Where To Get Safeway Monopoly Game Board


The Safeway Monopoly game is an exciting way of shopping at Safeway stores, where customers can collect game stickers, play online mini-games, and win amazing cash prizes. The game board is available in Safeway stores nationwide. It’s a great way to get rewards for the items you purchase and add more excitement to your everyday shopping experience.

To participate in the Safeway Monopoly game, customers must purchase participating products from Safeway stores and receive special game pieces with food and non-food products. During the promotional period, shoppers need to collect game pieces that are marked with either instant prizes (rewards such as store coupons or money off the total order), or game tickets containing codes leading entrants to prize draws for bigger rewards including cash giveaways. Collected Game Tickets must be entered online into the official website for a chance to win more prizes.

The printed version of the Safeway Monopoly Game Board can also be found in Safeway Store locations nationwide during the promotion period. Shoppers can use this board to cross check their collected game pieces and figure out which parking spaces have already been filled in – these filled spaces will reveal either Instant Prizes or Prizes Entry options. Once the parking space puzzle has been completed, participants have an opportunity to redeem prizes through a Final Drawing entry by submitting Codes found on their gathered Game Pieces; alternatively they may still redeem select Instant Prizes right away if they have collected an Instant Prize-Type ticket in their haul of Game Pieces!

Locations For The Game Boards

The Safeway Monopoly game boards are available in stores across the United States, including Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Vons, Randalls and Carrs. To find more specific locations, simply search for a store near you using one of the retailer’s online store locators. After locating a store near you, check with their customer service team to see if they have their own board. Additionally, ask the customer service personnel if there is any special promotion associated with it or any advertised discounts on participating items when you pick up the game board.

In addition to locating them in-store at retailers nationwide, you can also get access to the Game Boards by going directly to Safety’s Monopoly website or downloading the application directly from your mobile device. This will provide you with access to digital versions of all of this year’s Monopoly pieces as well as giving you exclusive rewards such as coupon codes and opportunities to spin special wheels for even larger prizes and bonuses. Also, if you want a physical game board but don’t want to go out and buy one from a retailer near you, then this is another great way to acquire them without leaving your home.

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How To Play The Game

You can find your Safeway Monopoly Game Board at either your local Safeway store or online on the Safeway website. To play the game, you’ll need to pick up a Monopoly Game Board from the store which includes all of the pieces you’ll need to play. Go through your board and look for any printed coded tickets within. These are called “Collect and Win” tickets and come in various colors. These tickets can be found both on physical game boards as well as those found online. You’ll want to collect a certain interesting number or combination of pieces from each section of codes: Red (Maroon), Blue (Seafoam), Orange (Apricot), Yellow (Butterscotch), Green (Lime), Purple (Grapevine) and Teal dots (Aqua). When you have collected enough pieces and match them up with an exact winning combination, then head over to the official website to enter and you could win big prizes!

Benefits and Rewards of Playing The Game

The Safeway Monopoly Game Board is an exciting and rewarding game for anyone to play. Participants get to test their luck by collecting Regular Game Tickets from eligible non-grocery In-Store products or winning Super Bonus Tickets from a variety of Grocery items. Winning tickets can be redeemed for instant prizes, coupons, and even the chance to enter into the “Collect & Win” sweepstakes drawing.

Benefits of playing the Safeway Monopoly Game Board include: instant prizes such as gift cards, groceries, electronics and more; discounts on products; opportunities to enter collector’s edition sweepstakes; access to unique digital experiences such as virtual cooking classes; and exclusive contests with impressive rewards like vacations. Rewards won’t stop at completing the nine squares in seven weeks – collectors can continue enjoying great rewards throughout the game period by finding locations where they can sign up with a Safeway loyalty card and collect weekly bonus tickets that are valid until the end of the game. Working together with family or friends will make this game more fun and increase chances for success!

How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Game

The Safeway Monopoly Game Board is available in participating stores across the US. To increase your chances of winning, familiarize yourself with the game board itself and how to maximize your playing ability. Make sure to take advantage of any rules that could benefit you in potentially winning a reward since some rewards are based on certain prerequisites like placing a certain amount of orders within one week. Furthermore, keeping up to date on ongoing promotions and events can give you an edge when it comes to selecting properties or completing events for extra Monopoly Money or tickets. Finally, try and collect as many pieces as possible; it will boost your odds of walking away with larger prizes!

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The Safeway Monopoly Game is an exciting promotion that gives customers the chance to win a variety of prizes. Participants can win more than $250 million in cash and prizes, including trips to amazing destinations and the opportunity to take part in sweepstakes events. Additionally, those who complete game pieces have the chance to win store gift cards worth up to $5000 or gas for a year. With these impressive rewards, it’s no wonder shoppers are looking for the limited-edition game boards at Safeway locations.


Safeway Monopoly is an annual grocery-shopping game that rewards participants with cash and prizes. The game spans across all Safeway stores, and takes place at varying times throughout the year. To participate in the game, shoppers must collect a game board at their local store and start collecting game tickets (which appear on specific grocery items).

Where to get a Safeway Monopoly Game Board: The official Safeway Monopoly Game Board can be found near checkout counters in participating Safeway, Vons, Pavilions, Tom Thumb, Randalls, and Carrs stores. Customers can expect to find branded displays that showcase the game board with instructions explaining how to play.

Bonus Popular Strategies & Tips for Winning the Game:
1. Try to amass as many tickets as possible in order to increase your chances of winning big prizes or cash.
2. Look for bonus ticket promotions or sweepstake giveaways where you can increase your total ticket count for free or by spending less money than usual which increases the probability of you winning more prizes or cash.
3. Be mindful of all deadlines associated with the promotion so that you do not miss out on potential winnings from overdue tickets.
4. Take your time in selecting the items that have tickets; this offers an opportunity to research various products compared against store brands and other outside competitors so as to save more money while still getting entries into the prize pool – as well as groceries!
5. Lastly, having friends and family also involved in acquiring tickets helps too; maybe they will share their prize wins with you if they’re feeling generous!

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