Pop It Board Game Rules

Add a subsection for Variations

1. The “Pop-Ups” variation – In this variation the goal is to start a “pop up” chain before your opponents can 12 total pops. On each turn, a player must move one piece and then pop two pieces that were NOT involved in the last move (if possible). Play continues until one player has reached or exceeded 12 pops.

2. The “Heat Sink” variation – In this variation the goal is to heat up one side of the board for maximum effect. To do this, players can either choose to move their pieces normally or chooses to heat up the surrounding area by popping their pieces. Normal movement reapplies for those that don’t want to heat things up – but it will take longer!
The game ends when one side is eliminated or no more moves are possible with legal parameters.

Incorporate an Estimated Time for Completion

Pop It is a fun and colorful game designed to test your reaction time that can be played by 2-6 players. Players take turns rolling the dice, then pressing the fast action buttons in the corresponding color. The last player to press the button is eliminated. The game ends when there is one player remaining, who becomes the winner.

Estimated Time for Completion: Depending on how quickly each player reacts, completion of a full game of Pop it will most likely take between 20 – 40 minutes.

How To Get A Board Game Idea Developed

Include an Age Range

Pop It is designed for children ages 6 and up. Players should be able to appropriately understand the rules and handle some level of instruction. Children under 6 may need additional guidance and assistance from an adult.

Provide examples

Example Scenario 1:
In Pop It, the goal is to be the first player to collect three pops without forming a Popsicle. On your turn, you roll a die and move around the game board. When you land on certain spaces, you get cards that allow you to take pops from the center of the board. If your turn ends with two or more pops in front of you, then you’ve created a Popsicle and are out!

Example Scenario 2:
On your turn, you land on a Lollipop space and pick up two cards from the deck. One card allows you to take a red pop and one lets you take a blue pop. Do you decide to add both? Or just one? The choice is yours but if at any point during your turn, including when this card was drawn, your pops match in color then they form a Popsicle and eliminate you from the game!

Suggested Number of Players

Pop It is a board game for 2 to 4 players that combines strategy, luck and fun. Each player should divide 9 pieces: 1 Wild card, 4 Balloon cards, 4 Ribbon cards and the Popper in half and arrange their square frame. The first player should place the Popper anywhere on the board and then places any of his/her pieces onto flat surface with them standing on 1 side. This alternates until all the pieces are placed on the game board. On each turn a player can either pick up one card from any opponent’s stack or use the Popper to move their own pieces anywhere on the grid. The objective is to score points when one of your pieces lands next to another piece of your color forming a Pop sequence (same color connected in two straight lines). Players’ aim is to create more sequences than their opponents before all the squares fill up. Points are awarded for each Pop sequence made; 5 points for Wild Card-Wild Card, 7 points for Wild Card-Balloon or Wild Card-Ribbon combinations and 9 points for Balloon-Ribbon combinations. The winner will be declared once a player reaches 50 points or when no players can make any other moves left in the end.

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