Board Game Food Chain


Board Game Food Chain is a fun strategy game for two to four players, ages 10 and up. In the game each player starts off as a small fish at the bottom of the food chain and tries to move their way up the chain to become the biggest predator.

Instructions: On each player’s turn, they roll two dice, then move their piece that number of spaces up or down the food chain. The catch is that you can only go lower if there are no other pieces directly above you. You cannot move higher until nobody else is below you.

Strategies: The main strategy when playing this game is trying to out-maneuver your opponents by using smart positioning moves such as forcing them into an unfavorable spot or invading one of their occupied territories. It’s also important to think ahead and plan out your moves so that you can make efficient use of your turns and get closer to becoming top predator.


“Board Game Food Chain is an exhilarating game that tests your knowledge of ecology and the food chain. I loved connecting cards to create longer chains while strategically harvesting food from the chain. It was both incredibly fun and educational.” – Michelle, age 33

“My kids and I had so much fun playing Board Game Food Chain. They were able to learn about the environment while also strategizing to get their highest score! My 7-year-old couldn’t wait for our next game night!” – Mark, age 43

“Board Game Food Chain was a great way for me to teach my kids about the roles every species play in the natural world. Not only do you learn about food chains but it’s a competitive and exciting game too!” – Joan, age 30

Tips for Beginners

When introducing new players to Board Game Food Chain, the host should be sure to provide clear and concise instruction. Provide examples of how each animal interacts with one another beginning with the bottom of the food chain, so that there is a full understanding of how the game functions. Explain each turn’s action in detail, so that all players are aware of which cards they can play and which cards they must collect.

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Additionally, take turns offering support and encouragement as individuals make mistakes or have difficulty understanding certain rules. When having difficulty remembering instructions, allow other players to offer assistance or review your strategy if possible. Remember that everyone is trying their best to learn and understand the game equally!


Board Game Food Chain is an exciting game that encourages players to create their own food web by connecting different types of organisms. Players start off with 4 organisms and must create a realistic food chain for them by adding additional species, consuming energy, expanding their habitats, and dealing with natural disasters. The game promotes critical thinking and teaches valuable lessons about the importance of biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.

Playing the tutorial video will give players an understanding of the rules, how to set up the board, and how to play the game. Watching playthroughs of the game will let players gain insight on strategies they can use while playing Board Game Food Chain. Videos can be found on popular gaming review sites such as YouTube or Twitch which are sure to put any player’s comprehension of the game’s mechanics on full display.


Board Game Food Chain is a fun and interactive game for players of all ages. With an ever-changing food chain that shifts around the board, you never know what will happen next! Each turn, roll the dice and make your way across the board, trying to become the strongest predator in the jungle. Choose your prey wisely as you strive to eat them all before your opponents do and get ahead of the competition.

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Interactive: Develop interactivity on the board to allow for a more stable ecosystem where players can challenge each other’s resources and abilities. This could include adding special cards which affect moves or have unique effects like gaining extra points or immunity to attacks.

Visuals: Incorporate colorful illustrations or photographs to help bring the game environment alive such as visuals of different animals eating one another in their natural habitats. Showing realistic photos of forests/jungles with predators and prey making their way around could also create an immersive atmosphere while playing while teaching players about nature at the same time!


Other games that are similar to Board Game Food Chain include: Jurassic Harvest, DNA Evolution, Carnivores, The Lion King Survival of the Fittest, and Jungle Rush. All of these games feature a food chain structure in which players must use tactics and chance to advance through the game. In Jurassic Harvest, players build their own prehistoric food chains by playing a combination of cards and dice. In DNA Evolution, players have to evolve Neanderthals into modern people by following a food chain. Carnivores is a dice-based game where players control competing tigers that advance across a landscape seeking food. The Lion King Survival of the Fittest features animal cards that represent predators and prey within the African savannah. Finally, Jungle Rush is an action-packed card game where players race to assemble their own jungle food chain.

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