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Introduction To Splendor

Splendor is an award-winning board game designed by Marc Andre in 2014. The objective of Splendor is to collect a suite of valuable precious stones by trading and purchasing them. When a player collects enough jewels, they will win the game. Play begins with cards on the table equal to the number of players plus three. These cards either have gems or prestige points on them.

The players will take turns selecting these cards, collecting gems or spending them to purchase other more expensive gems from the card pools; each gem type belongs to a different level and has its own color which range from lowest (sapphires) to highest (diamonds). In addition, there are special tokens that can be obtained centered around development (eg: clothing merchants, bankers, jewelers etc.) that can be used in place of instant reward.

Players use combinations of these 11 types of assets (gems and development tokens) to gain enough prestige points during game play to claim victory. Popular strategies among Splendor players include hoarding as many precious stones as possible while also stocking up on development tokens since those don’t have actual gem values but may provide additional benefits like extra resources within their colour family depending on which one is used at any given time; it might be wiser accumulate several levels worth rather than spending your bounty quickly for short term victories alone. Players should also strive for balance between “stocking up” for long-term objectives and being aggressive about development opportunities when possible. Moreover, taking advantage of opponents missteps when available can tip the scales against them as well – so keeping track of what others already have or need can also bode well in this regard.

Engaging Gameplay

Splendor is a classic board game that uses a combination of luck, strategy and skill to engage players in a thrilling experience. Players take the role of gem merchants who are intent on becoming wealthy by acquiring gems, building their resources and prestige. Players use different combinations of cards featuring jewels, transportation or nobleman to gain points as they attempt to beat their opponents. The ultimate goal is to obtain fifteen points before the other players do.

The game rewards strategy over luck with its easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master mechanics. During each turn, players can purchase cards from a shared pool in exchange for chips that come in four different colors which symbolize the different type of gems available: red (ruby), blue (sapphire), green (emerald) and white (diamond). Acquiring enough chips allows players to purchase cards which gives them even more powerful abilities when used strategically. As the cards rack up points over time, players much weigh the risk versus reward of their decisions as every card has an associated cost which makes them increasingly more expensive each time.

Overall, Splendor’s balanced approach between luck, skill and strategy creates an exciting challenge that appeals to a variety of audiences and keeps them coming back for more.

Benefits Of Splendor

Splendor is much more than an ordinary board game. It encourages family bonding among players who work together to achieve common strategic goals. The competitive spirit that develops during a game of Splendor brings out the best in every participant as they think through difficult choices and plan ahead for future plays. There are many educational benefits as well to experience when playing Splendor.

First, playing strategy games such as Splendor encourages critical thinking skills like problem solving and decision making. Strategy games build upon the player’s ability to deduce certain outcomes by weighing different possibilities and taking into account both short and long term details, thus honing their strategic planning skills.

Second, games like Splendor can sharpen analytical skills and cognitive reasoning by forcing players to carefully look at their opponents’ strategies, plan how best to counter them, and anticipate different outcomes from each move they make. This type of thinking requires an understanding of probability systems and deductive reasoning which can be applied in scenarios far beyond the game itself.

Thirdly, playing Splendor has social benefits as well through its team-oriented activities which involve cooperation, collaboration and communication amongst players. Players must work together as a group towards a common goal while learning how to effectively communicate with others in order to complete the task at hand; all of which can be applied in multiple settings outside the game itself.

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Overall, there are a variety of appealing advantages that players acquire by playing Splendor”with both educational and entertainment value combined into one engaging activity. Board games such as this provide infinite moments of challenge while developing crucial mental capacities that could prove beneficial even after the last piece has been put away.

Expansions and Variations

Splendor is an extremely popular board game, and to keep players engaged developers have released expansions and variations. One of the most popular expansions is “Cities of Splendor,” which adds two new game modes to the basic game. In one mode, called The Cities, you can build cities by purchasing tiles that represent various districts within them. These districts come in three types with their own particular bonuses: marketplaces for extra prestige points; workshops for increased gold gains; and temples for improved card acquisition costs. In the other mode, The Strongholds, you have to construct a network of strongholds and outposts around your city to gain resources and bonuses from allied cities.A series of limited-edition expansions called “Cities of Wisdom” were also released which included cards that increase your gold supply or activate unique powers at certain times during the game. Additionally, fans have created their own custom expansions with rules adaptations and new components like pieces of terrain or additional objective cards. These fan-made expansions often contain completely original elements as well such as larger unit sizes or special items found throughout the world map.

Special Challenges

Splendor offers players several different levels of special challenges to increase the level of difficulty of the game. The first level is called a ‘Nobles’ Challenge. This challenge requires players to collect the five separate types of ‘noble’ cards – red, green, blue, white and black- and gain extra prestige points for collecting all of them. Each noble card has a special effect that can be used once per round to help the player in their game.

