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Location & Hours

Board Game Store, King of Prussia is the ultimate destination for game enthusiasts. Located in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, Board Game Store offers a wide variety of board games, card games, role playing games and more! Customers can expect to find popular strategy games like Ticket to Ride and Catan, family-favorite party games like Codenames and Exploding Kittens as well as classic trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh.

At Board Game Store we strive to provide a welcoming environment where customers can browse our extensive selection while developing their gaming skills in one of our dedicated play spaces. With the help off knowledgeable staff members customers are sure to find the perfect game for them.

Store location: Board Game Store is located at 448 North Gulph Road Suite 2620A in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania 19406.

Opening hours: Our store is open from Monday ” Saturday 10am ” 9pm and Sunday 11am ” 6pm.

For those unable to make it into store or interested in checking out upcoming releases before heading in, customers are welcome to visit us online at were customers can find all of the same titles available in our physical store with even more options available for purchase or rental 24/7! Please contact us with any questions or concerns by visiting us online or calling (610) 564-9557 between 10am – 6pm Mon-Thur and 10am – 9pm Fri”Sat.

Variety of Games

The Board Game Store King of Prussia provides a multitude of options to explore and discover. We carry all the latest releases, classic party games, strategy games, family games, educational games, brain-teasers and playing cards ” providing something for everyone. Our selection is constantly expanding with new products added as soon as they hit the market. Some of our top ten recommended board games include:

1. Scrabble – The classic word game that has been enjoyed by generations.
2. Ticket To Ride ” A strategy game where players complete train routes over a map of the United States and Europe.
3. Settlers Of Catan – A resource building game in which players collect resources in order to develop settlements and procure victory points within a predetermined number of moves determined by dice rolls and card draws.
4. Kingdomino – A domino-style strategy tile laying game where players attempt to build the highest scoring kingdom by placing tiles into their realm each turn
5. Carcassonne – A tile laying game with elements from both battle and settlement management genres where players strive to build a sprawling medieval country-side out of square tiles containing resource symbols
6. Pandemic ” An intense cooperative board game where players work together to contain different outbreaks around the world while attempting to cure global pandemics before it’s too late!
7. Munchkin – An entertaining take on dungeon crawling style adventure games where each player races to level 10 through slaying monsters
8. 7 Wonders ” Players attempt to lead their respective ancient civilizations into prosperity by gathering resources, progressing technology and constructing awe-inspiring wonders
9 Dominion” This deck building card game sees 2-4 players construct their own decks as they compete against one another across 8 separate rounds earning victory points as they go
10 Forbidden Island ” Players must successfully defeat monsters plaguing the island while at the same time ensuring that 4 sacred treasure are all collected off before their island sinks into oblivion

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Competitive Prices

Board Game Store King Of Prussia offers competitive prices, comparing their game and product prices to those of their competitors. This means that they offer the lowest prices while still providing high-quality products. For example, they may have a board game that costs $50 at another store but only $40 at Board Game Store King Of Prussia. Alternatively, they may even have the same exact game listed at a lower price than what is available at other stores. Additionally, the pricing of board games can vary depending on which store you choose to purchase them from so shopping around online could result in savings and cheaper options when buying new or used games.

Knowledgeable Staff

Board Game Store King Of Prussia employs the most knowledgeable game staff in town! Our friendly, helpful employees specialize in a variety of amazing games. We have staff members that can expertly explain the rules of new and old board games as well as help provide creative strategies and tips to winning tricks. Many team members have been published for their game reviews in popular gaming magazines and several members have titles from Certified Game Rules Experts from major industry organizations. The store keeps plenty of fresh blood to make sure customers are provided with over-the-top service and knowledge that is unparalleled. Board Game Store King Of Prussia is your source for all things board gaming!

Events & Tournaments

Board Game Store King of Prussia holds in-store events and tournaments to ensure its customers have an exciting and enjoyable experience. The store hosts a variety of events, such as board game nights, RPG meets and card game tournaments. With so many options, you’ll find something to enjoy no matter what your interests are.

To inquire about upcoming tournaments or events at Board Game Store King of Prussia, please contact us via phone at (444) 111-2222 or by email at [email protected]. Our customer service team will provide you with further information about the type of event or tournament happening this month and how to register for it. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Customer Reviews

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Photos & Videos

Board Game Store King Of Prussia has a wide selection of board games for both adults and kids. From classics such as Monopoly and Risk to trendy, new releases such as Codenames and Exploding Kittens, the store is sure to have something for everybody.

Already been in the store? Show us your experience by posting photos & videos from inside the store! We would love to see what great gaming moments you’ve had in our King Of Prussia location. Share your pictures with us through our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram with #bgskop. You can also upload videos to YouTube and share them with us too! Let us know what game you played or which titles you liked best. We’d like to share your experiences with our other customers!


Board Game Store King of Prussia is the perfect place for board gamers of any age or skill level to explore their hobby. With its huge selection of games, helpful staff, exciting events, and vast knowledgebase, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s needs. Whether you’re new to the game or an experienced veteran, BoardGameStore King of Prussia has something for everyone. The store provides an amazing selection of great games to buy or rent for game nights with friends and family. Additionally, it offers fantastic events where players can learn new skills, hone old ones and make friends with like-minded enthusiasts. Finally, the store offers its own online knowledge base which can help anyone get more out of their gaming experience. Board Game Store King Of Prussia is the ultimate destination for board gamers and a great choice if you’re looking for quality games and knowledgeable advice. Visit BoardGameStore King Of Prussia now to experience all that it offers!

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