Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths


Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is a board game designed to test your knowledge of the world. Players take turns rolling dice and answering questions about notable cities and landmarks from around the globe. To win the game, players must become knowledgeable about geography, history and culture from different countries.

Each player starts their turn by rolling two six-sided dice and moving their game piece on the playing board accordingly. Then, depending on which space has been landed upon, players must answer geography-based questions found within that particular country or region. The player who provides the most accurate answers will tick off as many boxes as possible on their individual scorecard before reaching the finish line.

The aim of Who Know Where Board Game Smyths is to enhance your knowledge of the world while enjoying a competitive element with your friends and family. This board game can be enjoyed by up to four players (ages eight plus) and is sure to provide hours of fun for everyone!

Rules of the Game

Objective: The objective of Who Knows Where Board Game by Smyths is to be the first player to collect all six destination cards and return back to their original starting point.

Pieces: This game includes a double sided game board with a “30 countries around the world” side and a “Fun fact cards” side, 6 pawns, 36 country cards, 1 passport book with 16 pages, 30 fun fact cards, and 2 dice.

Mechanics: To start each round, each player chooses which side of the board they will use (countries or facts). Each player then rolls the dice on their turn and moves forward the number of spaces indicated by their roll. If a player lands on one of their own destination cards that has not been collected yet they can collect it from the centre of the board. If a player instead lands on a “roll again” space or an opponent’s destination card they can draw from the country card deck until they draw one that matches one of their own country cards in their passport book. Other mechanics include challenges where players take turns asking each other questions about destinations, fun facts which are obtained by correctly answering ten questions about different countries within seven rounds and speedy travel which is awarded when players reach certain milestones on the game board more quickly than their opponents.

Exploring the Benefits of Playing Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths

Playing Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths can bring a great deal of fun and enjoyment to any gathering. It’s a game that requires players to work together to determine the identity of a mystery location or person. This simple yet challenging board game promises many-stretched hours of play, as the team helps one another in the search for the secret location or figure. As players move around the board, they will acquire valuable skills such as learning about geographical locations, discovering cultural differences and similarities, developing problem-solving abilities and honing communication skills. Furthermore, playing Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths encourages players to become curious, encouraging them to ask questions and think outside of their comfort zone. It also teaches children geographies, letting them learn more about far away places and cultures while having fun with their family and friends. By doing this, they are being exposed to ideas they may have not even heard of before. Additionally, this captivating game is suitable for most age groups so it is sometimes used as an educational tool in classrooms. Overall, Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths provides an excellent opportunity for family bonding, friendship building and knowledge expansion while delivering plenty of entertainment.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths

One successful strategy for playing Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is to find out as much information on the players you are playing with. This strategy can help give you an advantage when it comes to guessing where the objects have been hidden. Try to observe each move your opponents make, and pay attention to any clues that may arise from their conversations or actions. This could reveal important details which could provide you with an edge during game play.

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Another key strategy is to build a strong mental map of the board and possible hiding places for all the pieces. While some of these spots may be more obvious then others, it’s important to consider every potential location, including those which may not seem obvious at first thought. It can be helpful to use past experiences such as previous games played or stories heard, in order to speculate on promising hiding spots or objects that could potentially contain their hidden pieces. Paying close attention and creating detailed mental notes can help when it comes time to start formulating guesses related to those hiding spots

A third tip is to take a moment before making a move and think through the possible consequences of each decision you make. If a player races ahead blindly without thinking about all their options, they could end up putting an object in a spot that another player could easily find once their turn comes around. Therefore, it’s crucial that every move is made with mindful consideration in order to maximize your chances of success throughout the game and win Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths.

Additional Resources for Enjoying the Game

If you are looking for a fun way to spend time with family and friends, then the Who Knows Where board game is the perfect choice. The game allows the players to explore cities, countries, landmarks and more. Players must answer questions which give them clues on what to do next.

