Adult Board Drinking Games


Introduction: Board drinking games are a great way to bring fun and laughter into an evening with friends. These games turn traditional board and card games into opportunities for creativity and camaraderie, not to mention plenty of laughs. Whether you’re looking for game night merriment or just want something unique to keep the party going, here are the top 5 board drinking games to try out:

1. Up & Down the River: A classic game of strategy perfect for combining with drinks. Players take turns trying to create 4-card straights from their 9 cards, while also trying to avoid getting caught holding high numbers before other players call it. Anytime a card is drawn, a shot is taken.

2. Kings Cup: The shoe horn that makes it possible to fit any drinking game into playing cards holders! Players divide up King’s Cup style into a circle around the table and then each player takes turns drawing a card in turn. When certain cards are drawn, predetermined actions must be taken such as taking sips, pouring drinks or assigning drinks ” but when the King cups are drawn they can only by filled with a beverage which will then be made available for anyone who wants to drink from it!

3. Flip Cup: Put your flipping skills (as well as your tolerance) to the test with this race tournament of two teams set new on either side of an empty cup purposely placed in middle between them; players alternate drinking and flipping their cups over until both sides reach opposite ends without spilling anything on ground or deciding table. Fun twist here lies not within single flips but different strategies adopted by members of each team!

4. Battleships: Up your battleship sailing skills while having fun and drinking like there’s no tomorrow ” this popular family game gets excitingly transformed when combined with cupfuls of spirits! Two teams generate ship-plots along heighted walls; alternating turns when shoot hit ship one team shall select number sip shots taken by other (how creative).

5. Jenga Tower Challenge : Keep guests busy whilst enjoying some adult beverages – competition intensifies as ever growing tower starts trembling more once new pieces added! Challenge series can last whole evening plus so much opportunity for combos – measuring down tower from front back floor levels plus you could make those jenga blocks just extra challenging by limiting exact amount liquids allowed yet doing dry runs too so everyone keeps track on whose winning any give day…no surprises rules apply for no stacking passed 6 block heights !


Adult board drinking games are an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long day. By engaging in these types of games, adults can relieve tension and stress from work or family life while also connecting with their peers and friends. These interactive games help participants improve socialization, boost creativity, and promote problem-solving skills; apart from being enjoyable activities that lead to memorable experiences. Additionally, playing board games provides adults with an escape from the everyday stresses of life as they engage in enjoyable conversations in a safe environment while spending time with friends or family members. Moreover, more strategic type board games can provide an exercise for the mind which may positively improve brain functioning in addition to relieving stress. Finally, since board game drinking helps foster social connections through laughter and shared memories, it can be an important factor for positive mental health.

Popular Drinking Games

Beer Pong: Probably the most well-known board game among adults that involves drinking, Beer Pong is a two-player game where players try to bounce a ping pong ball into several cups of beer. The player that scores the most points wins.

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Ring of Fire: Commonly played with cards or at the bar, Ring of Fire is a great drinking game for adults. It involves making a circle with all available playing cards, each card having an assigned rule for anyone who has to drink.

Flip Cup: Another popular board game among adults, this one requires teams of two players each who have to drink from their cups and then ‘flip’ them upside down in a certain order. Once they have all flipped their cup, they are declared the winner.

Battleshot: This is an exciting board variation on beer pong in which teams take turns shooting discs at their opponents’ playing pieces trying to sink them in specific locations on their individual boards. The first team to sink all five pieces wins.

Sink the Ships: In this game, teams take turns trying to guess the coordinates where their opponent’s ships are located on a checkerboard grid map. When correct coordinates are guessed, those ships become sunk and teams move on until one team’s entire fleet has been sunk by the other team.

Shot Roulette: This dice-based drinking game requires players from each team to spin up a metal container containing numbered dices with instructions on what type of alcoholic shot must be taken when rolled over across different numbers/combinations issued per turn by each player before passing it down to another teammate by maintaining respect towards others present in accordance with global safety protocols set forth by international health communities.

