Board Game Themed Fabric


Board game themed fabric is a relatively recent invention that has been used to produce attractive and unique home decorations, clothing items, and other craft projects. Historically, the earliest evidence of board games can be traced back to ancient Egypt over 5,000 years ago. The Egyptians created various dice games for entertainment, as well as some simple board games with pieces representing hunting or warring figures. Over time, handmade fabrics became popular for various uses in households throughout Eurasia.

The advent of the Industrial Revolution brought about advancements in fabric production and spurred a surge in the availability of pre-printed goods. This included printed cottons depicting abstract designs and traditional motifs like plaids. These prints were often based on board game motifs inspired by classic vintage versions such as draughts, chess, Nine Men’s Morris, etc., allowing them to be easily appropriated into home décor items like pillowcases and quilts. With many crafters now turning towards hand-made crafts out of necessity or fashion preference due to industrialization effects on production, patterns featuring familiar shapes from board games such as Snakes & Ladders have also emerged alongside traditionally printed cottons. More recently advances in digital printing have made it feasible for even very small runs of these fabrics to be produced at a low cost – enabling people to bring their own personalities and creativity into their board game themed home accessories while still benefiting from mass production efficiencies.

Types of Board Game Themed Fabric

Board game themed fabric can come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and scale. Prints can range from very small single squares to large-scale prints across the entire fabric. Bright and vibrant colors often help in creating unique pieces of fabric while subtle hues such as pastels or even black and white can add a sophisticated look. Some board game themed fabrics may also feature an iconic image from the game or may incorporate several pieces of artwork that have been combined together into one design. The possibilities are endless when it comes to board game themed fabric.

Print sizes vary depending on the particular theme you are working with, but generally a larger print allows for more detail which is necessary when working with intricate designs, symbols or characters. Smaller prints can provide the same impact but often require more thoughtful consideration due to their limited area. Colors also typically vary from one piece of fabric to another and multiple shades in combination with one another work better for bolder designs that are meant to stand out more clearly against other similar pieces in the collection. Board game themed fabrics can be used for clothing, home decor items such as pillows and blankets,and for quilting projects as well.-

Benefits of Board Game Themed Fabric

Cultural Benefits: Board game themed fabric has many cultural benefits. For example, it can be used to bring a sense of nostalgia and warmth to any space. By featuring classic board games on the fabric, it will evoke memories of family game nights spent around the table that many people cherish. Additionally, these fabrics can add vibrancy and character to a room through bold colors, shapes, images, and patterns all featured in various board games.

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Social Benefits: Board game themed fabrics also offer social benefits. They provide an inviting atmosphere to gather friends and family and play games together ” or just enjoy casual conversations at home. Furthermore, board game themed fabric can come in larger prints that form complex scenes from popular board games which is sure to spark discussion between guests. Finally, these fabrics serve as great conversation topics for people who have never encountered each other before as there are so many fantastic stories behind each game!

Design Benefits: When considering materials for upholstery, curtains or even clothing such as t-shirts or shorts, board game themed fabric stands out for its unique look. With intricate textures such as florals mixed with geometric shapes and vibrant colors inspired by classic board game pieces from Carrom boards to Monopoly tokens, they provide interesting dimensions of color, texture, light and shadow on any surface they are placed upon. Whether used in a residential or commercial setting, this type of fabric is a great source of inspiration that helps foster creativity amongst visiting guests.

Popular Uses for Board Game Themed Fabric

Board game themed fabric has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its colorful, eye-catching designs. Common uses for board game themed fabric include apparel and home décor.

For clothing, board game themed fabrics often make one-of-a-kind statement pieces. Popular apparel items using board game fabrics include jackets, blouses, skirts, dresses, hats and ties. The bright colors of the fabric allow for endless possibilities when it comes to creating unique fashion statements.

In addition to apparel, board game themed fabrics are also frequently used for home décor projects as well. Pillow covers, curtains, wall art and rugs are common projects that can be enhanced with a colorful board game design. It is also popular to use multiple fabrics with the same pattern to create a cohesive look throughout a room to create a fun family game night atmosphere. Separate coordinating pieces such as decorative baskets and wall clocks can add the finishing touch to enhance any room’s design featuring board games.

Craft Ideas

Board game themed fabric is a great way to show off your creativity and provide some much needed entertainment in any room. There are many fun DIY projects you can do with board game themed fabric that will add a touch of eye-catching style to your home or craft space. Here are some ideas to try:

• Curtains: Add some vintage games vibes to your window by creating bright curtains featuring board game motifs. To make them even more playful, use a variety of boards, such as chess pieces or checkerboard print behind the panels or even squares printed all over the curtains.
• Lamp shades: Replace boring lamp shades with something fun and interesting using brightly colored pieces of board game fabric. You can create any shape you like, depending on how creative you’re feeling.
• Bags: Board game motif bags are an excellent way to shake up an outfit and demonstrate your love for classic games like chess, checkers and Monopoly. Go for a neutral colored bag with detailed embroidery work incorporating the beloved imagery of various boards layered together. Or make a statement by adorning an old bag with fabric patches representing each game piece – from wooden pawns to plastic dice.
• Wall hangings: Showcase your favorite classic board games as art for your walls by creating whimsical wall hangings featuring different characters manipulated into interesting scenes and patterns that represent their beautiful designs.

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Where to Buy

Online Resources/Retailers:

Multiple online retailers carry board game themed fabric. Examples include Modern Fabrics and Spoonflower. These websites offer a large selection of prints, colors, and fabrics ranging from lightweight cotton lawn to plush velvet. Many stores allow customers to upload or customize their fabric selections in order to create a unique printed design. For example, Spoonflower’s Design Your Own service allows customers to upload photos, artwork or graphics and have them printed on any type of fabric they choose.

Fabric Stores:

Local fabric stores may also have some board game themed fabric in stock as well as the capability of ordering it in for special orders. In addition, they can help with advice on selecting appropriate fabrics for specific projects such as curtains, bedding, apparel sewing projects, etc., and may even offer customization options like monogramming if requested.

Second-Hand Sales:

Another option is checking second-hand sales for pre-made items featuring board game themes. Online resources such as Etsy may have vintage finds that were used for drapery and upholstery but might make great sewing projects or decorations after refreshing them with new linings and embellishments!


“We’ve seen innovation in board game-themed fabrics from a variety of sources. From traditional game designs, translating into quilts and throws, to modern takes on classic ideas for apparel and homeware, there is no limit to the creative potential.” – Elaine Chubb, designer and board game enthusiast.

“It’s fascinating to see how the limitless possibilities of board games materialize when translated into fabric patterns. The bold colors and confident geometric shapes give any room an instant energy boost that stands out from traditional home décor.” – Sue Shikada, president of North Star Games

“Manufacturers have really implemented some fun and crazy patterns when it comes to designing fabric with a board game theme. It adds an extra layer of playfulness that makes every design unique.” – Johnathan Dudley, CEO of Fun Stuff Inc.

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