Next is a ‘Development Card’ challenge where each player needs collect four development cards along with tokens and resources from other players in order to win. Development cards may also provide certain special effects such as allowing an extra buy or giving bonus chips when claiming particular colors of tokens or resources.

The third level is an ‘Upgraded Developments’ challenge where players can upgrade some of their development cards at a lessened cost by building quarries with bonus gems when collecting tokens or resource cards from opponents. Lastly, a ‘Purchase Building Blocks’ challenge requires players to create buildings from tokens by spending more gold then usual but having them available more quickly than normal purchases. These buildings come with new bonuses for manipulating resources, stones, gems and more towards victory.

All these additional challenges offer Splendor players new strategies, tactics and depths of enjoyment within the game that enhances their overall experience as well as increases the difficulty level for them to conquer.

In-Depth Look At Splendor

Splendor is a deck-building card game designed by Marc André and illustrated by Pascal Quidault and released in 2014 that was developed with the help of Mine Okayama. The game is published by Space Cowboys and Asmodee.

The artwork for Splendor consists of vibrant colors and historical Renaissance paintings, which creates an elegant game aesthetic. Ranging from metal coins to fancy gem tokens, the design of all Splendor components depict the themes of prestige, wealth, and power.

The gameplay of Splendor is simple: starting off with eight visible gemstones on the board(diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds), 2 wilds per player, a few action chips (an asset or objective track chip). Players must use their hands to “mine” gems from one pile or another. But remember! Each player does not get everything they want”resource scarcity adds another variable to their decision-making process.

On their turn, players may choose one action”collect resources (gems) or reserve cards (development cards) for later purchase upon having enough resources based on those cards’ costs. Collected gems are added to stored tokens at their own discretion until full sets are achieved; then they can be cashed in for victor point cards (VPC). With ten rounds per game average, each player gets three chances to have a meaningful impact before VPC’s higher scores more often than not determine the winner at endgame points comparison.

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Awards And Accolades

Splendor has gained a strong reputation as one of the best board games of all time. It has been nominated and awarded for many prestigious awards and accolades. In 2014, Splendor was a nominee for the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award, and in 2015 it won the Origins Award for Best Family Game. In 2017, it won two honors at the International Gamers Awards”For Club Players and For Strategy category. Much to delight, Splendor received an illustrious Mensa Select title in 2018.

The game has also been praised by critics all across the board gaming community, who have continuously celebrated its unique balance of simple mechanics with deep strategy. Consumer reviews echo these sentiments, with players finding reward in hours and hours of enjoyment wrapped up in this nicely packaged product that “goes above and beyond” what other games have to offer.

Indeed, Splendor deserves its top billing as one of the best board games around! There is truly no limit to what you can experience when playing this game with friends and family; those moments are arguably worth more than any award or accolade a board game could receive!


Splendor is a board game designed by Marc André. It is easy to learn, quick to play and challenging to master. Splendor can be purchased in many retailers both online and offline including major gaming outlets such as Amazon, Target, and Best Buy amongst others. Alternatively, it can be purchased directly from the Space Cowboys website.

In addition to the base game of Splendor, many expansions and accessories are available for purchase as well. The Cities of Splendor expansion was released in 2017 and adds four modules – Trading Posts, Orient, The Silk Road and Cities. These modules provide additional layers of gameplay consisting of moving nobles around the board or trading resources between cities – making their mark on your city’s era! A large selection of high-quality wooden pieces have also been released alongside Splendor to further enhance the gaming experience; these include player pieces representing merchants (in five different colors), gold coins and gem tokens which replace traditional card markers. Finally, an accessory pack is available which includes two drawstring canvas bags for storing all your game pieces while also protecting them when they’re not in use!


Splendor is an award-winning and highly praised board game that offers hours of entertainment, testing players’ tactical and strategic skills as they build their Renaissance-era gem trading empires. It has been described as deeply engaging, with great replayability due to its various strategies ” making it an excellent choice for families or friends who like to have continuous fun. Splendor has amassed a range of awards and accolades since its 2014 release, including the UK Games Expo (Best Board Game), Dice Tower Awards (Fan Favorite Game, Best Strategy Game), Spiel des Jahres Recommended List (2015), What’s Best Games’s Top 100 Card/Tile Games (2016). Players also often praise Splendor’s accessible yet tactically deep play and quick game time, consistently allowing for multiple playthroughs in a single sitting. Based on personal experiences among gamers, Splendor provides an incredibly unique gaming experience backed by fantastic components. Its combination of simple gameplay mechanics with sophisticated strategizing provides thrilling moments and rewards cleverly executed tactics.

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