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Wingspan is a highly acclaimed competitive board game, released in 2019 by Stonemaier Games. The game was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and has won numerous awards, including the 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres (the most prestigious award in board games). Players take on the role of bird enthusiasts and have to build their own bird-filled sanctuaries. They must manage resources, attract different species of birds, build food chains and expand their habitats to maximize the beauty of their aviaries.

The game has met with critical praise; users have praised its level of strategic depth and strong balance between luck and skill. It also features lovely components that appeal to long-time players as well as newcomers alike. With its captivating artwork and brilliantly layered mechanics, Wingspan is undoubtedly one of the year’s biggest hits.

If you’re looking for a copy of Wingspan Board Game, you can find it at many online retailers or specialty gaming shops. In addition to these sites, Amazon is an excellent source for finding discounted copies of this fantastic game if you’re willing to shop around. You may also be able to find copies available from local board game hobby stores or conventions – though due to limited availability these can often be more expensive than buying online. Finally, consider asking around among your friends; there’s a good chance somebody might have a spare they are willing to part with!

Overview of Gameplay and What Materials and Accessories are Required

Wingspan is a competitive, medium-weight, card-driven board game for 1 to 5 players. It was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and released in 2019 by Stonemaier Games. The main goal of the game is to attract birds to your wildlife preserve using strategy and tactics. Players have actions turn over turn to gain food, lay eggs, and draw from the deck of bird cards in order to build their aviary with the most points at the end of the game.

The game includes three unique decks of bird cards, 110 cardboard supply tokens that serve as food and as eggs during the game progress. There are also five wooden dice which help players collect food to feed their birds. The rulebook explains how different bird abilities interact with each other for strategic effect and introduces expansions that are available for more variety in gameplay; however these are not necessary for playing Wingspan correctly. Lastly there is a special scoring pad included so that players can track their progress throughout the game or multiple games.

Wingspan can be purchased online at several retailers such as Amazon or directly through Stonemaier Games website who also offer premium versions with upgraded materials and accessories such as metal coins instead of cardboard tokens, die-cast metal birds instead of wooden meeples, and an acrylic dashboard instead of provided paper scorepad.

Quality and Construction of Its Components and Accessories

The Wingspan board game is made of sturdy cardboard, with a few heavier pieces made of plastic. The components are designed to last and be handled often, making the game easy to enjoy over and over again. It also includes 165 bird cards that are digitally printed on thick cardstock, adding to the durability of the game. Furthermore, there are five wooden dice included with different colored birds painted on them for ease in deciding which colour of birds get points. There are also 84 food tokens shaped like eggs used as resources throughout each turn. The artwork that appears on all components makes for an extra special touch when playing this game. It can be purchased from reliable retailers such as hobby stores and websites such as Amazon.

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Benefits of Playing Wingspan Board Game for Different Demographics

Wingspan is a popular board game that has been praised for its balance of educational and entertainment value. The game can be enjoyed by all ages as it provides an engaging experience that simultaneously teaches players about bird knowledge. From casual gamers to hardcore strategy experts, this game offers something for everyone.

For children, Wingspan offers an easy-to-learn mechanic which allows even very young players to understand the basic mechanics of the game and play along. By gradually introducing more complicated concepts as play continues, kids can retain new skills and knowledge in a fun and interactive way. With bright colors and cute illustrations those same concepts come to life creating a memorable experience for both adults and children alike.

For adults, Wingspan serves as a thrilling challenge due to increasingly complicated strategies present in later stages of the game; this provides veterans with an enjoyable challenge that keeps things fresh even after multiple plays. Additionally, adults will appreciate the wonderfully crafted art which helps bring the theme of nature to life while also enhancing their engagement in bird identification awareness topics through an aroma that appeals to their knowledge base during each turn they take.

Overall, Wingspan is perfect for any crowd looking for a fun game night session full of information on winged creatures! It is available at many stores including Target, Walmart, and Amazon”making it easily accessible to buy if you’re interested giving it a try!

