Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 To 2020 Board Game


Trivial Pursuit is a board game that challenges players to answer questions on a wide variety of topics. The game was created in 1979 by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott and became one of the best-selling board games of all time. To date, there have been over 55 million editions produced.

The Trivial Pursuit Decades edition released in 2010 covers players’ favorite pop culture topics from the years 2000 to 2020. This version of the game features classic cards which explore events and trends from the last 20 years and thousands of questions, broken down into 6 categories: Entertainment (Movies/Music/Actors), History & Geography, Art & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, and Wild Card (including Current Affairs). For example, fans will remember Baby Yoda’s breakout appearance in the TV show The Mandalorian or the rise of streaming music services like Spotify when answering Entertainment questions. There are also ‘quick fire’ cards throughout the rounds which test players on how much they know about recent years. The ultimate trivia champion will be crowned after answering enough questions correctly to earn all six coloured pieces and complete their game piece.

Facts and Figures

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 is a variation of the traditional game Trivial Pursuit, but with facts and questions focused on the first 10 years of the 21st century. It was released in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular versions of the classic board game.

Trivia Facts & Figures

• In addition to modern categories like “Cars & Technology” and “Music & Arts”, Trivial Pursuit Decades also includes throwback categories such as “TV & Movies From 2000-2009” and “History & World Events”.

• This version of Trivial Pursuit comes complete with 600 trivia cards featuring over 2,600 questions from experts spanning a variety of topics from 2010-2020. It contains both traditional card games and brand new Mini Max” trivia challenges.

• It’s categories are Science & Nature, Pop Culture, Sports & Hobbies, Arts & Entertainment, The Big Blue Marble (world news), Music To My Ears (music history), On The Move (Transportation Cars Industry Engines), Wild Cards (fills in any category)

• There are more than 4500 silver wedges available for players to collect when they answer each question correctly.

• The box includes 100 playing pieces: 12 game pieces, 6 Action Tokens and 82 Silver Wedges. Each player takes turns rolling a dice and moving around the gameboard answering trivia questions to earn wedges towards filling their wheel spoke. When a wheel is completely filled, it can be spun which allows that player additional chances at winning the game. Whoever ultimately earns more than six wedges first wins!

Detailed Components

The Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 To 2020 Board Game is the perfect way to test your knowledge of events and popular culture from the past decade. With over 1,200 questions on six categories, this board game is sure to be fun.

The package includes the gameboard, 6 question-containing Wheels of Fortune wedges (molded from plastic in bright colors), 36 scoring wedges (each in a different color representing each category), all-inclusive cards with questions, 1 die and an instruction booklet. The categories included are Movies & Music, Arts & Culture, Events & Trends, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure and Wild Card. All these components combine to create hours of entertainment for family and friends!

Players try to collect all six colored wedges at one time as they answer trivia questions regarding various aspects of pop culture and other significant events during the past decade. For example: There are questions on topics such as Songs that went viral on YouTube (Movies & Music), Top ten tourist attractions around the world (Events & Trends) or Popular novel adaptations into Hollywood films (Arts & Culture). Additionally, there are also challenging clues related to global developments by governments, science advancements made during 2010-2020 as well as interactive questionnaires about iconic sports figures like Lionel Messi or Serena Williams among others. Players can also look forward to wild card categories ” which come with a specific hint attached – designed to specifically test one’s general knowledge. The person who first gets all six colored wedges wins the game!

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How to Play

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 is a popularHasbro board game in which players race around the track, attempting to collect six colored wedges from unique categories such as Music & Movies, Life & The Universe and Arts & Culture. Players can win by correctly answering questions at the end of each round in order to obtain a colorful wedge.

In order to be successful at Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020, there are several strategies that players may consider employing during their game:

1. Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Before playing, it’s important for each player to identify which topics they know best and study up on any topics they are not as knowledgeable about. This will help them answer questions faster and more accurately.

