Where To Buy 7 Wonders Board Game

Introduction to 7 Wonders Board Game

7 Wonders Board Game is a civilization-based strategy game from Repos Productions, where players attempt to build their own ancient civilization. The game consists of three ages”the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age”and each age has seven development cards (wonders). Players use coins, goods with varying values, military strength, and other resources to construct their civilizations as they compete for dominance. Through controlling strategic tableaus of developments (people, materials, goods, etc.), players can develop their empires and build up their military power in order to become the most dominant force in the game.

The game includes two different playing modes ” a standard main game or a modified version which incorporates special elements such as leaders and cities. The rules are simple to grasp but have enough depth to make them strategically challenging; this is what has made it so popular among players.

The components themselves are nice quality including custom-shaped cardboard tiles representingresources and military units as well as illustrated city identities inscribed on wooden tokens. 7 Wonders also comes with detailed instructions that make explaining the rules very easy.

All in all, 7 Wonders Board Game is an entertaining strategy that combines pieces of existing civilizations into one themed product that provides hours upon hours of entertainment for any group of friends or family members who like the idea of working together to create an ancient world of wonders!

Where To Purchase 7 Wonders Board Game

The 7 Wonders board game is available from a variety of different retailers both online and in stores. Well-known international retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, all carry the game for purchase. For those who want to shop locally, many specialty stores and game stores such as Target and Walmart will carry the title as well. Depending on where you shop there may be additional specials or discounts that could make the purchase of 7 Wonders more affordable. Another great option to save money is to check out second-hand shops or eBay, where used copies can occasionally found at a reduced price. Finally, there are some online retailers who offer special subscription services that provide periodic discounts on their selection of board games.

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Accessibility of 7 Wonders Board Game

7 Wonders Board Game is a popular game that is available in many locations worldwide both online and in-store. It can be purchased directly from stores such as Target, Walmart and Amazon, or from retailers such as GameStop. Prices vary depending on where it is purchased and the edition being purchased, but there are some budget-friendly alternatives available. Used or second-hand versions of the game can usually be found at local board game stores or second-hand shops. They often come with missing pieces but at a fraction of the price. Buying just the rules book for an older version of the game can also be another option for staying within a budget. Furthermore, there are many resources online which provide all kinds of information about 7 Wonders Board Game including detailed rules for each version and even printable rule books, so these are also great free options to explore before making a purchase.

Expansions and Updates of 7 Wonders Board Game

7 Wonders Board Game has had several expansions and updates over the past few years. The Cities expansion (2012) was rated 8/10 on BoardGameGeek, and expanded the game with thirty new cards as well as additional achievements, alternate rules, and a world map tracking system. Additionally, Leaders (2011) and Babel (2013) are also well-rated expansions that were added to the 7 Wonders Board Game series.

The Leaders expansion adds 111 new cards focused primarily on military power, and 99 cards for Babel (including 6 Wonder boards). Players can experience different states of technological revolution through six different ages during their game experience with the Babel expansion.

The 7 Wonders Duel game (2015) is considered another great update that adds an innovative two-player game to the traditional card drafting mechanics of the original board game. Players build their own city from a reduced set of wonders and compete in pages from several military conflicts throughout history.

Pros: These expansions have been highly praised for adding variety to the classic 7 Wonders experience. They offer new strategies for players to pursue, as well as unique elements that keep things fresh for returning players.

Cons: Adding too many expansions could make playing with a big group complicated or confusing for some players. It’s important to keep track of which expansions have been used when purchasing or playing 7 Wonders Boardgame so you don’t overwhelm other participants.

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Supporting the Developer of 7 Wonders Board Game

One way to support the developer of 7 Wonders Board Game is by buying directly from them. This would involve going to their website and ordering the game directly from them. Purchasing it this way ensures that your purchase will go right to the people who designed and produced it, giving them the most profit out of any other option.

Another excellent way to support the developer is by joining their fan community. By connecting with others who also enjoy the game and supporting the developer in a direct way, you’re not only getting more content and updates but also helping to connect people with similar interests in a positive environment that can lead to further collaboration ideas or even new versions of the game down the road. Additionally, joining the fan community gives you access to exclusive offers or discounts for future products from the developer which can help show your continued support for their work.


In this post, we discussed the various ways one can purchase the classic board game 7 Wonders. These methods include buying from a bricks-and-mortar store, ordering online from a website such as Amazon, or purchasing used from a private seller’s site such as eBay. Furthermore, we discussed options for those who are looking to buy the game in different languages and areas of the world.

Regardless of where you live and shop, it is easy to purchase 7 Wonders and get it right away to enjoy with friends and family. To complete your gaming experience, you can also pick up additional components online and at stores to enhance your 7 Wonders journey.

For readers who found this blog helpful, here are some resources that can help them with their purchase of 7 Wonders:
• Official Board Game Website: https://www.7wondersgame.com/en/
• Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/7-Wonders-Board-Game/dp/B004TIMUG0
• eBay: https://www.ebay.com/bhp/7-wonders-board-game
• Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/search/?query=7%20wonders%20board%20game

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