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Mars Colony is a Board Game that puts players in the shoes of colony eñgineers attempting to build a long-term settlement on the Red Planet. Players must strategically manage every aspect of their settlement, including harvesting materials, building habitats, and dealing with colonists as they explore one of humanity’s most daring endeavors. Designed by three engineers who wanted to recreate their own experience of Mars exploration and colonization, the game has come out to huge acclaim from SpaceX fans worldwide.

The concept of settling on Mars has been around since humans first pointed telescopes at the red planet. Pioneers have always looked to the unknown for potential ventures, whether it be planes traversing oceans or colonizing dreams from new worlds. It was proposed by scientists Carl Sagan and Gerard K O’Neill as early as 1975. In recent years we have made tangible progress towards establishing colonies on Mars thanks to Elon Musk’s Space X program and other organizations leading the way in space exploration. The goal is to ensure human life can thrive in space without adverse effects or hostile systems which could cripple a mission before it starts. To get there safety protocols alone will require extensive testing and planning before anything else can be done.

The objective behind Board Game Mars Colony is simple: become the first Human civilization with a self-sustainable colony orbiting just outside our own planet’s atmosphere. Players will need to carefully manage resources such as food, oxygen, power and water in order to survive and be successful in this interplanetary adventure; this includes boosting morale among their Colonists as they adapt to living on an alien planet over potentially many generations until eventually becoming inter-stellar explorers

Overview of Gameplay

Board Game Mars Colony is a strategic colonization game for 2-4 players where the goal is to construct and develop a sustainable settlement on the planet Mars. The game consists of a main board, four player boards which represent different teams of colonists, and various resources such as energy, water, oxygen, food, and building materials. Each team starts with an already established base camp with basic resources but must compete against each other to further develop their camp and gain access to more resources.

Players take turns placing resource tiles onto designated spots on their individual board in order to create structures like housing units or factories which generate essential supplies. They are also able to purchase permanent developments that provide extra bonuses like added resources or increased storage capacities. The ultimate goal is to maximize efficiency while managing resource consumption with wise decisions regarding construction projects. Players may also challenge each other through “space races” by competing over spaceship parts in order to build the best ship possible! This competition helps amplify victory points at the end of the game when tallied up. The first team to reach 30 victory points wins traveling rights away from the planet and back home to Earth!

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Appealing Features

Board Game Mars Colony is an exciting, fun-filled game that feels as close to a realistic approach for colonizing Mars as you can get. Players create and maintain successful colonies on the red planet by managing resources such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, trade with other players through bartering or advanced technologies like market trading, and use various strategies to thrive in the unknown environment. The game’s unique artwork and visuals provide an immersive experience that takes you on a journey away from earth and gives you a true taste of what it would be like to explore space.

The effects of game mechanics like trading and resource management make Board Game Mars Colony quite challenging, ensuring a rewarding experience during each playthrough. What makes this game so special is its thematic approach: players have to make every decision with the fate of their colonies in mind as they’re running out of time and resources, just like real astronauts will have to do when trying to establish a settlement on Mars. Plus, the atmosphere of this board game adds thrilling tension while playing. With all these elements together, Board Game Mars Colony paints an exciting picture of interplanetary exploration.

Community Reaction

The online community response to the board game Mars Colony has been overwhelmingly positive. Reviews of the game often remark on its detailed graphics, challenging game play and overall enjoyable experience. Fans of the game have created videos showing their creative take on playing it, and some have even developed custom game modifications. For example, some fans have created spin-offs of the original game that focus more on resource management, while others have taken elements from science fiction and incorporated them into the core game to make it even more immersive. Whatever modifications are made, one thing remains clear: Mars Colony has become an instant classic amongst board games.

Expanded Versions

The popular board game Mars Colony has gone through several evolutions since its initial release. The core version remains grounded in the idea of establishing a sustainable colony and managing resources on the Red Planet, but expansions have added to this unique theme by adding a mix of additional strategies. The first expansion, titled Astronaut High Command, introduced new characters and an economy system for trading resources. It also added the option for players to launch their colony into space and explore new galaxies.

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Later editions of the game added more content such as multiple Martian habitats, an Advanced Technology Card Deck with unlocking access to powerful items and abilities, secret exploration tiles encouraging frequent replayability, and extra scenario cards for more strategic possibilities. These expansions included Military Tactics which offered new military technologies like plasma cannons, missiles and robots. New Discoveries allowed players to research strange alien artefacts from other dimensions such as Infected Insects or Antigravity Space Ships – a great source of ambition points used to gain victory in the game.

Each successive version of Mars Colony has built upon earlier versions while offering something completely different and unique in terms of gameplay experience and objectives. With each expansion the board had additional choices and opportunities enabling repeat play across all levels of complexity desired by those looking for a rich strategy gaming experience full of powerful twists and turns.


Board Game Mars Colony is a fantastic and unique board game experience that puts the player in the shoes of a pioneering colonizer on Mars. Players must carefully maneuver through various challenges and daily life predicaments to ensure the success of their settlement. It offers an exciting, engaging and media rich experience for players of all levels of gaming expertise. With its engaging mechanics and deep strategy elements, Board Game Mars Colony will provide hours of entertainment and challenge as you work together to establish a successful Martian settlement. In conclusion, Board Game Mars Colony is an incredible experience with great replay value that should not be missed by gamers looking for an imaginative journey!

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