Who Is Hitler Board Game

Introduction to Who Is Hitler Board Game

Who Is Hitler Board Game is a topical and socially relevant game of strategy, deduction and deceit. It is played with up to 10 players. The objective of the game is for one player with the role of “Hitler” to remain hidden until the end. When playing, an emotional intensity arises as it puts players in the shoes of WW2 characters such as those associated with Nazi Germany, its allies, civilians and resistance forces.

In Who Is Hitler Board Game, players are assigned secret identities from one of eight different character cards – anyone from members of the Resistance, or German society including military officers, police or SS troops. At least one player is randomly associated with the identity of “Hitler”, but none know who amongst them holds this powerful yet dangerous role. With deception-a key mechanic within Who Is Hitler Board Game-players must strategically reveal hints about their identity to others during conversation in order to work out who everyone else truly is and ultimately uncover “Hitler” before they seize power in the new world order!

The origin story behind Who Is Hitler Board Game dates back to 1981 when Max Emmerich created a wordgame called “A Toy’s Play” while studying economics at Humboldt University in Berlin Germany. He later renamed it “It’s Forbidden Fruit”. This originated as a simulation game created as an alternative way for Max’s students to understand how so many people were able to be manipulated into following Adolf Hitler.

This has since evolved into Who Is Hitler Board Game – a game which challenges players’ decision making skills while also evoking strong emotions surrounding WWII history throughout each round that is played. Through this intriguing premise, it provides unique insight into how easily power can corrupt oneself and others during times of intense political change; whilst still maintaining a thrilling level of suspense through each round!

The History Behind Who Is Hitler

The Who Is Hitler board game was created in 2019 by anthropologist and game designer Giovanna De Cesare. The game is designed to give players a look into the historical context behind Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

The game itself provides a two-sided playing experience, with one side representing the “Allies” and the other as Nazi Germany. Players draw cards that feature famous people associated with WWII, including allies such as Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt, and enemies like Hermann Göring and Joseph Goebbels. The goal of the game is to identify which side each particular person belongs on while keeping an eye on their expanding influence within the political landscape of Europe in the 1930s.

The game was developed in hopes of giving players a better understanding of how manipulation worked in Nazi Germany, along with an insight into Europe’s turbulent political landscape at the time. As part of this learning process, various propaganda cards are also included, each featuring quotes or events credited to Adolf Hitler throughout his rule in order to reinforce some of his key ideologies.

However, since it was released, some have argued that Who Is Hitler was insensitive due to its subject matter and trivializes some aspects of WW2 history, especially those related to anti-Semitism and genocide. Despite these points from critics, De Cesare has defended her intentions stating that she intended for the design “not only for educational insight but for active exploration and interpretation”.

How to Play Who Is Hitler

Who Is Hitler is a game that requires strategic thinking and deductive reasoning. Players are assigned different roles and it can be categorized as either a party game or a strategy game depending on the players’ preferences.

1) Set up the board. Assign each player one of 4 roles: Leader, Confidant, Investigator, or Follower. Place the deck of cards in the center of the board to make sure everyone has easy access to it. Place an appropriate number of “Hitler” cards face down in three stacked piles near the cards so that all players can see them but not be able to tell which card is Hitler.

2) The Leader takes turns drawing from the deck of cards and asks another player (determined by their role) questions about what they have drawn from the deck to deduce which card contains Hitler’s identity. No discussion between other players about what has been drawn or asked allowed!

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3) The Confidant must answer questions truthfully without giving away where Hitler’s identity lies or otherwise helping any other players figure out who he is! Meanwhile, Investigators should attempt to determine which card contains Hitler’s identity while Follower attempts to stay hidden and gain clues through open observation.

4) After one round has been completed, it’s time for a new Leader and other players pick up their previous roles again until either (1) someone reveals who they think Hitler is; or (2) all three “Hitler” cards have been revealed by guesses made in successive rounds by Leaders or Investigators then whoever identifies the most ‘Hitlers’ wins – this could mean any combination of guesses resulting in complete identification of all three “Hitler” cards being identified correctly!

Tips For Making The Game Interesting: Aim for guessers finding their way towards making more informed decisions – if possible, give hints by saying phrases like “could it be?” when asked questions instead of just saying “yes” or “no”. Also try playing with different characters such as bankers, millionaires etc., forcing players to think outside the box with their deductions during each round. Think ahead as well and try predicting who your opponents would identify as Hitler before they do ” it can lead to some heated guessing wars at times!

