Where Do I Get The Jewel Monopoly Game Board


Jewel Monopoly has recently emerged as a popular board game around the world. It is highly competitive, challenging players’ wits and strategy, while also providing hours of fun. If you’re looking to bring out your inner jeweler and add a sparkle to your home game nights, then Jewel Monopoly is the perfect choice! But the question remains – where do you get this dazzling board game?

Fortunately, it’s easy to find the Jewel Monopoly Game Board online! Numerous online retailers offer boards featuring brightly colored gems from around the world. You can shop for jewelry-based monopoly designs that include rubies, emeralds, sapphires and pearls. Some even feature rare pieces like diamonds and 8-karat gold rings.

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider searching for handmade jewelry versions of the game board. Handcrafted specialty items are sure to surprise family members and friends with their intricate design and craftsmanship. These special-edition boards can include personal touches from fine engravings or delicate trimmings that capture your style while you play.

Whatever your preference is, buying a Jewel Monopoly Game Board guarantees an evening of laughter and memories that won’t soon be forgotten!

The Rise and Sparkle of Jewel Monopoly

Jewel Monopoly is a thrilling new game that combines the classic board game, Monopoly, with the sparkle of jewels. Players will travel around a customized board collecting jewels and competing to see who can get the most. There are all kinds of different jewels to be collected, ranging from rubies to sapphires and all sorts of other dazzling stones. As players move around the board they can gain advantages in their jewelry collection and hinder their opponents with special cards. That’s not all, though. Special tokens give players special action powers such as allowing them to build a pre-determined number of jewelry stores or drawing extra jewel cards.

To get your own Jewel Monopoly board there are two main options you can explore: buying online or visiting a specialty store near you. For online purchases, popular sites like Amazon have various editions available where you can browse through different variations of the game and order it shipped directly to your doorstep. For more in-store options, craft stores like Michaels and hobby shops usually carry some form of Jewel Monopoly for purchase as well. So what are you waiting for? Start your adventure and collect some sparkling treasures with Jewel Monopoly!

Where to Buy and Shine

Shopping for the Jewel Monopoly game board can be simple and straightforward if you know where to look. If you are looking for a physical copy of the game, it is available in many big-box retailers, toy stores, board game outlets, and specialty stores across the country. You may even find copies of the game at your local grocery store or pharmacy. When shopping online, it’s important to deal with reputable sellers whose credentials have been verified by an independent third party. Websites like Amazon and eBay have instituted protections against fraudulent sellers who are out to make a quick buck on counterfeit items. Look for sellers that boast sponsorship badges from these sites as well as customer reviews before making a purchase decision. Finally, be sure to research any store or website that is offering noteworthy savings on the game board as such discounts could be indicative of a scam or knock-off product. All in all, finding the Jewel Monopoly game board doesn’t have to be stressful when you know where and how to shop.

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Jewel Monopoly

Jewel Monopoly is a great way to add some sparkle to your game night. As the name implies, Jewel Monopoly requires players to take turns buying, trading and swapping pieces of jewelry while they attempt to acquire as many pieces as possible. The game was created by Hasbro and comes with two decks of jewelry cards and a colorful board full of jewel-style properties. It is available for purchase online or at select retail stores such as Target or Walmart. Players must be careful to keep track of what they buy, trade or swap in order to maximize their points and come out with the most valuable collection in the end. Special dice are used with this version of Monopoly that add an extra element of excitement; each face contains fun play options like “Take 3 Gems” or “Win A Duel” when rolled! Playing Jewel Monopoly is sure to bring lots of fun for all ages due to its eye-catching design and sparkling appeal that captures attention from start to finish.

Factoring in Value and Affordability

The Jewel Monopoly game board can be obtained from a variety of different sources depending on the value and affordability desired. For those looking for an original version of the game, toy or game shops, antique stores, and even certain thrift or secondhand stores may have it in stock. Shopping online can also be a great way to find vintage versions of the game at varying prices. Additionally, new editions of the Jewel Monopoly board can often be found on major retail websites such as Amazon and eBay, or in department stores if one is lucky enough to come across them. Therefore, there are multiple options to choose from when searching for this beloved classic family favorite.

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Creative Strategies for Prolonged Entertaining

The Jewel Monopoly Game Board is a great way to have some fun and entertain yourself for hours. It combines the old-fashioned strategy of the classic board game, Monopoly with an updated twist. Traditionally, players would try to build their own monopoly by buying properties and managing them accordingly throughout the game. However, with this board game, you can purchase precious gems such as rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires ” making it even more exciting when you win! The game includes helpful tools such as a “fortune card” that gives you an edge over other players. You can find the Jewel Monopoly Game Board at many retail stores or at online merchants like Amazon. It’s also possible to borrow the game from a relative or friend if they already have it in their home collection. A night of entertainment with friends or family playing this new twist on a classic is sure to be both memorably intense and rewarding!


The Jewel Monopoly game board is a captivating way to bejewel yourself and your friends with precious stones and gems. Start off by buying your piece of the board, each player can choose from a selection of beautiful stone tiles to purchase. With each passing turn, you and your opponents can build up your property portfolios with strategically placed gem tiles. You can find all sorts of exciting counters, such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds to challenge one another. But watch out for special places including the “Go To Jail” corners where no jewels will be found! As you play you gain currency in the form of multicolored jewels : gold, silver and bronze coins which you can use to trade and purchase extra pieces. Once finished, each player has an individualized Jewel Monopoly board that’s unique in both design and appearance. Ready to embark on a game that sends players spinning around the world? Find the Jewel Monopoly game boards at the nearby toy store or order them online ” ready to start!

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