Ghost Castle Board Game Review


The Ghost Castle board game is a horror-themed game where players are sent on a daring mission to explore the legendary, abandoned castle of Lemuria. The castle was once owned by the ancient, evil Witch Queen and haunted by many ghosts and spectres. Players must battle the forces of demonic creatures, search for magical objects, and defeat the Witch Queen before she enslaves them all! It was originally released in 1987 and has been widely acclaimed as one of the best horror themed games ever made. Players take control of their custom adventurers who have unique abilities that must be employed tactically to make progress in various scenarios. The objective of the game is for players to explore predetermined objectives within the castle and ultimately defeat the Witch Queen. However, there is a range of other activities such as rescuing ghosts from captivity, gathering magical artifacts from treasure chests, and fighting against powerful enemies like werewolves


The Ghost Castle board game is an impressive and inventive game that has a fun and interesting design. It’s created by the amazing team of designers, illustrators, sculptors, artists, and software engineers that make up the team at Brainy Fart Games. They have put together a unique game that combines elements from traditional board-games with modern 3D printing technology. The players can explore different castles and search for ghostly treasures while also building their own bewitched dwellings. Players must use strategy to defeat their opponents while surviving the undead threats that haunt the castle walls.

The game offers up plenty of mysteries to solve along with enemies to battle through and even magical spells to cast! Its spooky soundtrack only adds to the haunted atmosphere of this mysterious fantasy board game. The colorful visuals bring to life each player’s individual characters right down to every detail like armor, facial expressions, and hair color; truly making each playthrough unique and custom-made for every player involved in it. There are also innovative mini-games thrown in which makes this one outstanding package!

Ghost Castle is packed with never-ending adventure as no two games will ever be the same! With multiple characters from various backgrounds including wizards, vampires, werewolves all competing for hidden treasures, Ghost Castle guarantees entertainment for hours on end! Each character’s unique abilities give them additional powers allowing them greater control over certain aspects such as magical creatures or attacks against enemies! Moreover, its short setup time ensures you can dive into gameplay quickly as there is no lengthy setup process prior to beginning your journey of exploring the hidden tombs within Ghost Castle. With tons of levels available plus thrilling challenges providing infinite replay value; this game will provide excitement for any group of players for days on end without any boredom setting in. If you’re looking for an intriguing puzzle-solving adventure full of spooky scares then Ghost Castle is the perfect board game for you!

Breakdown of Components

The Ghost Castle board game consists of a large double-sided playing board, 54 game cards for the game, six hidden cauldron puzzles, 16 figures that serve as miniature manifestations of ghosts, and four trays. The double-sided playing board features vibrant colors and detailed artwork showcasing a haunted mansion filled with secret passages, eerie creatures and spooky surprises. On one side of the board, players take on the role of ghost hunters trying to locate the missing spirits while on the other side they play as ghosts trying to escape from their captors!

The 54 game cards can be used in various combinations to create different levels of difficulty throughout the game. There are ‘Power’ cards used to upgrade characters and equipment as well as ‘Encounter’ cards that add challenges during gameplay. The six hidden cauldron puzzles add an interactive element by requiring players to assemble them in order for certain challenges to be completed.

Meanwhile, the 16 figures used for miniature manifestations are individually crafted with realistic details reminiscent of classic horror films. These figures come in a variety of shapes and sizes serving as great props when summoning ghosts or attempting shady tactics to get ahead within the game. Lastly, there are four trays used to house all pieces included in this set and make them easy to store or carry around when needed.

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Game Play

Ghost Castle is a board game in which players compete to become the ultimate ghost hunter. The object of the game is for each player to capture as many ghosts as possible by finding and eliminating their hidden lairs inside the castle. Players take turns rolling dice and moving their pawns around a gameboard shaped like a castle, trying to outmaneuver their opponents and find as many lairs as possible. Some spaces on the board let players draw cards or battle opponents. Once a player has eliminated one ghost lair, they can collect points by placing one of their tokens there. After all the lairs are found and the ghosts vanquished, the player with most points wins!