Setting Up

When setting the stage for an adult board drinking game, it is important to pay attention to atmosphere and necessary supplies. Create a warm and festive environment with lots of light and classic party music that everyone can dance to. Set up a comfortable seating area with chairs or couches, or even an outdoor patio if you have one. Have plenty of food ready to snack on, such as chips and dips or something more substantial like pizza and wings. Invite your friends to bring their favorite drinks ” hard liquor, beer or wine ” whatever they prefer! Also make sure there are lots of different mixers on hand such as soda, juice, tonic and various syrups. Supply enough cups, shot glasses and shot measures (for tequila) so that everyone has enough for the games! Use decorative materials like balloons, streamers, lights and plants to brighten up the room in a visually pleasing way. Finally set up the playing board that everyone will use throughout the night’s fun activities – pint glasses with every player’s name at each seat creating anticipation before the game begins!


1. Decide on a designated number of rounds: Establish the number of rounds in advance ” this can depend on time restrictions, the size of the group, or preference. Illustration: a number line with the designated round numbers clearly marked.

2. Design a drinking rule for each round: These rules could include drinking based on particular cards or card combinations, or forfeit-based activities that are played at the same time as the board game itself. Illustration: A row of playing cards, handcuffed hands as representing forfeits, and dice as representing random chance-based cards/activities.

3 Drink responsibly: Make sure to drink responsibly throughout all rounds and ensure that someone is appointed to monitor players’ alcohol consumption. Illustration: A glass with a stop sign next to it indicating responsible drinking levels and measures being taken.

4 Finish off with some laughs: Take turns telling jokes to break tension or tell funny stories post-game instead to finish off the night with laughter! Illustration: Smiling faces illustrated around a campfire with laughter and sharing stories.

Alternate Ways

Game Pieces:
• Playing cards
• Dice
• Board game pieces (e.g., chess pieces, checker pieces)
• Custom game pieces like poker chips or colored stones
• Quarters
• Empty beer cans/bottles (for a spin the bottle game variation)
• Shot glasses or chasers
More Complex Game Variants:
• Building a pyramid of empty beer cans and having each player in turn try to pull one can out without disturbing any of the others. If a can is knocked over, the player must drink the contents that spilled out.
• Alcoholic Battleship ” Each team arranges their “ships” (shot glasses) on a custom board then takes turns guessing where the other team’s ships are located. When someone makes a successful guess, the shot glass is taken away from its place and filled with alcohol for its owner to drink.

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Tips and Tricks

Starting conversations:
Before the game starts, it may be helpful to ask people in the group what they want out of their drinking game experience. Questions like “What type of stories do you want to hear?” or “What topics should be avoided in the game?” can help get people talking and help prepare them for a comfortable evening of fun. One great way to foster conversation is to start with a round of “ice breaker” questions. This helps everyone get familiar with each other quickly, as people in the group get more comfortable and start to open up about subjects that interest them.

Measuring individual alcohol consumption:
It is important for players of adult board drinking games to know their limits when it comes to alcoholic beverages. A great way to monitor individual alcohol consumption levels is using shot glasses (or another measuring device) when pouring drinks for each player in the game. Also, if someone gets too drunk too quickly simply have him/her slow down by having a lower strength drink, or abstaining from drinking during certain rounds.

Maintaining a safe and enjoyable environment:
Creating an enjoyable yet safe atmosphere is key for any adult board drinking game activity. To ensure everyone has a good time while also remaining safe, take simple steps such as avoiding excessive drinking, assigning designated drivers that don’t drink alcohol during the night or encouraging everyone to drink plenty of water throughout the duration of the game. It may also be helpful to set rules regarding outside food and beverage items that can prevent unhealthy or unsafe choices such as sugary snacks or strong alcoholic drinks. Lastly, maintaining an appropriate level of noise control helps both maintain safety and encourages productive communication at all times – too much sound can over-stimulate potentially intoxicated guests while too little defeats the purpose of playing adults only board games!


Adult board drinking games can be a fun and entertaining way to make memorable moments with friends and family. For example, you could make the classic game of Monopoly more exciting by adding rules such as taking drinks every time you pass Go or drawing cards that require someone to chug an entire beer when they land on applicable spaces. Similarly, adding simple drinking rules to fast-paced games like Uno or Carcassonne can make for a unique experience. If trivia is more your speed, there are plenty of trivia card games available that add a boozy twist with rules such as the loser of each round takes a shot; creating a very energetic atmosphere in which memories will likely be made! With some creative repurposing of your favorite classic board games, your next game night might quickly become one for the books.

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