Plants Vs Zombies Board Game


Plants Vs Zombies Board Game is a unique way to bring the classic digital game to real life. It is a two-player strategy game in which each player must collect and deploy different types of plants and zombies, an array of creative and fun cards, as well as playing pieces that mimic the digital game setting. The plants must strategize to defend your lawn from the advancing Zombies while at the same time actively trying to prevent the Zombies from reaching your house. As the plants directly face off against the Zombies, players battle it out with the ultimate goal of being able to defend their lawn and home while warding off their opponent’s forces.

The board game components are all designed around the classic Plants vs Zombies visuals and gameplay, bringing all of its magic into a tangible form right there in front of you. All of your favorite characters come to life as miniatures on a miniature field just waiting for your command. Each character has it’s own card detailing their strengths, weaknesses and abilities that can be used during play for strategic gains. With the help of these cards players can boost characters defenses, award points or even launch direct attacks against their opponents in order to gain victory. Finally when it is all done and dusted, players score points by successfully defending their lawn, eliminating Zombies or earning special bonuses by using powerful plant strategies during play.


The beloved Plants Vs Zombies video game was first released in May of 2009 and developed by PopCap Games. It quickly achieved massive success and sold over one million copies in its first two weeks, resulting in it topping the charts for months afterwards. This classic video game was then brought to life, entering into a new medium ” a board game by Cryptozoic Entertainment in 2013. The Plants Vs Zombies Board Game combined the same strategy and tactics seen in the original video game but with added physical elements such as zombies cards and dice rolling to defeat those plants. Gamers had to gather Sun points in order to purchase different planting tools like kernels, stone walls or walnuts and defeat the zombie invasion both on their own or competing against their friends. The game was surprisingly easy to learn but difficult to master, combining luck and skills for a successful outcome every time. Players were also able to customize rule-sets as they please, making sure that each playthrough felt unique from hour to hour. All these components made this board game an instant hit amongst gamers everywhere.

Features and Benefits

The Plants Vs Zombies Board Game has a unique deckbuilding feature in which players can customize their decks before playing. This allows for great replayability since you can adjust the strategy and difficulty of the game to match the skill level of the players. The game also features a fun ‘Harvest Rate’ mechanic, whereby players collect an assigned amount of Plant Food tokens each turn that is randomly drawn from the top of their deck. If these tokens are successfully gathered before the zombies can reach them, they will grant bonus resources to help defend against enemy forces. Additionally, this game offers a ‘Zombie Horde’ challenge, whereby waves of zombie hordes march onto your lawn during each round. Players must figure out how to best utilize their resources to keep them safe and defeat as many zombies as possible! There is also a competitive mode where players compete with friends or family in heated zombie battles. With its engaging mechanics, Plants vs Zombies Board Game provides hours upon hours of fun gaming experiences!


The Plants vs Zombies Board Game is a strategic cooperative game where players switch between two roles ” Plant Heroes, who must protect their garden from evil hordes of zombies ” and the zombie player, who attempts to overrun the garden.

To begin each round in the Plants vs Zombies Board Game, the zombie player draws cards from their Horde Deck. These cards represent which type of zombies they will attack with that round and their power level. The zombie player then plays these cards on the lane board by placing them on top of a row that corresponds to their number value. They must choose wisely as each different row provides different booster benefits to their forces such as extra movement or stronger attacks.

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Next, the Plant Heroes draw a card from their defense deck and select one plant to defend against the attacking zombie horde. The plants have various abilities such as shooting peas or spitting fireballs at zombies depending on what type of card they have drawn up.

The Zombie player then launches their attack by rolling dice and comparing their results with those on the defense card of the Plant Hero. If successfully defended, no damage is taken by either side. Setup continues alternating between actions for Plants and Zombies until one side takes damage, ending a turn and resetting for another round until either all zombies are destroyed or all plants are overrun.


Assuming you are familiar with how to play Plants Vs Zombies board game, here are a few strategies to help you outwit your opponent and come out as the winner.

1. Start off strong: When playing this board game, try to make sure that you are setting up your plants in an advantageous manner. Think of it as chess – the best way is to be two steps ahead of your opponent. Place your plants closer to the zombie entry points, so that if a zombie moves in from the left or right side, you’re ready and waiting with your defense.

2. Move strategically: Each plant costs sun, which is essentially money in Plants vs Zombies, so it’s important to think carefully about each move you make. Plant when it’s necessary and think differently on each turn. Consider things like what will act as the biggest threat later on in the game and prioritize accordingly.

3. Protect key areas: Avoid letting any zombies through your defenses and make sure all pathways around the garden are covered by defensive plants like Peashooter or Sunflower. As an additional layer of defence against surprise Zombie attacks on key areas such as Sunflowers or Wall-Nuts try planting mushroom walls around them – these can take out multiple zombies at once!