Strategies for Success for Players of All Skill Levels

Wingspan board game is one of the most popular board games of recent years. It is a bird-themed game that has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Spiel des Jahres 2019. You can buy Wingspan board game in stores and online.

When looking to purchase Wingspan, it is important to note that not all versions of this game are the same. Be sure to check which version you are buying as there are expansions for both Europe and Oceania with different cards and rulesets. Additionally, there are alternate versions with different configurations of pieces available in some retail locations too.

Once purchased, understanding how to play the game is key to success. An individual may choose to learn the rules through online tutorials or through playing with others who have experience with the game. Players should also ensure that they understand the various strategies applicable for each round or turn of gameplay, as well as tips on keeping score or determining winning outcomes. Knowledge of these details will give any player an advantage when playing at tournaments and with experienced players. For helpful examples, players may search for written walkthroughs or guides from experts who provide tactical advice on how best to utilize their resources within the game’s setting and its mechanics. Finally, it can often be beneficial to consult websites such as BoardGameGeek where other users review their gameplay experiences and favorite strategies pertaining to Wingspan’s overall strategy structure and expansion possibilities too!

Where to Buy Wingspan Board Game in Stores and Online

If you’re looking to buy Wingspan board game, there are several options available. You can purchase the game from a variety of traditional brick-and-mortar stores, such as Barnes and Noble or Target, or even specialty gaming stores like GameStop and ThinkGeek. If you’re looking for an even bigger selection, you can browse Amazon to find hundreds of listings for the board game with various prices and discounts available.

For fans of online shopping, there are also plenty of websites that sell Wingspan board game online. Sites like Miniature Market and Cool Stuff Inc offer different versions of the board game in standard editions and special themed versions. Additionally, BoardGameGuru offers a selection of both new and used versions at discounted prices along with free shipping options. Finally, specialized web stores such as The Dice Tower’s website offer exclusive bundles which feature the base game with expansions designed to enhance your playing experience.

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Wingspan is one of the most popular board games on the market, with millions of people around the world playing its innovative new take on classic wildlife-themed tabletop games. Unlike many other popular board games, Wingspan stands out for its unique mechanics and artwork. In addition to being an interactive game that requires players to blend strategy and luck to succeed, Wingspan also offers a visually appealing backdrop that immerses players in a vivid nature experience.

When compared to other popular board games such as Catan or Settlers of Catan, Wingspan stands out for its focus on creating and nurturing habitats which are very important in our current changing environment, which often gets neglected in similar type game. Players must manage their resources including birds, food sources and birdwatching activities throughout the game. This makes for a much more engaging and rewarding game experience than one might find in other classic board games.

So where can you purchase Wingspan? It is available for purchase at most major retailers such as Walmart, Target and Toys “R” Us. Additionally, it can also be bought from online sites like Amazon or from specific game stores both online and off-line. Some gamers have even sought out original copies of Wingspan through eBay or other auctions sites; however, these can become quite expensive due to high demand so it’s important to shop around before committing to a purchase.


Wingspan is a popular board game that is perfect for fans of tabletop and card games. The game is based on the different birds of the world, with each player trying to build the most impressive aviary. To do this, players must use resources such as food and habitat spaces to support their growing population of birds. Wingspan has been praised as an engaging and educational experience, as players learn about birds from all over the world.

If you’re looking to purchase Wingspan, you have several options available. The game can be found at most stores that sell board games or online shops such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Barnes & Noble. Additionally, fans of Wingspan can also find pre-owned copies on sites such as eBay or local gaming stores. Some stores may even offer special promotional bundles that add extra content exclusive to certain retailers!

Additionally, Wingspan stands out from other games due to its variety of bird cards that feature vivid artwork and beautiful illustrations by renowned artist Natalia Rojas. The bird cards also include interesting facts within each species’ description which adds an educational component to the game experience. With an innovative set-collection system and unique resting mechanic this makes for a much more interactive experience than traditional card games like poker or solitaire. Furthermore, a branching bonus use speeds up turns so players don’t need to wait too long between their turns!

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