Board Game Cafe San Antonio

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Welcome to Board Game Cafe San Antonio, an oasis for people who love playing and learning about the world’s best board games modern and classic. Here you can relax, snack, and have conversations with friends while engaging in hours of wholesome entertainment. Our board games come from around the globe such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and North America and are sure to delight all gamers – from beginners to pros.

The atmosphere at Board Game Cafe San Antonio is friendly and inviting, with a bright and cheerful interior that is always buzzing with fun. Visitors are welcomed into a fun-filled space where everyone can enjoy themselves – no matter their age or skill level. We have experienced staff on hand to help out with game selection, setup and play.

Board Game Cafe San Antonio was established 11 years ago with a mission of connecting friends through the joy of gaming. Since then we’ve been introducing customers to exciting new board games from all over the world while still offering classic favorites like Chess, Checkers and Backgammon. We even offer custom game designs when requested! So come on down – it’s always a great time at Board Game Cafe San Antonio!

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Board Game Café San Antonio is proud to offer a unique gaming experience to its customers! In addition to the open-gaming format that allows individual players to explore our library of favorites and new releases, we also host team and group play events. Group play provides an array of opportunities for fun and creativity. Not only can playing in a group create a more lively setting, it can also act as a great source of social interaction. Through playing in teams, people can take their strategic game plans further and practice communication skills with their peers. Whether you’re simply debating which games to play next or forming an elaborate strategy against your opponents, team play is sure to bring excitement and entertainment. Consider coming down with your friends today for an extra special board game night!

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“Board Game Cafe San Antonio was an incredibly fun and welcoming place to spend the afternoon with friends. We had a great time playing all sorts of different board games and the staff were so helpful and friendly which made the day even better.”
– Travis, customer

“I haven’t been to a board game cafe in years, but my recent visit to Board Game Cafe San Antonio reminded me just how much fun they can be. The café has a fantastic selection of games and some truly unique food options that are great value for money.”
– Hannah, customer

“Board Game Cafe San Antonio is an excellent venue for both experienced and novice gamers. Not only do they have an extensive range of board games but their knowledgeable staff were also able to provide tips about certain games which really enhanced our gaming experience.”
– John, customer

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Board Game Cafe San Antonio is a vibrant, family-owned business created with the mission of giving customers a unique and engaging experience. The owners, Michael and Clara Michaels, are passionate about bringing together diverse gro ups of people to enjoy classic and modern board games in an atmosphere conducive to socializing, such as a personal cafe barista service alongside weekly special gaming events. They strive to make sure every customer can find their favorite game while also discovering something new that they may not have tried before. With exceptional customer service and a wide selection of games ranging from strategy based to party favorite classics ” Board Game Cafe San Antonio is a great spot for anyone looking to get their game on!

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