How To Play Bonk Board Game

Introduction to Bonk Board Game

Bonk Board Game is a classic children’s game that has been around for over 60 years. It is a simple yet highly strategic game of dexterity that involves two players taking it in turns to launch colored balls through a series of consecutive steps in an attempt to finish first.

The object of the game is quite simple – each player needs to be the first one to remove all six pieces from the board. There are no complicated rules, and anyone can play as long as they have access to either the traditional cardboard set or even older versions like wooden or plastic ones.

In order to win, players need skill and good judgment when maneuvering their sets of balls around the different levels to their designated final resting places. If a player knocks their opponent’s pieces off then they forfeit the round. Strategic planning and careful timing will give any player an advantage in this exciting race against time.

To make things more interesting, historical editions of Bonk Board Games come with figures attached that resemble famous people from history or politics, adding some extra flair and entertainment for players during every match. This may explain why today there are numerous adaptations based on specific characters or worlds; such as Harry Potter, Super Mario Bros., and The Lord Of The Rings versions just to name a few that entice players from all ages into playing it!

The Setup

In order to play Bonk board game you will need the following pieces: 4 Bonkers, 1 Central Peg, 28 Plastic Tubing Pieces and the Game Board. To begin the game, first align two of the Bonkers with one of the four openings around the edge of the game board. Insert a tubing piece into each opening and secure it with a plastic peg. Once all four tubings are in place, insert a peg into each one to form an “X” shape in between them. The remaining two Bonkers will be placed on opposite sides of the game board directing towards or away from center peg depending if playing online or face-to-face. Assemble any special tools that may have come with your set and you’re ready to play!

Bonk Board Rules

1. Gather your friends and decide who will go first.

2. Place the pegs in the starting formation: four per player in a square, one peg can line up vertically or horizontally next to another, but not diagonally.

3. The player going first decides which row or column of their opponent’s pegs they want to move.

4. All of the chosen pegs must then be moved a single space in the same direction (horizontally or vertically), and then all spaces left empty by those pegs must also be filled with that player’s own pegs – if there are not enough of their own to fill them all, then they may use as many as possible and leave any remaining empty spots unfilled.

5. Play passes to the other person who now takes their turn – choosing a row or column of their opponent’s pieces, moving them all either vertically or horizontally, and filling any empty spaces afterwards with their own pieces (if applicable).

6. Play continues like this; whenever it is someone’s turn, they may select any row or column that has at least three consecutive pieces of theirs for them to move – if there are no such rows/columns on the board, then that player forfeits their turn without making a move, resulting in an immediate win for the other person.
Additionally, if a player is able to get one of their peg onto either of the corners occupied by their opponent’s pegs then they automatically win.

7 The game continues until one person has achieved either of these two winning conditions: either getting one of their pegs into the corner occupied by two opposing pieces; or preventing their opponent from making further moves due to not having any rows/columns with three-in-a-row pieces available on their turn.

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Gameplay Tips

Bonk Board is a strategic game for two to five players. The game is about maneuvering your marble into the highest point-scoring bonks on the board, while blocking opponent’s moves. This can be done by placing your pieces so that they obstruct or defend potential paths of your opponents’ pieces while creating multiple pathways for yours.

Here are some tips to make your Bonk Board gameplay more successful:

1. Positioning – Place your pieces strategically to increase the chances of landing bonks or create positions in which it blocks possible pathways of enemies pieces.
2. Tactics – Pay attention to your opponent’s movements and try to predict their actions, then plan counter moves accordingly.
3. Mobility – Move different pieces throughout the board regularly, both offensively and defensively, as this will help keep the other players guessing and make it difficult for them to develop effective strategies against you.
4. Simulation – When plotting out various decisions, try simulating different scenarios in your head to determine how many bonks you might earn or how many points you might lose as a result of an opponent’s move.
5. Timing– Pay close attention not only to where a piece is located but how much time it takes to get from one position to another, as this could be vital in taking advantage of critical moments and beating other opponents at their own game.


Bonk Board Game is an exciting family game that requires creativity and quick thinking. The game is played on a board with players taking turns rolling three dice and then placing their pieces on the colored, curved paths according to the number of points shown on their dice.

