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Buzzword Board Game was created by the renowned game designer, Herrero Lucea. Having previously designed hit titles such as Monopoly and Dixit, he recognized the need for a party-style board game that could be enjoyed by players of all ages. Drawing his inspiration from globally popular party games like charades and password, Lucea set out to create a board game that incorporated elements of each classic. This resulted in the witty, highly social and interactive learning experience ” now famously known as Buzzword Board Game. Since its initial release in 2013, the award-winning game has become especially popular among college student groups, adventurous families, and language learners alike who appreciate its creative educational value and simple yet sophisticated play.

When it comes to buying Buzzword Board Game, your best bet is online. It can be found in leading retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble with pricing ranging from $30-$50 depending on the edition you choose. There are also numerous specialty stores that carry the game such as Gaming Vault located across the US or international online-only stores like The Dice Collection where the game can be found easier than ever before.

Overview of the Game

Buzzword is a popular party game for people of all ages that encourages communication and creativity. Players can team up in pairs or play independently to form teams of up to six players. Each player receives a category card with five subjects written on the top which they must use to form one sentence about each subject. The team then needs to find the clue on their bingo-style board and cover it with their counter. The first team to cover four in a row wins the round.

Even though Buzzword has been around since 2003, new variants are constantly being released, such as Buzzword Jr., which is designed for younger players, and Buzzword Gold, which comes in an exciting golden box. Players can also purchase travel-sized editions that make it easy to take on vacation or to family gatherings.

The game has garnered many accolades over the years, such as Child Magazine’s Best Toy of the Year Award and Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toy Award Winner. Praise aside, stories are still the centerpiece of this multi-generational game – sharing anecdotes from childhood vacations or silly dressup parties has always remained at its core and makes it far more enjoyable than competitive board games. Plus, you don’t even need a board – just some counters, pencils or pens and good company!

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Benefits of Playing

Playing the Buzzword Board Game can be a fun and exciting way to increase a person’s knowledge of trivia, pop culture and history. This game is designed to test players’ knowledge of all kinds of topics, giving them an opportunity to stretch their minds and learn something new. The game is set up like a Jeopardy-style game show, complete with categories and multiple choice questions. Players will not only be tested on their trivia skills, but also on their understanding of pop culture and historical facts. Through this game, players will have the opportunity to learn more about topics such as current events, celebrities, artists, sports teams, famous historical figures, inventions and much more. This game can greatly help enhance a person’s understanding of different areas of journalism and history that may have gone unnoticed or forgotten without it. By playing the Buzzword Board Game, you can become well-rounded in your education while having a blast!

Where to Buy

The Buzzword Board Game is available for purchase in a variety of different places. You can buy it on the official website, as well as from major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Additionally, you can purchase it in brick-and-mortar stores like Target and Toys “R” Us. If you don’t necessarily want to fully purchase the game, you may also be able to find it rent or borrow through libraries or rental sites like boardgamerental.com.

Additional Tips

The Buzzword Board Game can be purchased in several stores. Some of the most popular retailers include Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart and Amazon. If you’re looking for a bargain price, look at buying from online stores like eBay or second-hand stores like Goodwill or thrift shops.

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When purchasing accessories for the game, make sure to consider items that will help players interact with each other. For example, a timer can help keep track of rounds and help move the game along swiftly. There are also standees available for each character which provide players with an easier way to spot their pieces on the board. Dabbers or markers can add some extra flair when marking correct answers and give an extra challenge when guessing or pointing out words on the board. Card holders are ideal for younger players since they can easily lay their cards out before them without taking up much space on the board while they play. Finally, adding a score pad to track points during gameplay gives a more tangible reward feel as teams work towards victory.


The Buzzword Board Game is a great purchase for anyone looking to have fun while exercising their brain. This game both teaches and tests knowledge in a playful manner, making it great for families with kids or groups of friends who want to challenge each other. The game encourages players to use their critical thinking skills and sharpens vocabulary as they try to come up with the buzzword that’s on the card. It also develops problem-solving skills and allows participants to learn from each other’s strategies during the course of gameplay. With family-friendly humor, quick exchanges of clues, challenging clues, creative strategies being formed during the game play, Buzzword Board Game provides an immersive and engaging experience for all ages alike – guaranteeing endless hours of fun for everyone involved. It not only helps nurture problem solving abilities but also helps build strong cognitive skills like memory retention, discernment and language insights in children. There really is something here for everyone!

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