and are more likely to vote it as winner over competition!
• Read each caption carefully before picking one from hand – this way you can avoid misunderstandings or misinformation during play which might hamper your voting chances in future rounds!
• Pay close attention to others’ choices in order to form judgement about what kind of cards might win them round -will note down same mental notes next time need fill same kind photo-card!

Pros and Cons

What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon has become a favorite with many players, especially those who enjoy being creative and enjoying a fun, interactive game. It is an easy to learn game that involves creating captions for various meme images provided. This encourages players to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas, making for a truly enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, the game involves competitive competition between two or more people – perfect for fostering communication, laughter and bonding between those involved in the game. The cards contain age appropriate content too, so it’s suitable for all ages.

Cons: One of the drawbacks of What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon is its reliance on popular internet trends and memes that may not be easily understood by people who are not tech-savvy or as familiar with social media humor. Further, some people might find it hard to keep track of which image belongs to each round due to the sheer amount of images available in each box. Lastly, since What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon requires verbal responsiveness from the players, there may be issues related to language proficiency if playing with other people who do not share similar language backgrounds.

Unique Features: What sets What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon apart from other board games is its ability to evolve with technology and cultural trends – making it evergreen. With rotating expansions every two months and updates every four weeks ” both for free and at additional cost ” no two rounds of What Do You Meme Board Game Amazon will ever be alike! There’s also an official app where users can create their own memes before shooting them over whenever new updates roll out – perfect for adapting quick enough to beat out competitors in order to win each minute!


The What Do You Meme Board Game is a popular game that can be played with multiple variations. The basic game involves creating an incorrect caption for a photo. Players then report which of their captions they think best fits the photo, and the player with the most votes wins the round.

To add extra fun and excitement to a game of What Do You Meme, there are several alternate ways to play it! Competitive variations involve expanding the voting process by awarding points to each player for the funniest answer. Additionally, teams can be formed and points collected in order to win the game! Cooperative games involve working together as a group to create one unique caption for every card. Crafty players can also introduce additional elements into this game such as bonus cards, role playing, or selling joke tickets. There are truly endless possibilities when it comes to enjoying this classic board game!

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The What Do You Meme Board Game is more than just a fun game to play”it’s an opportunity to use your creativity, hone your communication and cooperation skills, and sharpen your cognitive processes. Whether you’re gifting it or playing it with friends, this game will surely engage you in some intense moments of laughter at even the silliest situations.

As you create new meme combinations together, this board game encourages creativity ” prompting you to come up with funny phrases and captions and pairing image cards for maximum hilarity. You compete against each other (or work together as a team) as you test your knowledge on pop cultures and decipher which is the funniest answer. It brings out different skillsets like critical thinking, problem-solving, strategic negotiation, and logical reasoning ” essential building blocks for success. Additionally, it helps to cultivate mindfulness while playing as people can enjoy a “break” from technology platforms that often take up too much time during leisure activities. Most importantly, this raucous board game creates priceless memories with friends as everyone tries to squeeze out every ounce of joy amongst each other by making strategically hilarious memes!


The What Do You Meme Board Game on Amazon has been well-received by customers. Many people have commented positivitely on the hours of entertainment and laughs that the game brings to households. People have also noted that it is easy to learn and adaptable between different ages, sizes of groups and interests. Furthermore, the game can be customized to create an experience that’s interesting for everyone involved, making it a worthwhile purchase for family or friends gatherings. Several customers mentioned that the game provided an excellent opportunity for bonding between participants, whether strangers or family members since it usually ended up with much laughter in addition to some friendly competition. Additionally, many praise the game’s affordability ” being a great value for its content – which allows all to enjoy themselves without breaking bank accounts!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining board game that will have you and your friends laughing all night, the What Do You Meme Board Game is a great option. With hundreds of caption cards and photo cards, this game brings plenty of laughs while maintaining an element of competition. The rules are simple to learn, but the players may find themselves in hilarious bidding wars trying to create the best combination of photos and captions. Featuring content ranging from clean to adult-themed, this game will certainly bring endless entertainment. It’s worth investing in if you enjoy competing against your friends in a good-humored environment or just trying to pick up on new and interesting pop culture memes.

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