4. Upgrade offensive Plants: With every new wave of zombies comes different plant upgrades including attacking ones like Cherry Bomb, Gatling Pea or Cabbage-pult which can quickly deal large amounts of damage and even reduce health from distant zombies before they reach their turning point! Be sure to upgrade them when possible for a powerful advantage over your opponents!

5. Know Your Principles: Familiarize yourself with the rules of thumb for playing Plants vs Zombies board game including what needs to be protected no matter what (your house!), timing techniques (if an ice age wave is coming don’t bother upgrading offensive plants) being mindful of what stage zombeis are in ( do not neglect restorative capabilities!).

Expansion Sets

Expansions sets can offer a terrific way to enhance the experience of playing Plants Vs Zombies (PvZ) board game. Expansion sets typically introduce new characters, items, and special powers that can shake up the game mechanics and give it a brand new flavor. In addition, they might also constitute entirely different scenarios in the form of mini-games or a temporary diversion from the main flow of PvZ. Some Examples of expansion packs include:

1) Battle for Neighborville which adds collectible cards with unique abilities to add even more strategic depth to the game.
2) Garden Warfare 2: Graveyard Ops which introduces zombie warlords who can be summoned at any point during play and grant players powerful bonuses.
3) Total Eclipse which features powerful allies who inhabit Plant City and grant incredible abilities to their allies when strategically deployed by players.

Expansion sets can also feature exclusive missions, additional maps, and hostile AI adversaries that increase difficulty for veteran players. Finally, some expansions come with exclusive limited edition figures and cards that add value to their respective collections. To summarize, expansion sets are a great way to form complex strategy and make PvZ an even richer experience than before.

Customer Reviews

The Plants Vs Zombies board game has been highly praised by customers, who have shared positive ratings and reviews. Many reviewers have found it to be an excellent party game, with easy rules and strategies that make it a great experience for kids and adults alike. The games include creative play with the characters, plants, zombies, and goodies that can be used to score points. Customers also appreciate how the game is challenging enough for more experienced players but still enjoyable for those less experienced in board games. It provides a fun completion between friends without the issue of one player overpowering the others. The game is an overall hit with fans as its replayability keeps people coming back for more exciting adventures each time!

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Plants Vs Zombies Board Game is a fast-thinking game that combines competitive strategy and humor into an exciting family-friendly experience. However, it is not the only board game of its kind. There are many other similar games out there on the market, each offering their own unique take on the Plants Vs Zombies theme.

One popular alternative to Plants Vs Zombies Board Game is Zaxxon: The Super Strategy Showdown. This fast playing board can be played by up to four people and involves moving figures around a futuristic landscapes while completing mission goals. Players must strategically manage resources, build facilities, and battle against opposing forces in order to win the day. It has an entertaining comic book story line to help immerse players in the world of Zaxxon.

Another suggestion would be Ice Cool 2; a hilarious game of flicking penguins around corridors, collecting fish, and avoiding hazards like hungry Polar Bears. Ice Cool 2 features new characters and gameplay elements that add more fun for puzzlers and children alike. Up to four players compete against one another in this cool dexterity game as they parcour their way through daring challenges set across different locations in the Unfrozen Caveman Penguin’s schoolhouse.

Finally, Goblin Quest takes players on an exciting journey through a 3D kingdom filled with goblins! During game-play, players will become brave goblin heroes on a quest to collect gold coins from dungeons packed with traps and surprises using dice rolls or card play as they try to evade danger! The artwork brings color and life to this action-packed dungeon crawler while adding strategic challenges as well as funsocial interactions between opponents as they race towards finishing their quests first! With its easy accessibility, even younger children can join in with this frenetic adventure!


Pros: The Plants Vs Zombies board game is a great investment for anyone interested in combining the classic elements of strategy and adventure with the fun of a party game. It is suitable for kids aged 8 years old and up, and provides lots of laughs along the way. The game encourages healthy competition between players with the mechanic that requires each player to defend their play area from zombies while collecting suns placed around the board to purchase plants. In addition, it can be played as a single or multi-player game, meaning you can maximize your playing time regardless of how many people you want to include.

Cons: The downside to investing in the Plants Vs Zombies board game is that it has some complex rules which may take some time for younger children to understand. There are also several expansions available which cost extra money, making it a more costly venture over time if one chooses to buy them all. Lastly, where luck has no factor in winning or losing (the only element being strategy), this means that there are no surprises within the gameplay, so it may become repetitive after repeatedly playing over long periods of time.


The Plants Vs Zombies Board Game is a fun and exciting game that can be enjoyed by people of any age. It provides plenty of strategy, as players must plan out their moves in order to win. The gameplay can be challenging and the deck building aspect allows for a variety of strategies that players can employ. However, some of the components used in this board game could use improvement, like the miniature figures used to represent plants and zombies or card tracker area mats. Overall, the Plants Vs Zombies Board Game is an enjoyable board game with plenty of replay potential thanks to its deck-building feature. While it’s not perfect, fans of the original Plants Vs Zombies video game will find this an enjoyable experience as well as those who enjoy competitive strategy games with a touch of whimsy.

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