Are You Normal Board Game Rules


Are You Normal is a fun and exciting board game designed to test your knowledge of what most people consider ordinary, everyday situations. Players take turns rolling the dice and moving around the game board. On each stretch, they must answer one or more questions in order to win points. As you progress through Are You Normal, you will discover various stories from players of different ages and backgrounds that allow you to explore whether your behavior and opinions are typical for someone in the same age group and geographical area as yourself. The winner is determined by who can score the most points during their turn.

Are You Normal is truly unique because it not only provides a great way for family members and friends to bond but it also gives players the opportunity to gain insight into how their personalities or behavior compare to that of others in similar age groups or geographical locations. In addition, this game is highly interactive, meaning everyone playing must contribute in order for it to be successful! For example, when one person is answering a question, other players have the chance to provide input or help by offering their own responses or personal anecdotes. This helps build greater understanding amongst all participants, bridging generational gaps while providing an educational context where everyone can learn something new about their peers.

Exploring the Components of The Game

Are You Normal is a hysterical board game that involves out of the box thinking and pushing the limits!

The game includes components such as player pieces, cards, tokens, and other assorted items. The cards come in different types including: normality cards, play card stacks (which include various physical or intellectual challenges), chances are… cards (where the players must answer a series of surprising questions asked by their opponents). The tokens consist of point value tokens ranging from one to three points and other bonus points that can be used throughout the game. Additionally, there are different types of boards included in the set depending on your desired playing level. The lowest level board would involve basic trivia-style questions whereas more advanced boards include more complex thought processes such as critical thinking skills and deduction tasks. Players will also need to draw from a special card deck loaded with funny scenarios that players must then assess and determine who among them is ”normal” enough to avoid earning a penalty point.

Setting Up the Board and Understanding the Equipment

Are You Normal is a game that can be played with two to six players. It requires one game board, 200 cards (100 white and 100 blue), pawns for each of the players, six ‘normal’ cubes, one 10-sided die and a corresponding score sheet.

To begin setting up the board, each player needs to choose one character pawn and place it on the starting square. It is important for the placement of these pieces to be even so that all players receive an equal start. The next step is laying out the remaining squares around the starting location which forms a circular track for each character’s pawn to move along during the course of play. The blue and white cards must then be shuffled separately into two different decks and placed near them. Additionally, each player receives one normal cube to use whilst playing too. Finally, all participants must agree on a scoring system by filling out their own ‘Score Sheet’, where they will track their individual performance throughout the game session.

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Once all parts of Are You Normal are organized and clear, the group is ready to get started!

Step-By-Step Instructions on How to Play

1) Gather Your Group: Before you can play the game, you’ll need at least two players. The more people that join in, the more fun it will be!

2) Get Comfortable: Make sure everyone is seated in a comfortable spot with enough space for all the game pieces. If possible, give each person their own set of dice.

3) Setup the Board: Unfold and flatten out the board and place it between all players so everyone can easily reach.

4) Deal out Cards: Shuffle and distribute one card to each player featuring a hypothetical individual or situation and questions related to it.

5) Roll Dice: Begin with the first player and roll both dice. The numbers on the dice will determine how many points they may move along the board. Some spaces have you earn or lose points, while others have you answer additional questions with multiple choices.

6) Keep Score: To win, you must be first to reach or cross 300 points or higher before other players. Players are allowed to compete against each other until one is declared victorious.

Adapting the Game for Different Group Sizes

Are You Normal Board Game is a fun game that can be adjusted to fit any group size. For groups of two to four players, each player will start with three “yes” tokens, three “no” tokens, and each player’s board. As the first player rolls the die, they will read the problem featured on their space and provide either a yes or a no answer depending on how they feel about it. However, since there are more than two possible answers available in this game, other players should comment with either agreement or disagreement before answering with their tokens! The winner is determined by collecting as many “yes” points as possible using tokens in discussion rounds.

For bigger groups of five or more players, gameplay works the same but with one slight adjustment: only one player answers per round. This way, it’s fair for all of the participants so everyone still gets an opportunity to share their opinion and have some input into the discussion round. Additionally, take turns playing so everyone has adequate time to form opinions about difficult questions or those topics that require deep thinking for better understanding. Remember that this board game encourages critical thinking and mutual respect between friends or family members — so don’t forget to check your competitive spirit at the door! Good luck!

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Tips for Improving Your Strategy

Are You Normal Board Game Rules:
Are You Normal is an exciting board game that tests your knowledge on common facts. Players compete to answer a series of questions from categories such as popular culture, current events, sports, and science. The player who correctly answers the most questions wins!

Tips for Improving Your Strategy:
1. Read up on the topics. Before play begins, familiarize yourself with the topics at hand so you have a better chance of guessing correctly. Read books, browse websites, watch TV shows and movies related to the topics.
2. Work together with other players. Instead of simply staring at each other in confusion when a difficult question comes up, work together to answer it! Helps each other out by offering relevant information or your thoughts and opinions on whatever topic is discussed.
3. Stay organized and be fast when answering questions. When it’s your turn to answer, make sure you’re focusing on the task at hand instead of getting distracted by conversations in between turns. It also helps tremendously if you can quickly come up with an educated guess or fact that relates to the question at hand even if it isn’t the definite answer — this could earn you bonus points!


Are You Normal is a great game for people of all ages, providing hours of entertainment and laughter. To get the most out of your Are You Normal experience, it’s important to follow the rules. First of all, before the game begins, make sure each person sitting at the table knows their role – either as a Guest or an Expert. Experts are tasked with determining which answers fall within normal limits while Guests must answer questions honestly and with respect for others. During the game be mindful that some questions may elicit disagreement or even shock – in this case it’s important to keep your cool so that everyone feels safe participating and staying social! Having fun is always allowed when playing, so why not throw a few jokes or unexpected answer in there? After all, you should enjoy playing Are You Normal as much as possible! Finally – depending on how many people are playing – decide beforehand who will win each round so that it’s clear who has won by the end. This is a great way to decide who moves onto the next round, helping keep track of scores along the way! With these guidelines in hand you’re good to go play Are You Normal and have a fantastic time challenging one another on what’s normal and what’s not.

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