Playing Who Knows Where can be both educational and entertaining. To make the game even more enjoyable, here are some resources you could use:
1. Printable maps: You can find a wealth of printable maps online that illustrate cities, countries, landmarks and more. Not only will these help players quickly locate destinations during the game, but they can also make for exceptional visual displays in your home for others to enjoy!
2. Local trivia cards: Finding local trivia cards can add additional fun to the game by providing players with more information about particular places. Many companies specialize in printing localized trivia cards from major cities around the world; purchasing these would be an excellent way of further immersing yourself or your opponents in learning about different locations during gameplay!
3. Travel guides/websites: For those who prefer doing their exploration away from the board game itself, you could look into buying travel guides or visiting websites such as “Lonely Planet” or “Trip Advisor” for additional information about yourself or your opponents’ choices of destinations during turns. Doing this will allow them to get more out of each person’s playthrough by interacting with each environment better outside of just answering geographical questions on a board game board!

Where to Buy Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths

The Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is a fun, family game that challenges players to guess the locations of landmarks and other well-known places around the world. Players draw gamecards that feature a photograph of a location with various clues surrounding the mystery site. After using the clues and the special map on the board game, players must then guess the name of each place correctly. Each incorrect guess costs points, so it’s important for players to pay attention to detail!

The Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths can often be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon. The game also retails in most major toy stores and department stores as well as independent game retailers. Some supermarkets also stock it in their toys and games aisle. For those who prefer shopping locally, many high street shops such as WH Smiths and local independent boutiques might sell this popular family board game too.


Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is a classic game that brings a new twist on the traditional family get-together. This game has been specifically designed to bring together people of all ages and different knowledge backgrounds, as each round pits players’ abilities at trivia against each other’s. Players can decide if they want to compete in teams or play one-on-one and race their way through the map of Europe, answering geography questions along the way.

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The most interesting aspect about Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is the dynamic strategic playing mode it includes. In order to win the game, teams must strategize and cooperate with one another in order to acquire points by correctly answering geography questions. They must also make use of available tools such as wild cards, bonus points and even jokers in order to advance further in the game and ultimately end up victorious. Additionally, this board game also includes surprise elements for an extra challenge, forcing players out of their comfort zone and making sure there’s never a dull moment throughout their adventures through Europe! To increase the level of competition even more, a timer is included so teams can keep track of how quickly they are able to answer the questions presented while still accurately acquiring points.

This fun and exciting board game makes for entertaining day or night family events or even gatherings among friends. It’s sure to drive conversation away from mundane topics into joyful banter as players cooperate with each other trying to make it across European countries either alone or with fellow team mates! This fast paced competitive quiz will surely create many memories that will last for years!


Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths is a classic board game that has been around for many years, and it’s not just for kids. This game has often been praised by adults who still enjoy the challenge of guessing the locations of all the places on the game board. Whether you’re playing with your family or hosting a game night amongst old friends, Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths can provide hours of entertainment.

When you play Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths, you will travel around the world as you guess each location’s name. There are over one hundred and fifty different locations across six continents and they range from big cities to tiny villages. With so many places to guess, it won’t be easy! But that’s part of what makes this game great; it makes players think and use their imagination to get the right answers. Some of the most interesting locations include Monaco, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow, which adds international flair to an otherwise traditional trivia-style board game.

Another aspect that sets Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths apart from other games is its casual play style that allows everyone to play at their own pace. It is designed for two or more players aged 10 years and up and takes about 45 minutes to complete a full round of gameplay. Not only does this add inclusivity for everyone involved, but it ensures less down-time between rounds if needed.

At its core, Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths offers an exciting mix of strategy and socializing – something that both young and old can enjoy together or separately. It encourages knowledge retention as well as communication between players which helps strengthen relationships while increasing your general knowledge too! The world layout pieces can even be used outside of the game itself – providing fun learning activities centered on geography as well!

Ultimately, Who Knows Where Board Game Smyths provides entertainment for people of all ages through strategic thinking in an inviting atmosphere that celebrates friendship above all else.. With a wide variety of locations to explore when playing this award-winning title means every single round will feel brand new due to creative placement options each time someone plays! So why not pick up your very own copy today to see what all the fuss is about?

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