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Playing board games while flying on an airplane can provide several benefits. Not only do you have something entertaining to do while in transit, but engaging in a game of skill gives your brain a workout, making it both enjoyable and cognitively stimulating. Playing a game can also be great for socializing with other passengers ” it can help break the ice between strangers and create a more enjoyable flight experience overall.

To engage other passengers in the game-play, invite those seated around you–either directly or through the flight crew-to join in. Before the start of the game explain how to play and encourage everyone involved to take turns. To make it a more sociable experience, set rules for conversation”encouraging positive talk about destinations or past travels may enhance the group’s enjoyment of the board game even further. Lastly, limit reminders that there is still time left until landing ” cheerful energy and encouragement should help keep spirits high throughout!

Types of Board Games Ideal for Airplanes

Board games make the perfect travel companion for airplanes. They offer hours of entertainment and can easily be carried in luggage, making them ideal for long flights. Board games also erase boredom during wait times at airports; they provide a distraction between connections or to pass the time when arrivals are delayed.

Popular genres of board games that work well on airplanes include strategy, card games, and dice games. Strategy board games typically require two players to take turns making decisions in an effort to win the game by outsmarting the opponent; such popular strategy titles include Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne. Card games involve forming sets with various numerical values and suits; examples include Magic: The Gathering and Uno. Dice-based board games often involve rolling multiple dice and then using those outcomes to move pieces or tokens around a box board (often displayed as a star formation) in order to win; commonplace examples are Yahtzee, Qwirkle, or Scorched Earth!

Important Tips for Choosing the Right Board Games for Flying

When you are looking for board games for an airplane, it is important to consider the differences between traditional board games and digital/electronic versions. Traditional board games require no batteries and provide a nostalgic gaming experience. This can be a great option if you’re stuck on a long flight and need something to pass the time. On the other hand, electronic or digital versions of board games, such as those that come with tablets or smartphones, may offer even more entertainment options. They provide a variety of options when it comes to graphics and sound, giving the user an enhanced gaming experience. However, these types of board games will require batteries or power sources and some flights may restrict certain electronic devices or ones that require extra power sources. Before purchasing a board game for your next flight, make sure to double check what kind of devices are allowed on your particular aircraft as well as whether any electronics need to be turn off during your flight.

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Finding the Perfect Place to Play the Board Games on the Plane

When it comes to playing board games on airplanes, the type of game you choose can make a huge difference in terms of ease, size and portability. Bulkier games require more space and the pieces need to be stored in an accessible container. On the other hand, lightweight, portable board games are ideal for small spaces like airplane seating areas. There are several pros and cons associated with both types of board games when it comes to playing them on planes.

Bulkier Board Games:
-Bulkier board games typically have better quality components, such as thick cardboard pieces or dice that won’t slip off your lap mid-game.
-The larger size also allows for more pieces and interaction options that wouldn’t fit with smaller versions of the same game.
-The bulkiness means they take up much more room than a smaller game would and can weight more too ” not ideal if you’re trying to save space in your bag or overhead bin.
-They often come with many pieces that may be lost easily during turbulence or between airport transfers.

Lightweight, Portable Board Games:
-These games are lighter than their bulky counterparts thus making them easier to transport through airports.
-Lightweight games usually lack complex rules and can be enjoyed by all ages groups alike; perfect for bringing a family together over one common activity on a long flight!
-It may require perforated cardstock or specialized materials for parts that don’t hold up well in heavier board games due to their simple construction.
-Portable games can contain fewer components which may lead to repetition or difficulty finding new ways to enjoy the game after multiple plays.

Other Considerations When Choosing Board Games to Take On the Plane

When looking for board games to take on the plane, it is important to think ahead and research game sizes and consider the limitations of a plane. It might be best to opt for compact board games, such as travel editions or even card games, in order to maximize space when packing. Some larger board games can be disassembled for travel, so you’ll also want to ensure that instructions as well as all pieces are included. Be sure that each piece fits properly before leaving, as airports usually lack proper tools for assembling and dismantling games. Additionally, check with airline policies regarding extenuating amounts of luggage that could be accepted due to bulky game pieces taking up valuable space in your carry-on baggage.

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Recommended Board Games for Flights

Board games on flights are a great way to pass the time for both adults and kids. Depending on the length of your flight, there are a few different board game options to consider.

For short flights (under 2 hours):
– For adults: Quick-playing games like Scrabble or Bananagrams are particularly well-suited for short trips, as they don’t require a lot of setup.
– For kids ages 7+: Games like TransAmerica, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, and Machi Koro provide interactive and engaging gameplay without taking over the entire confined space of an airplane cabin. Younger children may enjoy Uno or Spot it!, which cater to shorter attention spans.

For longer flights (2-4 hours):
– For adults: Classic strategy games such as Chess, Go, Risk, Stratego, Blokus, Settlers Of Catan can provide an intense gaming experience that covers the majority of the flight.
– For kids ages 8+: Cooperative board games like Forbidden Island or Pandemic involve working towards a common goal as opposed to competing against each other which creates a positive atmosphere for playtime aboard an aircraft cabin. Additionally, adventure/quest based games like Mice & Mystics or HeroQuest can provide engaging story play time with themes that are likely familiar to young passengers.



Travelling with young children can be a difficult experience. With the right preparations and attitude, you can make your journey much more enjoyable and less stressful. Board games are an excellent way to keep passengers engaged and entertained during a flight, allowing them to pass the time quickly while also staying occupied in a safe environment. Safety should always be paramount when selecting board games for airplanes, so it is important to remember that only airline-approved games will be allowed onboard. As long aseveryone abides by these rules and pays attention to safety regulations, there’s no reason why everyone aboard cannot have fun! So grab your favorite game, some snacks and enjoy a smooth journey!

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