Battle Kittens Board Game


Battle Kittens is a strategic, card-based board game created by designer Shlomo Goldberg. The game centers around a unique concept – you must use cards to build a team of powerful Battle Kittens! These kittens range from the fierce Catastrophe to the charming Miki, and each one has its own individual strengths, weaknesses, powers and attacks. The objective is to build an unbeatable team of Battle Kittens in order to take down your opponent’s army of cats. You’ll have to make tactical decisions and carefully consider which breed of Kitties will help you the most before making your moves across the game board.

The underlying theme behind Battle Kittens is that of cooperation between creatures who may have once been enemies. In order to stand a chance against your foe’s team, you must work together with your kitties as best as possible. At first glance this might seem like an incredibly silly concept, however upon deeper analysis it reveals an important message about how beings can coexist in harmony – even those who started off with different backgrounds or beliefs can can come together for the common goal.

The designer’s vision was to create something fun and moderately challenging, where participants need to use their wits and cunning in order to create their perfect team of Battle Kittens. It encourages people to outsmart opponents through strategy instead of relying on luck alone – smart choices are required for surefire victory! He also hopes that participants pick up on hints of environmentalism throughout the gameplay – as when playing poorly, advanced breeding techniques (which mimic negative human behavior) will result in not winning each battle! Ultimately he intends for players to have fun while simultaneously being aware of potential consequences caused by careless choices made throughout playtime.

Richer Character Bios

1. Mayor Mittens: Mayor Mittens is the perfect leader and official representative of Battle Kittens’ thriving Catropolis. She’s a popular politician in the town who cares deeply for its inhabitants, always looking out for what’s best for her city”and her constituents. As mayor, she oversees all town and city affairs, including upgrades to the infrastructure and making sure everyone stays safe from danger. With her incorruptible nature, trustworthiness and strong sense of justice, Mayor Mittens offers an invaluable presence in Battle Kittens.

2. Captain Clawdious: Formerly the commander of a powerful navy fleet, Captain Clawdious has just recently retired and accepted a role in Battle Kittens as a mercantile master. He is eager to teach Catropolis’ homegrown captains his own shrewd tactics and strategies that he developed over years of merciless warfare at sea. With his wealth of experience sailing the high seas and cutting deals with pirates, Captain Clawdious will bring much-needed stability to the turbulent world of merchant marine warfare around Catropolis’ harbor towns.

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3. Professor Lionheart: Professor Lionheart is an eccentric genius from prestigious Harvard College who specializes in revolutionary invention techniques”specifically cat-based technology advances! He made a name for himself in academic circles by creating advanced devices such as a self-propelled laser cannon (reserved exclusively for military applications) or a time machine powered by napskins calico cats power pellets (just for kicks). Though not fully tested on the field yet, Professor Lionheart’s inventions promise to revolutionize warfare as we know it in Battle Kittens!

Expert Tips

• Always plan ahead; this is especially important when it comes to the placement of your pieces. Take into account their possible moves, as well as their interactions with other pieces on the board.

• Calculate all possible moves your opponent can make, and use them to plan ahead before making your own move. This will help you stay one step ahead of your opponent and ensure a win.

• Don’t get too attached to any single piece. Keeping a balanced playstyle is key; ensuring that all pieces are active, rather than just focusing on one or two and neglecting the others.

• Place your traps carefully and strategically in order to give yourself an advantage over your opponent, such as setting up a total block of square spaces around one of their pieces so it cannot move.

• Learn from defeats; think about what you could have done differently in order to win that particular game and apply your new strategies in future games!

Adaptive Challenges

Adapting the Battle Kittens Board game to fit individual play styles can be a great way to challenge and engage players. One way to do this is by creating custom rules or house rules. These can involve changing the Win Condition, alternating between strategic and tactical play as well as removing pieces from the board and adding new pieces that change strategies and tactics. For example, new pieces can provide different combat bonuses or defensive grabs, which will alter how each side moves and how they protect their cats from attack. House rules can also involve introducing new objectives, special categories of cards with extra resources for specific plays, or even changing up existing win conditions so the defeat of all the kitten tokens don’t signify an automatic loss for one of the players. Adapting the game in this way allows players to come up with creative ways to challenge themselves and others while still staying true to the original game.

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Expanding Content

The Battle Kittens Board Game is an exciting and fast paced title that allows players to take on the role of a kitten warrior. A new downloadable content pack, which can be acquired on the web or in-game, has just been released for this board game. This additional content includes 9 new battle action cards and 10 new character cards with varied abilities, trappings, and special stats. These cards are designed for competitive play and increase the complexity of the game’s mechanics by providing more strategic options in combat scenarios. The new cards also feature beautiful artwork that adds an extra element of style to an already immersive experience. Games featuring these new cards are sure to become heated and exciting, as players must use all their skill and cunning if they wish to survive the battle royale!


Battle Kittens Board Game is a fun and strategic way to enjoy a night of gaming with friends. It continues to be a popular choice due to its unique theme, crisp artwork, and intense competition. This game stands out amongst others because of the interesting components; the dice, battle boards, and character cards all add a unique element of strategy. This game relies on shrewd tactics, luck and a bit of aggression to pursue victory – it requires careful maneuvering of your Battle Kittens in order to achieve success. Battle Kittens Board Game is an exceptional card or board game for those looking for something adventurous and full of surprises. Its replayability makes it both enticing and enjoyable, ensuring that each night will be an exciting challenge. With so many strategies available at play, Battle Kittens Board Game has become one of the most cherished staples of card or board games today.

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