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Board Game Cafe Provo is an exciting new concept and a great place to come and play the latest board games. We are the first game cafe in Provo, offering an extensive selection of over four hundred classic and modern games to choose from. Board Game Cafe Provo provides a fun, relaxed atmosphere with delicious food and drinks for everyone in your family. Our friendly staff can help you find just the right game for you as well as suggest strategies and teach rules for those who are unfamiliar with certain games or even with gaming in general. Our menu offers something for everyone – from light snacks to full meals – all made using fresh, quality ingredients. We also have weekly events such as 7 Wonders tournaments, Magic: The Gathering drafts, and live shows by local bands. On top of our amazing selection of board games, we provide comfortable seating options including couches, loveseats, comfy chairs, and private booths which offer the perfect spot for clans or small groups to meet up and play their favorite game. Board Game Cafe Provo enables families to put aside their everyday stress and forget about bills or work while having fun together playing games they love!


Board Game Cafe Provo offers an inviting atmosphere with a spacious interior design and friendly staff. The moment you enter, you’ll feel the same warm, welcoming ambiance that can be found in most cafes. The cafe is flooded with daylight, making it a great spot to spend time with friends during the day. On top of that, there are plenty of tables, chairs and couches available for comfortable seating, enabling visitors to settle down for hours of gaming. Plus, pleasant music softly plays in the background, providing everyone with a pleasant time as they get lost in their favorite board games. And if you ever have any questions or concerns, the servers are always willing to help out and suggest activities or provide advice on what’s popular at the cafe. All in all, Board Game Cafe Provo provides an atmosphere that’s perfect for unleashing your inner gamer!


Board Game Cafe Provo offers a wide selection of creative and innovative dishes, each with its own unique board game-themed twist. From the appetizers to entrees, every dish has been carefully crafted and tested to ensure excellence.

For starters, the cafe serves up pizza topped with classic board games like Monopoly and Scrabble. There’s also a selection of sandwiches made with fresh ingredients like turkey, ham, or veggie burgers, each with various toppings in 3D versions of popular board games. The soups, salads, and sides come in classic Cantonese style and are perfect accompaniments to any meal at Board Game Cafe Provo.

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When it comes to main courses, the chefs at Board Game Cafe Prove have really outdone themselves this time. On offer are dishes such as puzzle risotto served in a game cube bowl; strategy satay skewers made from chicken and beef strips; dice burgers filled with cheddar cheese; checkerboard pizza; triangle sandwiches cut into pieces resembling Tetris blocks; jenga-style risotto croquettes; tic-tac-toe pastas cooked al dente; foursquare burritos made in all four directions!

If you’re looking for some sweet snacks to end your visit at Board Game Cafe Provo, you can try their signature desserts such as Chess Pie Cake served on a Baamoo chessboard platter. Other treats include Snakes & Ladders frosted cookies arranged on small board games for an extra sweet kick!


At Board Game Cafe Provo, you can experience a variety of gaming activities and experiences. From classic board games to virtual reality and online play, the cafe has something for everyone. The cafe offers hundreds of board games with an ever-expanding library from which you can choose.

The cafe also offers virtual reality experiences, allowing customers to step into a completely new virtual world where they can interact with fascinating landscapes, characters, and creatures. Guests can choose from dozens of available games including role-playing games, action/adventure titles, sports simulations and more.

In addition to Virtual Reality experiences, online gaming is also available at Board Game Cafe Provo with equipment ready for customers complete with powerful PCs and feature HDMI output. Gamers will have access to multiple popular titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite Battle Royale or Rocket League that run smoothly on the high-end hardware in the cafe.


Board Game Cafe Provo offers an excellent value for families and friends who are looking for a fun-filled night out. With competitive prices, you won’t break the bank when enjoying specialty coffees and homemade snacks while playing board games from our extensive library. At Board Game Cafe Provo, you can purchase game cards and drinks for only $2 per person per day! Plus, if you plan on coming back for another visit in the future, all game cards can be reused again and again, making it more economical than ever to spend some quality time together with the people closest to you.


Board Game Cafe Provo is the perfect place for people of all ages to come together, make new friends, and have an amazing time playing some of their favorite board games. From casual game nights to competitive tournaments, Board Game Cafe Provo provides a perfect setting for guests of all types.

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For casual game nights, Board Game Cafe Provo offers hundreds of different board games in their library that can be rented out by guests. Freshening up their library weekly, they offer guests new and exciting experiences every time they visit. If a guest has friends over or would like to make new ones while playing some wonderful board games, they can find the ideal atmosphere at Board Game Cafe Provo.

Exploring the competitive side of their cafe”Board Game Cafe Provo also holds various tournaments throughout the calendar year. Guests may choose among Fantasy football leagues or mock drafts for popular strategy games such as Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride ” giving them the opportunity to use their tactical skills against one another and build lasting friendships along the way. Guests may even team up in friendly cooperative challenge rounds where they must work together to defeat difficult opponents!

When you’re looking for guaranteed fun with friends or want a chance to meet some very cool people while playing your favorite board games ” there’s absolutely no better option than Board Game Cafe Provo. Come by anytime they’re open and join in on an unforgettable gaming experience!


Tips for visitors to Board Game Cafe Provo:

1. Bring friends or family, but if you’re on your own, be prepared to make new ones! Board game cafés are all about sociability and interacting with others around the table.

2. Come prepared to learn; not all board games are familiar so feel free to ask the staff for recommendations.

3. Have patience; it might take a few rounds for everyone at the table to become comfortable with the chosen game.

4. Enjoy! The café has many snacks and drinks available plus video games and other amenities, so make sure to explore it all and have fun while you’re there!

We hope that these tips help make your visit to Board Game Café Provo an unforgettable experience!

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