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Board Game Convention Chicago is an incredible event that brings together board game aficionados, newbies, and curious passers-by every year. Hosted in the bustling metropolis of Chicago, Illinois, this gathering is a one of a kind experience for everyone involved. From the moment you enter the convention center and are welcomed by the enthusiastic board game-lovers who wear their joy on their faces, you can tell you have arrived at something special.

At Board Game Convention Chicago, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Whether you’re looking to try out a classic family game or challenge yourself with an intense strategy-based competition, there will be an event or accessory to quench your thirst for fun. The massive exhibitor hall houses board games of all kinds- from traditional Eurogames to complex miniatures” so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with choices just grab a volunteer and ask for assistance. Booths are staffed by passionate developers eager to show off their creations, explain rules and demo playables. Furthermore, lectures from game designers offer crucial insight into the design philosophy behind some of today’s favorite titles; one could also take part in tournaments aiming at finding that season’s best player! After all this when it’s time take a break from gaming and playtesting there are vendors offering Boardgame themed jewelry and accessories as well as delicious snacks energize guests for the rest of the weekend.

The city of Chicago itself enhances board game gatherings with its scenic beauty combined with age old history which make it an ideal destination for starting one’s summer holiday. At Board Game Convention Chicago one can expect much more than just exploring an array of fun-filled activities; socializing with other participants over food stalls or ending a day at a nearby bar while sharing stories – even conversations sparks upon eye contact – this con promises to etch memmories that last long after leaving it behind!


Board Game Convention Chicago has been a popular event since its inception in 2000. Since then, it has become one of the world’s most renowned board game conventions. Taking place annually, during the summer months, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago, Illinois, it provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to celebrate their love of gaming and embrace the history of the tabletop genre. There are competitions, lots of gaming tournaments and activities, with vendors from all over the world displaying their wares.

The heritage of Board Game Convention Chicago extends beyond its 16-year tenure as an annual event. This convention is hosted by Dirk Knemeyer’s organization Arctic Entertainment which was founded way back in 1994. Arctic Entertainment works hard to provide a positive environment for interaction between gaming hobbyists and provides educational programs that delve into different aspects of game design and strategy. As such, Board Game Convention Chicago not only operates as an informal meeting place for gamers and collectors alike but has become important source of knowledge about board games and an annual gathering point for entertainment industry professionals from around the world.

Also noteworthy regarding Board Game Convention Chicago’s rich heritage is how it has gone to great lengths to not just focus on bigger title publishers or video games but also independent developers who find themselves often overlooked or underrepresented at other similar conventions across North America. This dedication to recognizing indie work shines through in their independent showcase exhibition where creators can present their working prototypes to a larger community while also networking with like-minded peers within the industry. With its spectacular assortment of boardgame related activities there is something suitable for young adults looking to enter into the industry or even veteran players seeking the next best offering right up to advanced tournaments wherein top competitors compete for cash prizes.


Board Game Convention Chicago is an annual event that celebrates the world of board games and tabletop gaming. Attendees can look forward to a weekend full of activities from game demos and tournaments to workshops, panels, and more. Throughout the convention, guests can explore new game ideas and challenge themselves with exciting gaming competitions. There will also be an array of vendors offering rare and vintage games as well as new releases for sale. In addition, Board Game Convention Chicago will feature several educational panel discussions from industry professionals who will be sharing their insights on the board game culture. The convention promises to be packed with fun activities such as cosplay contests, trivia nights, escape rooms and even karaoke. It’s a great way to discover different aspects of the board game industry while meeting like-minded enthusiasts in one ultimate weekend adventure!

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Board Game Convention Chicago (BGCC) is the Midwest’s premier board game convention. Located in the Windy City of Chicago, BGCC offers a unique opportunity for board gamers to celebrate their shared passion and meet fellow enthusiasts from around the globe. Every year, hundreds of attendees converge at the convention center to explore more than 200 different games, connect with industry insiders and publishers, attend seminars, and participate in a variety of tournaments and events.

The goal of BGCC is to create an inclusive community of board game players, designers, publishers, influencers, and retailers. The beloved event has not only been instrumental in connecting old friends but in forming new friendships as well. Guests can join groups based on interests such as strategy or party games; take part in game creation workshops that teach how to bring every gaming idea to life; attend keynote speeches by industry leaders sharing their successes story; or even try out prototype versions months before they’re officially released. As an added bonus, any purchases made during the convention receive exclusive discounts allowing participants to quickly build up their personal collections!

