Battle Of The Planets Board Game


Battle Of The Planets board game is a classic, strategy-based board game that has been enjoyed by players around the world since its release in 1979. Originally developed by matchbox toys and imported from Japan, the game quickly became popular among young gamers and sparked a cult following due to its unique graphics and themed characters. In recent years it has seen a resurgence in popularity due to modern spin-offs such as anime series Gatchman and classic cartoon Battle of The Planets.The game features two teams of five planets each, competing against one another using dice rolls and strategic play-outs. Players can use numerous techniques to defeat their opponent’s moons while also protecting their own. The winner is decided when one team eliminates all of the opposing moons or captures more opponent planets than their own team can counter at once. Despite moving away from physical distribution during the late 90s, Battle Of The Planets remains an iconic part of gaming history with countless spin-off products released over the years in both physical and digital form.

Gameplay Overview

The Battle of the Planets board game is an exciting strategy game for 2-4 players. The object of the game is for each player to conquer planets in order to build their own starfleet, while protecting their home planet. In order to do so, each player has starships and laser cannons with which they can attack and defend planets, as well as a variety scenarios that they might encounter during gameplay.

The components of this game include a board with nine separate planets, 22 starships, 8 laser cannons, 24 mission cards and 4 home planet markers (one per player).

The rules are simple: on a turn, players take either take two actions or move one unit plus one action; draw one card; fight (which requires at least two players); or defend your planets using your laser cannons or starships. When fighting, each side will roll dice that correspond with the strength of their units and use special powers that may give them bonus will roll dice that correspond with the strength of their units. The winner captures the other’s planet as long as they maintain at least one unit there afterwards.

One realistic game scenario would be ‘Space Pirates’: One or more players who play pirate cards have a chance to capture planets from opponents by randomly attacking their starships and bases before retreating back into space once the mission has been accomplished. This adds an element of surprise to the game. Another possible scenario could be ‘Race for Resources’: here players must try to outwit opponents by stealing resources such as energy cubes in order to refuel their ships faster, allowing them greater mobility across the board.

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The original Battle Of The Planets Board Game is a classic turn-based strategy game for two to four players. It has multiple variations and expansions which vary in themes and difficulty level.

The “Solar System” version, released in 1994, allows the players to explore outer space and battle the Zoltar invaders, while the modern version includes extra planets that the players can colonize or fight over. There are also “duel” versions of the game which limit the board size while still giving each player plenty of room to build their defenses and launch their attacks.

The first expansion is called “Alien Invasion,” which adds tokens based on advanced alien forces as well as new rules that allow players to play with up to five opponents. Additionally, Alien Invasion adds challenge cards that give special abilities such as energy burst or increased sensor range for attacks.

Another expansion is “Guardian Force,” an enhanced version of Alien Invasion which adds a fifth race, powerful Guardian drones, and more types of terrain including secret bases and star gates to travel from one sector to another. This variation has been compared to a fully functional strategy game for six players due to its complexity and full range of strategies available for its duration time allotment.

Finally, Battle Of The Planets offers an all powerful Battle Royale mode known as “Dominion War” specifically designed for two persons with multiple setups so no two games ever play exactly the same way. Players must negotiate alliances between four distinct races in order to gain victory points through interstellar trading routes or by conquering enemy factions.

Strategies & Tips

The Battle of the Planets board game can be an enjoyable experience for all levels of gamers, from novices to experienced players. The main aim of the game is for teams to gain points and stars for their planets by completing challenges set down by their ‘overlords’. Here are some tips and strategies on how to play the game and make it more exciting:

1. Set Up Appropriately: Make sure to read through the rules so everyone playing has a full understanding of what is expected from each team. Discuss any modifications or ideas you may have with the other players before beginning, as this will help ensure everyone has a fair chance throughout the game.

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2. Choose Your Team Wisely: Knowing what traits each color possesses can help you when selecting teams so that you are able to get the most out of them during challenges. It’s also important to consider how well they cooperate and may react with one another during gameplay ” this could make a difference in the outcome!

3. Go For Clever Strategies: You don’t always need a ton of resources or skills to win at this game ” sometimes simply coming up with creative solutions and strategizing is enough to beat your opponents! Brainstorm different ways you can use items, characters and situations in order to get ahead points-wise.

4. Utilise Your Modifications: The Battle Of The Planets board game allows for various modifications which can change up gameplay significantly if utilised properly- why not try setting a rule where each team has to complete specific tasks such as building a spacecraft or constructing an encampment? This can be fun way to turn events around mid-game whilst still following your original goal!


The Battle Of The Planets Board Game has become an iconic board game in the gaming industry, appealing to a wide range of gamers. While it may not be as popular as it once was, the overall impact this game has had, both in terms of its gameplay and its legacy, should not be understated. It provided a unique take on traditional turn-based strategy games and allowed players to immerse themselves in a world of intergalactic warfare. As such, it is hard to deny the amount of entertainment this game has brought many over the years. From the sense of accomplishment felt when establishing a developed strategy, to the joys of beating your opponents to victory in a few turns – Battle Of The Planets provided fun for all levels. With its dynamic characters and endless tactical possibilities, playing Battle Of The Planets will always remain an enjoyable experience that many wish they could experience again.

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