In order to set up Ghost Castle, each player chooses a color pawn, five tokens of that color, ship-shaped hit markers (included in the box), two six-sided dice and a concentration card (marked in 6×6 numbered squares). The players then decide who goes first in any agreed upon way. Each round begins with whoever is up rolling both dice and moving according to how they roll. If two three’s are rolled (for example), then you may move your pawn three spaces forward twice; if only one three is rolled then you may move your pawn three spaces in any direction ” left or right etcetera…

During each turn, players have various options depending on what kind of space their pawn lands on: Moveable Space: You may move your pawn in any direction until you reach another space or an occupied space; Monster Lair Space: When landing on this space you must do battle -you must roll higher than the number written above it (if lower you will lose a token); Event/Card Space: You get to draw an event/card which may have positive or negative effects; Finish Line: Once reaching here everyone rolls again to determine who finishes first, whoever does so will receive bonus ghost points at game end since they collected more ghosts than their opponents; Hidden Ghost Lairs: Landing here lets you remove 1 monster token from play revealing 5 ghost tokens underneath ” whoever has the most when all lairs are discovered wins! Whoever captures 7 or more ghosts is declared Master Hunter and instant victory!

At game end, all points accumulated by players through finding hidden lairs along with bonus points rewarded for being first finisher (<7 ghosts) determines winner.


The Ghost Castle board game allows players to customize their experience through various expansion packs. One of the most important is the Rampart Combat Expansion, which introduces new weapons and characters to the game like swords, javelins and archers that can be used to attack castle walls or defend against opposing forces. The Monster Menagerie Expansion adds a variety of monsters to battle, including dragons, skeletons and zombies. Players also have access to a variety of terrain pieces such as bridges, moats and cliffs that can be placed on the game board in order to create unique terrain features. Stronghold Construction offers supplemental structure pieces and trap cards that enable players to add defensive structures around their castle or villages. Other expansion packs include Spellbook Sorcery containing magical spells, Curse of Exilmentland with mysterious curses and enchantments, Elven Oracle Items for powerful artifacts and Minor Magics for special effects like invisibility or teleportation. With all these customization options, no two games will ever be the same!


The Ghost Castle Board Game definitely lived up to its spooky hype! I have to say that the atmosphere of the game was extraordinary, making you feel like you were in an enchanted forest. The rules were easy to follow, helping us to quickly get into the game and begin our quest for victory. The art and design was stellar, with great colour combinations and amazing characters that included fairies and trolls. We had a blast playing this game together. It would be ideal for family game night or for anyone who loves a good-spirited competition. My friends and I had so much fun completing the various tasks presented in the game, with occasional silly shenanigans thrown in for good measure! All in all, it was definitely worth every penny spent on it!

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Reviews from Others

“I played Ghost Castle with my family and we had a blast. We had to team up to figure out solutions for various traps, solve riddles, and think critically in order to make it out alive! It was an amazing cooperative gaming experience and I highly recommend it.”

“Playing Ghost Castle was like being in an adventure movie! Our excitement was turned up a notch every time we solved a puzzle or overcame an obstacle. The atmosphere kept us engaged throughout the entire game. The fact that you can play a different game every time adds so much replay value!”

“We’ve been playing Ghost Castle for weeks now, and each session is even more exciting than the last one! The cards add new challenges that keep us on the edge of our seats. This is definitely one of our favorite board games and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves cooperative gaming experiences.”

The reviews from other people who have played the game suggest that Ghost Castle is an engaging, thrilling cooperative board game experience that provides its players with multiple ways to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles as they progress through one unique game after another. They note that there is an atmosphere of excitement as they work together to figure out solutions, solve riddles, and think critically in order to make it out unscathed. Players also appreciate the replay value provided by the presence of changing cards which offer different challenges each time they are played. All in all, they conclude that this is a top-notch board game worthy of their recommendation.

Final Thoughts

Ghost Castle is an exciting family board game that tests strategy and skill. It is a ghost-hunting themed game during which players must climb the castle tower, find treasure, and save the ghosts from imprisonment in the dungeon. The game itself is fun and invokes suspenseful searching for keys to open doors within the castle.

Overall, Ghost Castle is a great option for family game night. It requires good strategizing skills as well as luck throughout your journey up the tower. While luck can turn in your favor, good decision-making skills will give you a better chance of success. If possible, having two players make moves together can often be beneficial; this way, one person can look for keys in one direction while the other looks for treasure in another direction. For best results, it is advised to keep track of how many steps each person has taken so that no moves are retraced at the end of their turn ” this will help you reach the finish line quicker! In conclusion, Ghost Castle is definitely worth its price tag: it offers an exciting and suspenseful adventure through ghostly world with enough difficulty to get your mind buzzing during each fantastic play session! We highly recommend it to any family looking for some spooky fun!

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