Special Events

Board Game Convention Chicago is an event dedicated to board game enthusiasts from all walks of life! Special events held at this annual convention include tournaments for popular titles like Catan and Ticket to Ride, along with demos for the newest releases. There are also unique experiences such as a miniature painting workshop, a session on building homemade game objects, and a card-monger swap meet for vintage editions. Notable talks featuring top game designers are also part of the itinerary – throughout the weekend, professional inventors will discuss their game development process and share insights into their design philosophies. Other highlights include scavenger hunts with exciting prizes, quizzes and puzzles to test player knowledge, and giant 3D versions of well-known board games that can accommodate up to 30 people! Board Game Convention Chicago is the perfect destination for anyone interested in having fun while learning more about tabletop gaming culture.


Board Game Convention Chicago is the perfect way to unlock unlimited opportunities for those interested in board games and gaming culture. With activities, panels, and tournaments, attendees will have the chance to experience a variety of activities related to board games and their development. From local designers showcasing new releases to industry professionals talking about trends in the gaming world, this is the place where hobbyists, game developers, and game enthusiasts come together. Even better, attendees can expect access to an array of game retailers offering up special discounts and exclusive deals. Whether you’re looking to compete in a tournament or explore a new title, Board Game Convention Chicago has something for everyone. The convention itself is designed with accessibility in mind ” families are welcome, admission fees are affordable, and there’s plenty of parking nearby. No matter your level of skill or interest in board games, this event presents an unmissable opportunity to discover more about one of the hottest hobbies around!

Vendor Hall

The Vendor Hall at Board Game Convention Chicago provides an exciting shopping experience for attendees. With over 400 different vendors, the Vendor Hall is a great way to find unique board games, gaming accessories, novelties and rare items from all the major brands. Here you’ll find everything from the latest releases to classic games you haven’t seen in years. There’s something for everyone, no matter your age or taste. With a wide variety of games, expansion packs and merchandise available from all the biggest names in gaming, you’re sure to find what you need here.

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At Board Game Convention Chicago’s Vendor Hall there are multiple game demonstrations as well as special deals that may not be available anywhere else! Educational game demos let you try before buying and provide an opportunity to get comfortable with more complicated rulesets. Some vendors also host live tournaments where you can compete against other attendees for prizes big and small! In addition to those events there are often limited edition items which offer discounts to Con-goers that can’t be found anywhere else. Whether it’s a brand new board game or some official merchandise related to your favourite game IP, Board Game Convention Chicago is the place for finding it all!

After Hours

Instead of packing your bags when the Board Game Convention Chicago officially comes to a close for the day, why not keep the fun going in the city’s vibrant nightlife scene? There’s certainly no shortage of post-convention activities for you and your friends to explore!

For night owls looking for a good time, there are plenty of bars and clubs where you can dance and let loose. Nightclubs like Primary, The Mid, and Spy Kar offer top-notch music and an immersive clubbing experience. Additionally, ROOF on TheWit is ideal for drinks with beautiful views of downtown Chicago. If you and your friends would prefer a cozy place to hang out and chat, check out places like Upton’s Breakroom or Delilah’s”both renowned speakeasies in the city. Each establishment has its own unique atmosphere that will make sure everyone has an unforgettable post-convention experience!


Before deciding on accommodations for Board Game Convention Chicago, travelers should consider how far away from the Convention Center they are willing to stay. It is helpful to research the area and examine public transportation options in order to determine the most convenient location. Visitors should also consider if they would be comfortable staying in a private residence, such as an Airbnb rental or a hostel. These options can offer more cost-effective alternatives compared to traditional hotels and may provide other amenities as well. Additionally, many online search engines can provide ratings and reviews of various lodging facilities so guests are able to get opinions from people who have already stayed at that location. Once you have decided on your ideal accommodations, it is important to check your selected place’s cancellation policy in case plans change or unforeseen circumstances take place during travel. Also, visitors should review if their accommodations offer any discounts related to their purchased admission tickets or membership badges once these are acquired. Finally, making reservations ahead of time with a company that guarantees their bookings is recommended for ensuring everything is secure before heading out for Board Game Convention in Chicago.


As attendees say goodbye to the Board Game Convention Chicago, they leave with newfound friends, experiences, and a greater understanding of the board game industry. With its vibrant atmosphere, Board Game Convention Chicago was an event that exceeded expectations. Attendees got to enjoy a wide range of activities from competitive tournaments to cooperative play sessions. There were lots of new releases and introductions for people to try out, giving players a chance to experience something unique. People also got to participate in special events such as surprise mirrors and drafts hosted by professional players. Overall, attendees made great memories and experiences through their participation at Board Game Convention Chicago.

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