When I Sleep Board Game


When I Sleep Board Game is an engaging and educational board game designed to awaken a child’s natural curiosity and help them learn about the wonders of sleep. With exciting game play and vivid illustrations, this is sure to become a favorite of the entire family. Players must move around the board solving mysteries related to why, when and how people sleep. As they explore sleeping habits like dream cycles and rituals, they are sure to develop their creativity, problem solving skills and knowledge regarding a good night’s rest. The game rewards players for their decisions by providing clues that will keep them engaged in the game even more. Eventually each player will find his or her way back to “bed” again after completing all of the exciting tasks set out for them. Not only does When I Sleep help teach children about sleep, but it also promotes meaningful conversations within families as players discuss beliefs and theories surrounding bedtime habits.

Overview of Gameplay and Objectives

When I Sleep is a board game for 2-4 players. Players must collect dreams in order to win the game. Each player takes turns by rolling the die and advancing their figure around the board. The goal of the game is to collect as many dream cards as possible while avoiding nightmares. On each turn, players draw a dream card or nightmare card depending on what type of space they land on. If they draw a dream card, they will gain points; if they draw a nightmare, they may lose points. Certain spaces on the board can also add bonuses or penalties to players’ scores based on certain actions taken during their turn. Points can then be used to purchase special cards that give players additional abilities and enhance their chances of winning. Once all players have gone around the board one full time, whoever has collected the most dreams wins!

Explanation of Winning Strategies

When I Sleep is a board game where you play as inhabitants of the Bedtime Forest, helping the Fabled Slumberers to get a good night’s sleep. In order to win the game, players must successfully complete tasks in each dream and earn tokens before advancing to the next stage of their journey. There are several strategies that can be used during gameplay to ensure success.

Players should use their drawing cards as often as possible. While drawing cards can add some luck element to the game, it also gives each player extra information about their opponents which can be advantageous in planning out each turn.

Players should also focus on collecting tokens throughout the entire game while balancing their resources between acquiring dreams and scaling obstacles. Oftentimes it can be more beneficial to ascend an obstacle sooner rather than wait for the perfect dream or resource combination later on.

Finally, players should remember that despite being easy to understand, When I Sleep is still a competitive game and players must control limited resources cleverly in order maximize their points and come out on top!

Illustrative Pictures and Videos of the Gameplay

When I Sleep is a board game designed for players ages 5 and up. The game centers around the fantastic world of dreamland and encourages creativity, exploration, problem-solving, and strategizing. In the game, each player takes on the roles of a different Dream Lord, competing to win by controlling the most spaces on the playing field. At each turn, players draw a card to indicate which dream lord they are and move their piece to the indicated space, gaining resources or rewards along the way. As players make their way across dreamland they’ll encounter wild slumbers and hazy towers as well as collect magical items to help them in their adventures! To win the game you must explore every corner of dreamland and use your resources wisely.

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To give players a better sense of how to play When I Sleep, illustrative pictures and videos should be used throughout. Pictures showing what each space on the board looks like can give an idea of how it affects gameplay since different spaces offer different resources and rewards. Additionally, picturing dream lords might spark ideas for characters to play during gameplay. Short videos demonstrating turns or playthroughs may also help people understand exactly how When I Sleep operates by offering step-by-step demonstrations of turns or entire games. Finally two player playthroughs with commentating can act as introductions for those just starting out with this fun new experience!

Popularity and Reception of the Game

When I Sleep Board Game has become a popular and widely received game among its players since its launch in 2014. It has received rave reviews from gaming magazines, praises on social media and hundreds of positive feedbacks from customers. The game offers an entertaining and educational experience that integrates mental well-being with tabletop gaming. Players guide a character as they navigate dream imagery and abstract concepts to reach the end of a spiritual quest for enlightenment. Along the way, they face dreams and nightmares, based on their own aspirations and fears.

The game is unique in that it encourages players to connect with their subconsciousness through engaging play. It blends the simplicity of card games with the complexity of psychological themes to create an immersive journey unlike any other game. In addition, it uses vivid artwork, art direction and dream journaling to enhance its visuals. Furthermore, it has successfully united tabletop gamers with meditation practices specific to lucid dreaming, encouraging psychological awareness in its players.

