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Board Game Trail is a unique educational experience that combines outdoor adventure, exercise, and board games. It started in the summer of 2019, when a group of students embarked on a journey to explore the forests of Wisconsin. The idea was to create an interconnected trail consisting of different board games for each station. The trail is designed to be challenging, fun and informative for participants. With an eye towards fun and education, this trail has something for everyone from families and children to adults seeking something new and exciting.

Throughout the years the Board Game Trail has grown in size and complexity. Initially created as an outdoor club activity, it quickly gained popularity among parents who wished to have their kids engage with nature again during school holidays or weekend trips. Today, Board Game Trail not only provides Outdoor Adventure activities like hiking and xcosskiing as part of its service but also creates opportunities for learning through interactive story-telling sessions under experienced guidance. Schools can contact Board Game Trail to arrange customised trails tailored specially for students’ interests, creating moments which will last lifetime!

Overview of Each Board Game

The Board Game Trail is a fun and creative way to discover interesting board games. Through the Board Game Trail, participants can explore various games and learn about their different themes, rules, strategies, and much more.

Here is some additional information on each of the board games on the trail:

Catan: Catan follows an area control mechanic where players must build roads, settlements and cities in order to gain resources. It was originally released by Kosmos in 1995 and since then has become one of the most popular board games today.

Photos: Photos of Catan are available online that show how it looks in action and provide insight into what strategies might work best while playing the game.

Videos: There are also several videos that demonstrate how to play Catan as well as tips and tricks for winning the game. By watching these videos, people can get a better understanding of how Catan works before they even put a piece on the board.

Pandemic: Pandemic is a co-operative board game where players take on the role of disease-fighting specialists who must stop four deadly diseases from spreading around the world. The game was published by Z-Man Games in 2008 and has since won numerous awards for its innovation.

Oath Board Game Geek

Photos: Photos are available online that allow viewers to get a glimpse at this intense strategy game in action, including how players mix resources together in order to contain outbreaks around the world.

Videos: Tutorials and overviews exist that describe how to play Pandemic as well as tips to win against viruses such as Mutation or Linking Effectories Syndrome. These videos can be especially useful for newbies trying to get acquainted with this challenging game quicker.

Benefits and Challenges

The Board Game Trail has a huge number of benefits. First and foremost, it’s a great way to build relationships; participants often result in forming strong bonds with one another over their two-day journey. Participants quickly learn who the good strategists are, who excels at bluffing, and builds an indirect, yet joyful competition among all the competitors.

Moreover, while playing board games is already known to be a great method of unwinding after a stressful day or week, Board Game Trail offers an additional level of fun by giving each team building activity its own unique twist”like a creative dinner idea or performing an improvised play upon reaching the finish line.

However, if parties are rather large or diverse in terms of personality types (making communication difficult at times), teams can sometimes struggle to communicate or work together effectively during the trail. It is important to remember that this game combines individual strategy building with collaborative decision-making – so it’s essential for participants to learn how to connect with each other on both personal and intellectual levels. To overcome this challenge, participants should take some time at the beginning before heading out (but not too much time) for everyone to get acquainted and understand each other’s goals and strategies for onboarding onto the trail. Additionally, it is important for organizers to recognize when teams may be facing difficulties communicating on decisions during crucial moments – allowing extra time before tackling these tasks provides freedom from stress and allows teams more opportunities for enjoyable conversations.

Tips for Making the Most Out of Board Game Trail

1. Focus on alliance building with other players: Aligning with other players in a game can help create an advantageous situation to outwit and manipulate the game’s board & narrative.

Board Game Similar To Mafia

2. Learn basic strategy: Understanding typical play patterns and functional moves that maximize returns plus exploiting neglected assets or areas of the board will give players an edge over the competition.

3. Restrain yourself in making plays early-on: Rushing into a play without effectively evaluating your options and/or gauge opponent’s next move can be costly.

4. Utilize ‘bluffing tactics’: Falsely signal an intent to gain a psychological edge over your opponents, or even communicate disinformation at times to maintain unpredictability which may confuse them ” this is especially important in interpersonal card games such as poker where bluffing becomes a defining aspect of the game.

5. Think two moves ahead: Anticipating the possible outcomes from both yourself & opponents help make informed decisions, leading you towards optimal sequence of plays – this applies across all game genres including strategy games like Chess & Go as well as negotiations, dice or race games involving roll and move type formats


To conclude our Board Game Trail, we’d like to recommend some other board games for you to try out. If you’re looking for something a bit more strategic and complex than what you experienced at the trail, we suggest trying Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, or Carcassonne. These award winning board games offer players a unique journey each time they sit down to play with friends and family.

If your group enjoys card games more than traditional board games, we suggest trying Exploding Kittens or Fluxx. Both of these prompt fast-paced conversations while playing as players attempt to complete their goals and outmaneuver their opponents.

And finally, if you find yourself wanting something familiar yet different that the group can enjoy together, consider checking out Twister Moves party game and Cranium Cadoo – these modified version of two classics will supply hours of fun.

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