Each player has two pieces which they need to move around the board as many times as possible before reaching the end, or ‘bonking’. The goal of the game is to finish with more points than your opponents. Points are earned for every piece that you managed to move without ‘bonking’ into an opponent’s piece or one of your own pieces.

In order to score points, each turn you must correctly roll three dice and move either one or two pieces along their respective colored paths. If you roll an incorrect combination, you will lose several points and end your turn. All movement is from left to right, and doubles count as twice as many spaces. If a piece reaches the last space of its color path before bonking out it will receive additional points! The player who ends up with more pieces at the end of all turns wins and earns points for every space they moved their piece(s) in total.

To improve your score during a game of Bonk Board Game, it can be helpful to plan ahead, strategize when moving multiple pieces, create blockades for other players’ pieces whenever possible, only move a single piece if necessary (to ward off potential moves by opponents), and never roll incorrectly or chance movements that could likely fail. Utilizing strategy can mean the difference between playing for fun or playing to win!


Bonk Board Game is a fun and easy game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The object of the game is to score the most points by getting rid of your pieces first. To set up, each player places their colored pieces in the board, alternating colors, and then rolls the dice to determine who starts first. Players then take turns rolling the dice and moving along the board as indicated by the number on their die. You can also choose to forego a turn to bump an opponent’s piece off the board when they land on one of your pieces.

There are several variations and strategies for playing Bonk Board Game. For instance, if you know how your opponents play, you may be able to set up a more strategic defense against them with your pieces. Also, instead of exchanging turns rolling the dice, try randomly picking a number from 0-6 on a piece of paper or digital device for each turn; this adds an element of surprise as it involves luck rather than skill. Additionally, some people find that adding bonus squares with higher point values creates an extra incentive for players to strategically position their pieces. Finally, when playing in teams, mix up who plays which color so that each team utilizes different strategies during their turn. Whichever way you choose to play Bonk Board Game it will surely bring lots of laughs and fun times!

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Recommended Ages

Bonk is an incredibly fun and interactive board game for all ages! It’s suitable for kids as young as three years old, but it’s also a great choice for families with older children. The recommended player ages range from 3 to 10 years old.

To play, the player will roll the dice and move their pieces around the board until they reach their goal. If a player lands on someone else’s piece, they must send them back to “home” base. As long as you follow the rules and keep an eye on everyone’s safety while playing, you are sure to have a blast!

When introducing younger kids to this game, it is important to make sure that any pieces which may be small enough to fit into their mouths or go up their noses do not make it into their hands too easily. Additionally, it is best to keep anyone who does not understand the rules of the game from playing – just in case someone gets hurt due to confusion or misunderstanding of how the game works. For example, if a child does not know that when other players land on theirs they should give them permission before “bumping” them off (if at all!) then it is probably best that these instructions are discussed before starting a round of Bonk with said children involved in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I need in order to play the Bonk Board Game?

A. The Bonk Board Game requires a game board, 6 pegs, and 6 colored discs to start playing. In addition, two to four players can join the game with each player needing their own set of colored discs.

Q. How is the Bonk Board Game setup?
A. Before starting the Bonk Board Game it is important for players to lay out the pieces on the game board correctly. All six pegs should be placed on top of their respective points and all six disks should be evenly distributed among all of the players. Additionally, depending on how many players are playing, there needs to be an agreed upon order in which they will take turns so that each person gets a chance to put down their discs at all times throughout the course of a round.

Q. What are some tips for playing Bonk Board Game?
A. Some tips for playing Bonk Board Game include trying to create rows or diagonals with your discs before your opponents can since this can give you an advantage over them by blocking them from completing their own rows or diagonals as well as using blocking strategies such as trapping opponents’ disks so they cannot complete lines or move any more with that disk until later rounds where they might need it more urgently than you do! Additionally, remember to strategize efficiently during game play and try not to overlook potential moves by others that could affect your own plans – this could prove costly if you neglect them for too long! Finally, communicating effectively during gameplay is key when it comes to getting ahead in this popular board game – just make sure not to talk too much since this might distract other players from making tactical decisions themselves!

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