Can I Return An Open Board Game To Target


It is possible to return an open board game to Target, the popular department store chain. Returns of opened board games follow a similar policy as any other opened product. This means that you may need to present proof of purchase, provide a valid reason for return, and choose from either a refund or store credit depending on if the game was purchased with a discounted price or not. Additionally, it may be subject to certain restrictions such as returning the game within a reasonable amount of time and in acceptable condition. By getting a clear understanding of Target’s board game return policy, you should be able to successfully return any open board game you buy there.

The first step when returning an open board game to Target is providing proof of purchase and giving an acceptable reason for returning it. Without valid proof of purchase, the store cannot accept any kind of return or exchange; so make sure to keep your receipt if you want one in the future! When giving your reasoning for needing an exchange or refund, make sure you keep it reasonable and specific so that the staff can process your request easily.

Once you provided all necessary information, Target will determine whether or not an exchange or refund is available for your returned item depending on its original pricing structure. If it was purchased at regular price then both options are available but discounted items can only offer store credit because Target policy does not allow refunds on items already sold at reduced prices. It’s important to note that even if the game was full price at the time of purchase, if enough time has passed since then they won’t allow returns either ” so make sure whatever item you want to exchange or receive money back hasn’t exceeded their final sale date policy limit yet!

Finally, when bringing in your returned item make sure all pieces are included and that they are kept sealed together where applicable (such as cards). If any pieces are missing from what was originally sold then Target reserves the right to refuse your request for either an exchange or refund. In this case they may offer discontinued versions of what originally came with your set as replacements instead though this option can also be unavailable if certain products have been discontinued by their suppliers over time. As long as everything is included and in acceptable condition though there should be no issues getting a successful outcome from your dealings with Target!

Can You Return An Open Board Game To Target?

Yes, you can return an open board game to Target if it is within 90 days of purchase and is accompanied by the original receipt. However, some items are not eligible for return such as music and movies, electronics, digital downloads, clearance items, gaming cards and magic sets. Furthermore, opened board games must be in its original packaging with all components required for gameplay included. If this isn’t the case then a manufacturer’s repackaging fee may apply or a store credit may be issued instead of a refund.

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Conditions Where You Can Return an Open Board Game

Yes, you can return an open board game to Target if the item is eligible for return. Most items are eligible for return for up to 90 days after purchasing, with a few exceptions that may allow returns within one year of purchase. To be eligible for a return, the board game must be unused and in its original packaging with all parts and tags intact. Any opened games must also still have their shrink wrap and it must be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase such as a receipt or packing slip. If Target determines that any piece has been lost, damaged, or modified in any way since the original purchase, then they reserve the right to deny your return request.

The Target Return Policy on Open Board Games

The Target Return Policy on Open Board Games allows shoppers to return their open board games to any Target store or location within 90 days of purchase. Customers must have receipt information and original packaging in order to make the return, otherwise they will not receive a refund. It is important to note that no opened board game items can be exchanged; only refunds are allowed. Once a return is received, it may take up two weeks for the refund to appear on the original payment card. Any discounted price offers associated with open board game returns will be forfeited when returning these items. Specialty board games that are sold out of Target’s specialty gaming area or online website are subject to modified Return Policies. Shoppers should be sure to check individual product pages before making a purchase or obtain additional clarification from an associate at their desired location.

Step-by-Step Guide to Return an Open Board Game to Target

1. Bring the open board game and your receipt to a Target store: Gather the open board game that you wish to return, along with any accompanying parts, and bring them to a Target store location along with your purchase receipt or packing slip.

2. Speak to customer service: Go to the customer service desk and explain to an associate that you would like to return your open board game item. They will help provide assistance with completing the return process.

3. Complete the return process: You may be asked to complete a simple form at the customer service desk in order for them to assist with your return request. During this time, it is important that you have proof of purchase such as an invoice, shopping bag, or credit card statement if available.

4. Receive refund: After all paperwork is completed, you will receive a refund according to Target’s return policy for opened items. Refunds may be credited back on your method of payment or received as store credit.

Ways to Make the Board Game Return Process Easier

1. Keep all of your original packaging, including the receipt or order confirmation: Having the original packaging will make it easier to return the board game as Target stores will want to see that you still have it. If you cannot provide proof of purchase, the return may be refused.

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2. Make sure the game is in like-new condition with all pieces present: It’s important to make sure all pieces are included when trying to return an open board game so that Target can resell it without any issues.

3. Reach out to customer service ahead of time for specific store policies: In general, Target stores do allow returns of open board games, but since store policies can differ from location to location, it’s a good idea to call or email customer service ahead of time and confirm that a particular store will accept your board game’s return prior to making a trip there.

4. Bring along a copy of the original box contents listing: This can help expedite your return process by providing documentation on what exactly came in the box when buying new so employees at the store can see if anything is missing before accepting a return.

Common Questions About Target Board Game Returns

Can I return an open board game to Target?

Yes, you can return an open board game to Target within 90 days of the purchase date. However, in order for your return to be accepted, you must provide proof of purchase and the item must not be damaged or show signs of excessive use. Additionally, certain items require a 15% restocking fee; so it is important to check with the store before attempting your return. If you don’t have a receipt or your item falls outside the 90-day window, then you may be able to exchange it for an identical item.


Yes, you can return an open board game to Target. Depending on the item, some may be refundable and some are not. Generally speaking, Target accepts most new, unopened merchandise within 90 days of purchase with a valid receipt or proof of purchase. This means that items which have been opened or used can still be returned within 90 days of purchase as long as they are in acceptable condition. If you cannot provide a receipt, you may still be able to make an exchange for another item or store credit for the lowest selling price for that particular item at the time of return.

To make the board game return process simpler and easier, it is helpful to keep your receipts, purchase online from Target whenever possible and when returning an item inquire about exchange options instead of a full refund if required. Furthermore, making sure to never throw away your packaging or product information is also important in case you find yourself needing to make a return or exchange. Keeping all this in mind should provide customers with the confidence and peace of mind needed when shopping at their local Target store.

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