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Welcome to Av Ghost, the board game of ghostly mystery and hauntings. In this game, you become a paranormal investigator on the trail of an enigmatic specter known as Av Ghost!

In this video tutorial, we will cover how to play the game so that you can start your adventure today.

The goal of the game is for players to race around a haunted house and assemble clues in order to figure out the true identity of Av Ghost. There are six different types of cards involved: Spirit Cards, Haunt Cards, Occupant Cards, Action Cards, Event Cards and Custodian Cards. There are also tokens called Spirit Fragments that you will collect throughout the game.

Any number of players can join but each player needs their own set of components including Player Pawns, D6 dice, Notebooks and pencils for taking notes. Each Player starts off with two Action cards and one Spirit Card which they will use during their turn.

Now it’s time to learn about the various card types so that you can make sense of the gameplay.
Spirit cards will reveal crucial information such as fragments of Av Ghosts’ past or evidence leading towards their identity.Haunt cards represent paranormal events while Occupant cards come in families and bring characters into play which could get in your way. Action cards give Investigators special powers like additional movement or abilities during complex events while Event cards show up during your journey introducing random chances or effects in the game like adding wild elements such as Night Stalkers or traps along your path.. Last but not least custodian cards represent interactive non-playable characters that help players by giving tasks for rewards.

Now we can move onto actual gameplay mechanics starting with everyone placing their pawns any where at the start location [your hometown] resting your dice on 0 next to it . Every turn starts with rolling both dice (Movement Dice/Action Die) afterwards either move around (or do a trapped effect) depending on what type you rolled moving any direction clockwise or counterclockwise in increments (1-4 tiles). If nothing happens upon movement draw a haunt card it could cause entrancement during movement causing you to remain still until it gets over after resolving these effects its time for action die roll out comes 3 options Strategic search (drawing an occupant), investigate further (drawing spirit card), solve puzzles(going through custodian quest). Completing any task gives reward mostly spirit fragment related coming close to Av ghost also reveals more info towards his whereabouts which should be written down in notebook if possible before finally encountering him with enough evidence piled up using one final spirit fragment during endgame exposes true identity of av ghost And whoever manages to finish all this before anyone else wins!

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By now I’m sure you’ve got all basics need to go out there and hunt some ghosts down! Good luck!

Photos of components and gameplay

Av Ghost is an incredibly engaging board game based in an alternate world with fantasy lands, creatures and characters. Players take on the role of their own custom-crafted avatars while they explore a vibrant wilderness and battle in epic combat scenes.

The game’s design allows for nearly limitless play possibilities, whether it be through strategic axis control, special abilities or finding powerful items that grant bonus effects in the game. The overall theme revolves around light vs dark scenarios as players make choices on which path to follow. Easy-to-understand components and simple rules make Av Ghost accessible to all ages.

The game board is comprised of two levels: the surface level featuring a large rectangular board made from double-sided tiles and cards, promising unique new layouts with every play; and the underground level, brimming with caverns, geysers and volcanoes, where players dive deep into the unknown for even bigger rewards. With highly detailed character figurines accompanied by powerful weapons and magical artifacts, these scenes are brought to life for players of all ages.

Each player takes turns moving their avatar around the map, taking up challenges such as fighting monsters or elves or completing strategic missions. Through unlocking new powers from magical items or tactical battle choices from skills trees each player advances their character’s story until a victor is crowned!
Photo example 1: A photo of an avatar figurine used in Av Ghost board game
Photo example 2: A screenshot of two characters engaging in battle on the game board
Photo example 3: An image of a gameboard tile featuring an underground volcano

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Supplemental Resources

1. Av Ghost Official Website: This is the official website for the game with updated info, rules and updates about tournaments and game releases.

2. Online Discussion Forums: There are various online discussion forums devoted to Av Ghost, where players can find tips and tricks, discuss strategies, post reviews and ask questions.

3. Av Ghost Wiki: This is a comprehensive wiki covering all aspects of the game which includes detailed descriptions of characters, mechanics and rules.

4. BoardGameGeek Page: Here you can find reviews from players around the world, compare gaming ratings and see what others think of the game.

5. YouTube Videos & Tutorials: For those who prefer watching to reading or want further clarification on how to play or build their army there are a variety of different YouTube videos dedicated to teaching people how to play Av Ghost as well as battle tutorials and professional gameplay recordings from tournaments and league games throughout the world.

6. Expansion Packs & Collectibles: With every major expansion released for Av Ghost comes with its own host of collectible miniatures for players to collect in order to add onto their armies or replace worn out pieces from campaigns past!

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