Strategies For Winning: As a leader try asking indirect yet evocative questions related to the characteristics on each card; try to tie two or more aspects together so that anyone would need two correct guesses before anyone else figures out what you mean (this usually gives your team an edge). If you are an Investigator ask focused questions related only on one aspect, hoping that your interrogator will reveal enough information for you guess correctly before they realize why you were asking such specific queries in the first place. Lastly, prepare yourself mentally beforehand as tensions run high during intense rounds and games can last quite long with extended periods of intense guessing wars – practice getting comfortable with making guesses since confidence and belief play an important factor when deducing someone’s identity.

Game Mechanics of Who Is Hitler

Who Is Hitler is a party game in which 4 to 8 players have to identify who among them is the role of the Fuhrer while they are passing around cards. Each player is given a card which has either FDR, Punisher, Reykjavik, or Poindexter’s Rule on it. The first player turns over their card and calls out the title written on it. Then, all other players will do the same. This continues until someone lays down Poindexter’s Rule ” one of the four words written on the cards that each player holds ” at which point the round ends.

Once Poindexter’s Rule has been laid down by one of the players, all players must state if they had Poindexter’s Rule or not. Players who do not have the card with this rule written on it must rejoice in their failure to be identified as Hitler because they cannot win this round; however they are still in contention with other players holding FDR or Reykjavik cards as those also disqualify them from being Hitler for that round. The winner of each round is whoever laid down Poindexter’s Rule and they are awarded a point and become responsible for revealing themselves as ‘Hitler” in future rounds (this could be done any way imaginable). The game is over when any one person reaches 3 points total or when nobody can guess correctly what card was played by another personunting them out of Hitler status and leaving just one remaining “Hitler” until someone else can win a point up for grabs for that specific round.

Review of Who Is Hitler

Who Is Hitler is a fun and informative board game that encourages participants to learn about Adolph Hitler, his rise to power, and the atrocities of World War II. The game is exciting enough to provide hours of entertainment to players.

The rules are easy enough for all ages, but the challenge can increase as more knowledge about Nazi Germany is acquired throughout playing. Questions range from easy ones such as “What type of government did Hitler lead?” to ones testing your memory for specific parts of WWII, like “In which year did the Battle of Berlin take place?” Players can also create teams and have head-to-head trivia contests against each other.

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Players who have tried out Who Is Hitler were pleased with the overall concept and quality of play. It’s definitely a different take on learning about the world war that allows people to do it in a competitive yet educational way. Many praised the fact that all ages could work together naturally due to its simple rules, while at the same time enjoy playing it due its interesting facts and depth of information which constantly keeps it fresh with each round.

Who Is Hitler

Who Is Hitler is a board game designed to educate players about the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler – without glorifying him or his actions. The game utilizes a combination of visuals and storytelling, which is divided into five phases: Origins, Rise to Power, War, Holocaust and Downfall. Players must make tactical decisions during each phase as they work their way through historical events. Each phase of the game focuses on certain aspects of Hitler’s life and career such as how he came to power in Germany, how he waged war throughout Europe, and how he implemented the Final Solution. The board features detailed maps full of information that are essential for winning the game. Throughout gameplay, players will discover iconic material about World War II such as speeches by key figures on both sides of the conflict and moving stories from survivors of Nazi concentration camps. Additionally, players will learn about famous battles won by both armies as well as some significant political issues at play during this era. Who Is Hitler offers educators an opportunity to teach students effective lessons using an interactive play format while simultaneously working on different problem-solving skills related to history and strategy gaming. Furthermore, Who Is Hitler engages a wide range of interests ” from plastic modelers to original WWII enthusiasts ” that can help solidify hard facts learned in class with real-life experience gained outside the classroom walls


Q: Who Is Hitler board game suitable for?
A: The Who Is Hitler board game is suitable for adults aged 18+ who would like to participate in a game of lies, deceit, and deduction. All players must be willing to make decisions and take risks while bluffing and misdirection are encouraged!

Q: How many players can play Who Is Hitler?
A: The ideal number of players for the Who Is Hitler board game is 6-9 but 2-10 can play when combined with extra Expansion Packs available.

Q: What are the age limits for playing Who Is Hitler?
A: While the minimum age limit for players is 18+, there is no maximum age limit as people of any age can find enjoyment from this strategic deduction game.


Who Is Hitler? is an incredibly unique and enjoyable board game that allows players to delve into the depths of World War II history. The game requires knowledge and luck and creates a feeling of tension as players desperately work to save those in danger, while trying to identify Hitler among their opponents. It is extremely fun, challenging and engaging and offers a great opportunity for team-building and healthy competition while also learning valuable information about WWII. The replayability factor is absolutely fantastic and with modifications each round can be unique from the one that came before it. Who Is Hitler board game is an excellent option for social events, family gatherings, or just about anytime you want to have some fun. With just a few tweaks to refine the gameplay procedure ” such as making sure all players know when they’re safe and allowing any player suspected of being Hitler to take on a role immediately after being revealed – this game could be even better than it already is.

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