2. Make Connections: When answering a question, try to think of related topics or associations that you have heard before in order to quickly come up with the answer. This can help you determine the answer even if you don’t remember an exact fact.

3. Utilize Teammates: If one player answers a question incorrectly, utilize your teammates’ strengths by asking them for assistance instead of giving up on that question altogether.

4. Pay Attention To Opportunities: Keep an eye out for “guess” spaces ” these spots give players the opportunity to guess an answer when another player has answered it incorrectly. Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible!

5. Play Aggressively: Don’t hesitate when it comes time to jump ahead or steal wedges from other players”Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010-2020 encourages aggressive play! Just watch out, because other players may try to do the same thing!

Expansion Packs

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 Board Game is the perfect gift for fans of trivia and nostalgia. This game challenges players to answer questions in a variety of categories such as History, Pop Culture, Art & Literature, Entertainment and Science & Nature”all from the last decade! Plus, expansion packs offer additional fun with supplemental materials that offer even more challenges. Players can choose from Genus XI or Baby Boomer Editions, both of which provide a blend of new challenges with classic Trivial Pursuit gameplay. From a fast-paced fight in Last Man Standing mode to a custom game utilizing your own ideas, the possibilities are endless when playing Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 Board Game with its expansion packs. The original features 800 questions divided into 6 cards per player but with these expansion packs you can double or triple their question count; giving you an even more challenging experience. Whether you’re looking for a mental refresher or challenge those longstanding family feuds that continue generation after generation”this board game has something for everyone to enjoy!

Creative Variations

The Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 board game is an exciting new addition to the classic Trivial Pursuit family. This version of the game covers topics from the last decade, including celebrity gossip, video games, internet trends and current events. It can be played in a variety of ways to keep up with modern times. Here are some creative variations of this timeless game:

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1. Who Am I? – Everyone starts with a card that has a famous person’s name on it. The only revealing clue is a few years they were born. Players take turns asking yes/no questions until someone guesses who they are.

2. Newlyweds Playing Field – Divide players into two teams and pairs them off like newlyweds as partners (i.e., husband/wife, brother/sister, etc). These partners have to answer each other’s questions before guessing who the other team’s celebrity is to score a point for their team!

3. Blindfolded Challenge – Put blind folds on players and take turns reading general knowledge questions about topics from the board game out loud. As soon as someone guesses it correctly, start over but with a new topic!.

4. Brand-New Team Challenge – Split into two teams; each member gets 3 lives or tokens representing their life in the game ” No reaching for your phone here either! If you guess correctly you get 1 point and stay alive, but if you get it wrong your life goes away! If both teams lose all of their lives then the team with more points wins.”,
5. Time Rush – Whoever can guess at least 5 correct answers within one minute wins! After time runs out”then everyone else can answer remaining questions by order of turn regardless of whether they got any right in that time limit round or not !

Fun Challenges

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 to 2020 board game is the perfect way to test your knowledge of pop culture from the last decade. The game includes trivia questions from a range of topics, such as science, sports and music. You can add an extra level of difficulty by setting up obstacles and challenges for the players before answering their question. For example, for each correct answer give during the game players can earn bonus points if they must perform a challenge like spelling words backwards, counting down from 20 or clapping along a rhythm. This added feature increases the gameplay and can add an element of fun and competition to the game.

Final Thoughts

Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 To 2020 Board Game offers an entertaining way for families, friends and fans to test their knowledge of the past ten years. The game features 1,800 questions divided into seven lively categories: Movies & Music, Pop Culture, News & Events , Technology & Gadgets, Sports & Gaming, Lifestyle& Trends and Across the Globe. Its quick-play trivia mechanic makes it easy to play together, perfect for casual fun or even a competition among family members! With its broad range of topics and question difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard, this is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. In addition, the official smartphone version of the game makes it easy to keep track of scores and share answers with other at home players. Finishing up this review, Trivial Pursuit Decades 2010 To 2020 Board Game is a great game for adults and children alike. It does well in combining education with entertainment and allows international players to join in on the fun as well.

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