What Happens If Youd Ont End The Ouija Board Game


A Ouija board game is a popular game played by two or more people who ask questions and the board is used to answer them. It has been around for centuries and is said to be a method of contacting spirits from beyond. The board is made up of a wooden surface with letters, numbers and symbols on it- players use a planchette device which moves spontaneously around the surface in response to their questions.

Expansion: What Happens If You Don’t End The Ouija Board Game

When playing a Ouija board game, it is important to remember to always end the game correctly. This can mean different things to different people, depending on personal beliefs, but one thing that all users of the board should agree upon is that when it’s time for the game to end the planchette should be returned home. That means it should be moved back to its starting point in the middle of the board. If you do not take care to ensure that this happens then some spiritualists believe that you leave yourself open to negative energies as well as leaving yourself open for further contact from whatever unknowable force exists beyond our understanding. Aside from this, another consequence of not concluding your session properly could be experiencing emotional distress or feeling unsettled or anxious about what happened during your Ouija board experience. When playing this type of game, it’s important that everyone understands that there are risks involved and proper closure needs to happen in order for everyone involved in the game feel safe and have peace of mind.

The History of the Ouija Board Game

The Ouija Board has been used for centuries as a divination tool, and has become increasingly popular in recent years, often seen in mainstream culture from popular authors such as J.K. Rowling to Hollywood films such as ‘Ouija’ (2014). This spiritual game is believed to be an effective way of connecting with the spirits of the dead or other entities.

If you don’t end a Ouija Board game correctly, it’s possible that residual energy or entities might linger in the room and persistently contact you through various means. This could include knocking on walls, doors, unexplained noises or cold spots in the room, among other paranormal activity. Furthermore, some believe that those who are too emotionally invested in the game could find themselves open to demonic possession or cursed with bad luck – though there is much speculation around this side of the game. Tips often given to end a session correctly include thanking and addressing any spirits present before saying goodbye and covering up the board with a cloth or piece of fabric when done so they are sure not to be disturbed again.

Types of Ouija Boards and Their Uses

Ouija boards come in many different forms and can be used for a variety of purposes. Many people believe that they are used as a tool to contact spirits, ghosts and/or the dead, while others believe it is just used for entertainment purposes. Even though Ouija boards may differ from one another aesthetically, the same rules and warnings apply no matter what type of board you use.

When playing with a Ouija board, it’s important to remember to properly end the game when the time comes. If you don’t end the game session properly or neglect to say goodbye to any supernatural forces that may have been contacted during your session, some warning signs could occur. For example, some people report feeling an overwhelming sense of dread or darkness after failing to do this step, while others might find themselves with recurring nightmares or experiencing sensations like physical exhaustion, feelings of depression and intense fear (even if they weren’t scared before using the board). Additionally, there have even been reports of hauntings occurring in homes where Ouija boards have been used without taking precautions at all. To ensure these frightening possibilities don’t occur because of your game sessions with Ouija boards, make sure you take some extra time upon finishing the game to properly close it by saying goodbye and offering thanks to whatever spiritual energy may be nearby.

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Potential Dangers of Playing the Ouija Board Game

If you don’t end the Ouija board game by using the provided planchette to spell out “goodbye”, the game can have some dangerous repercussions. First, it is important to know that without properly ending a Ouija session, it is possible for spirits or other entities to remain present in the room and attach themselves to people in it. This could lead to problems like hauntings, poltergeist activity, physical ailments and negative mental effects. In addition, if someone leaves a session without first saying “goodbye” it can leave them vulnerable to being followed around by spirits or having spiritual entities latch onto their aura. This could potentially cause psychological distress and impact mental health. Finally, not saying goodbye after playing the Ouija board can cause spiritual or astral attack since it will leave participants open and unprotected from any spirit activity that may be present during the session. To avoid potential harm and danger when playing a Ouija board game, always remember to say goodbye before stopping your session!

Who Should Not Play the Ouija Board Game

If you don’t end a Ouija Board game properly, it is said that negative and possibly even dangerous energies can remain when the game has finished. Whether or not this is true is a subject of debate, but it is always wise to be sure to follow all recommendations for closing the session at the end. The preferred way to close a Ouija board game is to thank any entities that may have been contacted during the session and apologize if any offense was taken. After this, the planchette should be pushed all the way to goodbye and then removed from the board entirely.

People who are under the age of 18 or suffering from mental illness shouldn’t play with a Ouija board alone. Additionally, those with any history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse in their past should avoid using an Ouija board altogether. Furthermore, pregnant women shouldn’t use a Ouija Board for fear of affecting their unborn child negatively. Finally, those who do not believe in spirits or are “skeptics” should avoid contact with these boards since disbelief carries its own form of energy that can affect the planchette’s movements and thus void its purpose entirely.

