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Smyths is an Irish retailer that specializes in a variety of toys and games. Established in 1987, Smyths has grown into one of the leading toy retailers in the UK and Ireland, with stores all over Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Smyths not only offers kids’ favorite toys from major brands such as LEGO, Disney Pixar Cars 3 and Hot Wheels but also offers an array of exclusive products developed by the company’s own product design team. In addition to this selection, the retailer carries an impressive range of board games which includes one of their most popular items; the Would I Lie To You Board Game. Developed by British TV personalities Rob Brydon and David Mitchell, this game pits two teams against each other in a battle to determine who can tell the truth from lies. Tthe loser has to wear a silly hat! With outrageous jokes in every round and plenty of cards to keep play interesting another great thing about this game is that it is suitable for ages 8+.

Product Overview

Would I Lie To You Board Game Smyths is a classic game of lying, bluffing and charades. Players take turns on either team to tell a story, riddle or answer questions while the other team determines if they’re telling the truth. The game was designed for 3-8 players and can be adjusted with extra rounds and bonuses.

In the Would I Lie To You Board Game Smyths, each player selects an animal meeple (or “meeples”) representing their character to use during the game. The board features two different tracks – one for fooling your opponents, another is for exposing them. Players will roll dice in order to determine how many cards they can collect per round and attempt to add real or fiction elements that fit in with their stories in order to outwit the others. Both teams will end up scoring points at the end depending on their accuracy on challenging against each other’s stories. If a player generates too much suspicion by providing vague answers, or if they get caught lying even once during the course of the game, the whole team loses points!

To make this classic game even more exciting, there are tons of exciting bonus rounds such as guessing words from photo cards, drawing objects instantly with erasable boards and creating skits using props like hats and wigs! With new obstacles coming up every time you play you never know what will happen next!

Why It’s Such a Great Game

“This game has been a great addition to family gatherings! It’s fun for both adults and kids, which is why I always recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun family game.” – Sharon, Amazon reviewer

“I bought this game for my daughter’s birthday and we’ve had battled it out countless times. It may seem simple, but it really gets the conversations going. Great value!” – Fredrick, Smyths customer

“We loved playing this game! You hear hilarious answers and try to separate fact from fiction. What more could you ask for? If you’re looking for an entertaining activity then this is definitely worth picking up!” – David, BoardGameGeek blogger

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“This is my go-to party game now! Everyone loves it – and laughter is guaranteed!” – Lily, independent reviewer

Variations to the Main Rules

For children 6-9 years: In this variation, each player has 2 cards featuring either true statements or lies. Players take turns being the judge and deciding whether one of their opponents’ statements is true or a lie. The judge awards points for guessing correctly and the game ends when all the questions have been played, with the person with the most points declared as the winner.

For 9-12 years: In this variation, there are 4 categories ” Animals, Sports, Food & Drink and Places ” instead of true/false questions. The players are dealt 7 cards each which then form teams of two players per category. Each team must try to come up with a statement about their chosen category that will befuddle their opponents and cross-examine each other to determine which team has provided the most interesting statement. The team with the highest score at the end wins.

For 13+ years: This is a faster paced version in which players race to answer questions as quickly as possible, competing against each other in an intense battle of wits and bluffing. Each player is given 8 cards featuring true/false statements at random and must answer these questions within a time limit (1 minute). Points are awarded for correct answers first but players can also attempt to bluff their opponents by claiming that they know something they actually don’t ” these attempts receive bonus points if successful! At the end of every round, the player with most points declares themselves as winner!

Game Play

Would I Lie To You Board Game Smyths is a great party game for the whole family. It involves players taking turns to tell made-up stories about themselves, and their opponents having to decide whether it is true or false. The winner is the player who manages to fool the most of their opponents. Here’s a step-by-step visual tutorial on how to play the game:

1) Pick up a card in front of you with a statement about your opponent printed on it.
2) Now, make up a story similar to the one printed on the statement, but add some eventful twist to it so that it appeals more to your audience (your opponent).
3) When you are ready, take turns telling your stories one by one in front of everyone present.
4) Then all the opponents must vote if they think the story you told was true or false!
5) If more than half of them vote true, then you will be awarded 1 point; while if they vote false, then you would lose 1 point.
6) The game continues until every player has had their chance telling stories before we tally up all our scores and declare who the winner is!

Perfect for Family Fun Night

A family game night is a great way to spend quality time with each other, especially with the addition of the Would I Lie To You Board Game from Smyths. Start by gathering everyone in an area and creating comfortable seating. Diming lights or lighting candles adds a fun relaxed atmosphere. Divide players into teams, either randomly or based on age or other factors family members deem appropriate. Understand that the person asking the questions cannot lie (only provide answers) while all other players must answer with false statements, trying to trick their opponents. As play continues, judge which team has been asked the most questions without being tricked into giving a true statement – making your team the winner! Make sure to set time limits for each round so that play doesn’t drag on for too long. Also offer snacks throughout game night as rewards for any achievements made during game plays; such as whoever makes the most successful lies is given an extra snack at break times. End game night with savoury reward treats – This will make players feel more fulfilled about their accomplishments during game night!

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Pros and Cons

Pros: The Would I Lie To You Board Game from Smyths is one of the funniest and most entertaining group board games on the market. It is great for adults and kids alike as it requires imagination and witty response in order to win. Unlike other games which require fast thinking, this game allows everyone time to think and present an answer. There are also ongoing scores so players know how they are faring relative to their opponents.

Cons: However, while it is a fun game, some may find it too basic if they’re looking for something more intellectual in nature. Additionally, because this is a game that relies heavily on mutual agreement between players, those who are argumentative or manipulative may gain an unfair advantage over other players over time.

Final Thoughts

The Would I Lie to You Board Game, sold at Smyths, is sure to be a hit with your friends and family. It’s the perfect game for getting everyone in on the fun. Players must answer truthfully when asked whether they are telling a truth or a lie – making it an ideal way of testing the trust shared between players! The game also comes with lots of guess cards, meaning no two games will ever be the same.

One of the most common questions people may have before purchasing this game is “How many players can play at once?”. This game is best enjoyed when played with between 4-8 players. If you have more than 8 people in your group, you can still get involved by playing additional rounds simultaneously and keeping score as you go.

Another popular question is “How long does each round last?”. Most rounds take around 30 minutes to complete which makes it perfect for quick and easy party games or longer evening sessions.

Lastly, some might ask “What age range is this suitable for?”. As the cards feature mature themes such as love and relationships, we recommend that this game should only be played by those aged 16 years and above – however teenagers aged 14-15 years are probably mature enough to enjoy it responsibly without being exposed to too much adult content.

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