Due to its popularity, When I Sleep Board Game has seen several iterations over its seven-year existence across various platforms such as iOS app editions, special limited edition collectors decks and upcoming tabletop expansions set in India and China–allowing wider audiences around the world to join the game’s journey of personal growth. Additionally, conventions dedicated solely to understanding lucid dreaming are now trending because of this crowdfunded project’s success! A companion guidebook was even released alongside the board game detailing sleep science tips for better sleep hygiene so that all players not just enjoy hours of effective dreaming but also make some meaningful changes in their lives during playtime!

Pros and Cons of the Game


1. When I Sleep offers a unique game play experience that is both engaging and educational. Players take turns rolling the dice, making choices about how to move their markers around the board, and learning more about sleep patterns as they go along.

2. The game features vibrant, colorful illustrations which bring out the vibrant imagination of children, encouraging them to actively engage in the game.

3. The game includes two difficulty levels which allows for a variety of ages to be able to enjoy playing it together. The four mini-game challenges also help to add excitement and replay-value to the overall experience.

1. Because When I Sleep is aimed at younger players, adults may not find it exciting enough on its own as a standalone game.

How to Buy the When I Sleep Board Game

The When I Sleep Board Game is available for purchase online or in select retail stores. To buy online, simply visit the manufacturer’s website and add it to your shopping cart. When you are ready to check out, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information and shipping address. Your board game will be shipped directly to your door within a few days. If you choose to buy the game in a store, make sure to call ahead as availability may vary from store to store. Once you have the board game in hand, gather up some friends and start playing!

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Tips for Making the Most Out of When I Sleep Board Game

When I Sleep Board Game is a fun way to test your knowledge of dreams and dreamy topics. Here are some tips and tricks on getting the most out of this unique game!

First, educate yourself on the different so-called ‘journeys’ you can take during the game. These often involve questions about analyzing and interpreting dreams, so it pays off to study up beforehand. Everyone has their own ideas about what objects mean in dreams, so try discussing them with fellow players before gameplay.

Second, familiarize yourself with each card deck before jumping into a game – it will help ensure comprehension when dreaming is discussed mid-game. Each player takes control of a unique landscape, so understanding the cards that come with each will help determine which paths should be taken during the journey. In addition, many cards require color-based decisions, which can pose more difficulty if unfamiliar with those colors while in ‘dream mode’!

Finally, remember to have fun! Often times taking part in a board game may seem intimidating or like hard work. But When I Sleep Board Game brings an insight into dream analysis and playfulness together in one memorable evening. Enjoy the experience and embrace discoveries made while playing!

Creative Alternative Uses of When I Sleep Board Game

When I Sleep Board Game can be used as more than just a board game. It can be used to teach children about the importance of getting enough rest each night and to have conversations about establishing healthy sleep habits. For example, parents or teachers can explain some of the rules in the game (such as what time they should go bed each night) and reinforce these by setting aside designated board game play nights on Fridays or Saturdays. Furthermore, When I Sleep Board Game is also great for escalating competition and encouraging teamwork between players! While it follows similar traditional board game mechanics such as rolling a die, navigating around a track and collecting cards along the way, players can reward themselves or complete specific tasks together when particular pieces are landed on – adding an extra level of excitement to any weekend family activity. Lastly, it’s also important to note that When I Sleep Board Game has been praised for its ability to navigate a sensitive topic without making children feeling pressured or overwhelmed – utilising bright visuals, fun trivia questions and interactive challenges that keep kids entertained while learning something new.


When I Sleep Board Game is a wonderful game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It offers an innovative way to have fun and engage in lively conversations while learning life lessons. The game encourages players to contact their subconscious mind, which can help them understand themselves and others better. Additionally, it provides an opportunity for bonding between family members, friends and even colleagues as they take on the role of dreamers. If you’re looking for a unique game that offers educational elements alongside loads of fun and laughter, this board game will provide hours of entertainment.

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