What Could Happen If You Don’t End the Game the Right Way

If a Ouija board game isn’t ended properly, there could be some major repercussions. In many supernatural circles, it is believed that once the game has been begun, one must always end it by slowly taking the planchette off of the board and saying “Goodbye” in order to ensure the spiritual transitions take place in a safe manner. If not done properly, it’s believed that one can leave themselves open to negative forces or spirits. It’s further suggested that when ending the game, any residual energy should also be banished with sage burning and mentally telling any unwanted energies to go away. Those who don’t follow this guidance may experience increased levels of depression or anxiety as well as bad luck or strange experiences within their home. It is strongly recommended to close down a Ouija board session correctly and respectfully each time.

Ways to Prepare and Protect Yourself Before Playing the Ouija Board

If you plan on playing the Ouija board game, it’s important to take some time to prepare and protect yourself beforehand. First, make sure you’re in a safe and comfortable environment, free from any distractions. Make sure that your home is clean and your space is one where negative energy cannot thrive. Take some time to meditate before playing the game to set your intentions of peace and love, which will create a positive atmosphere for the spirit world.

Next, it is important to protect yourself spiritually. Protecting yourself spiritually can be done through rituals like smudging with sage or using essential oils and crystals in order to create an energetic shield around you. You may also want to invite a higher power or guardian angel into the space as a protection measure while playing the Ouija board game.

Finally, if you’d like to end your Ouija board experience safely and completely close any spiritual portals opened during the session, be sure to express gratitude when closing out the experience by thanking all spirits present for coming forth. Afterwards, be sure to properly close out all communication by saying goodbye one last time before placing the planchette back in the center position or returnng it back in its box as a good luck charm.

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Tips to Follow When Playing the Ouija Board

If you are planning to use a Ouija board, it is important to understand that ending the game properly is just as important as starting it correctly. This is because if you do not end the game correctly, negative energy can remain in the area and cause disturbances or hauntings.

Therefore, before you begin your Ouija board experience, it is essential to set up an “exit plan” before you start. Make sure that everyone participating in the game knows how to properly end it without fail.

One way to properly end your Ouija board session is by saying goodbye three times and thanking the spirit for participating. This will signify that the game has ended and any entities remaining should leave. Then move away from the board by going clockwise around it until everyone leaves.

In addition, once the session is over be sure to take a few minutes of silence afterward so everyone can reflect on what just took place and thank any entities for participating if necessary. It is also a good idea to seal any passageways or portals opened up during play with salt or symbols of protection before anyone leaves. Doing this can help prevent any unwanted spirits or energies coming through after the gaming session has ended.

How to Safely End a Ouija Board Game

If you have been using the Ouija board, it is important to end the session properly. Otherwise, spirits or entities associated with the board could remain attached to a particular person’s aura and this can lead to spiritual disturbances or unwanted possessions. To safely end a session of Ouija board play, it is recommended that all participants express their gratitude for any spiritual insights received. This can be done through spoken words or through prayer. After which, all players should state out loud that they are now ending the game and that everyone should move away from the board. Further, it is a good idea to “smudge” everyone who participated in the game by having them pass through an archway of smoking white sage or cedar and asking that they be energetically cleansed and released from any attachments they may have made during the game session. Finally, after thanking the spirits and entities again, close off access to your home by slowly rotating each participating player around the room widdershins (the opposite direction of sunset) saying goodbye three times before sending them on their way. Doing this will ensure that any entities connected with playing will be gone so as not to disturb anyone else in the home.


Playing a Ouija Board game may be seen as fun and games, but it’s important to remember that the game taps into the realm of spirits. It is advised by paranormal experts that you think carefully before deciding to play this game, as it can open a spiritual doorway that can bring negative energy into your home.

It’s essential to remember to set the intention beforehand and decide on how spiritually aware you want to be during the session. Additionally, it’s suggested that you never use a Ouija board alone and only use it in the presence of friends or family who have your explicit trust.

When ending your session, make sure to alleviate any possibles threats by thanking the spirits for their time and giving them respect as they move on. You may wish to ask them not to stay nearby or linger around anyone’s property and end by stating the board will remain untouched until next time, when both parties agree with consent. Make sure all participants are aware of the dangers before ending sessio and ensure everyone is feeling happy before closing off sacred space.

By making informed decisions and finishing the Ouija Board game properly, one will create an environment where unwanted spiritual entities would not be able to enter nor stick around longer than necessary. Properly closing off each session creates an atmosphere of safety for everybody involved, so please take all necessary precautions when engaging in such activities!

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