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The board game Castles Of Burgundy is a tile-laying strategy game designed by Stefan Feld, and it has quickly become a popular choice for casual and more serious tabletop gamers alike. The objective of the game is to earn victory points by developing various estates in medieval France. Players take turns lay down tiles and collecting resources; buying cattle, driving ships, shipping goods, and building structures such as castles and monasteries.

What makes this game stand out from other similar titles is its unique combination of mechanics, including hand management and area majority scoring. The game can be played solo or with up to 4 players per session. It steadily grows more complex as players must strategize how to manage their resources to maximize their points at the end of each round. Furthermore, there are 175 cards with different actions players can use/acquire throughout the course of the game which adds an extra layer of complexity that encourages multiple playthroughs even after mastering the basic premise. All this combined with its rich visuals (both original artworks and 3D models) make it an endlessly replayable title and one of the best contenders in its genre.

Game Materials

The Board Game of Castles Of Burgundy comes with 135 game tiles, 68 goods tiles, 20 chariots and 10 boats. It also contains a board with 2 sides comprised of 5 regions, 40 settlements, 41 estates, a die in dollar shapes, 4 scoring summary sheets plust extra paper for jotting down each player’s score over the course of the game. Furthermore, there are player platforms (36 landscape tiles and 72 building cards) along with 90 worker tokens in red, blue and yellow as well as 129 silverling coins divided into denominations of 1’s 3’s , 5’s and 10’s. Finally there is a rule book which provides in depth instructions on how to both set up the game and play it.

Gameplay Overview

The Board Game Castle of Burgundy is a highly acclaimed action and strategy game for 2 -4 players. The objective of the game is to gain victory points by trading, building, and developing your estate in medieval France.

Rules Overview:
Each player takes turns performing six actions such as “Trading”, ‘Sail’ (with sea hexes), “Build”, or “Occupy”. At the beginning of each turn, you draw new tiles from draw piles to refill empty player boards with new tiles. Then players perform their six actions before the next player can begin their turn.

For Trading action, players produce goods of two types which are exchanged with goods in other hexagons. For Sail action, they receive goods that they navigate through sea hexes and load ships onto docks. Building happens when they construct buildings on their estate hexagons following the colour order printed on their tile. When it comes to occupancy action, putting a die-value marker onto a plain green tile will convert it into an occupied tile; then next round starts with one additional action chip depending on how many dice values were placed while occupying your buildings throughout the game.

As mentioned earlier winning this board game is done by gaining victory points by trading, building, and occupying your estate during each turn. Victory points are received for connecting paths between estates or buildings together as well as for receiving shipments from ports around your buildings so be sure to make calculated and strategic moves to help increase those scores! With different rules for all numbers of players (2-4) there’s no shortness in replayability!

Ease of Play

The Board Game Castles Of Burgundy is an enjoyable game with lots of strategic possibilities. It has modest difficulty, making it more accessible to beginners and casual players. Learning the mechanics is straightforward and generally requires no more than reading the manual or playing through a few rounds. However, its deepest strategies are not immediately obvious. This means mastering the game requires practice, experimentation, and focused thought. The game offers many layers of strategy that can be built up over time as the player develops their understanding of the game’s systems.

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Strategy and Skill Level

The Board Game Castles of Burgundy is a unique strategy game that requires players to construct the most efficient and effective layouts possible using tiles in order to succeed. Players must make decisions regarding what tile combinations to focus on, when to purchase new tiles, and how best to complete their goals before the others. Additionally, knowledge of probabilities and probability estimation play an important role in strategic success. As every game is different, different strategies can also be employed; more aggressive players may focus on quickly buying as many tiles as possible while more cautious players may opt instead for a slower but methodically planned out approach to victory. Ultimately, success in Castles of Burgundy relies on both the ability to view one’s resources from the bigger picture and making calculated decisions accordingly.

Artwork and Themes

The board game Castles of Burgundy features colorful illustrations and Fantasy-style artwork. It includes beautiful, hand-drawn visual elements like forests, meadows, and rivers that create a charming outdoor scene. The game itself is themed around building up and managing estates through trading, farming, and constructing buildings. The different colors used to represent the different regions illustrate the complexity of commerce and production systems within the game. As players build their own castles, they have to use clever strategies to develop their land in order to gain an advantage over other competitors. In this way, the visuals help convey both a sense of competition as well as cooperation amongst players. All in all, the artwork helps to bring out the two key themes of Castles of Burgundy – exploration and expansion – while giving it a whimsical look.

Differences Between Versions

Yes, there are multiple versions of The Castles Of Burgundy board game. They include the original and a card-based version released in 2017. The original version involves dice and player pieces as players build their own medieval principality. In terms of artwork, it features simplified 3-D castles with vibrant colors and unique curves, textures, and cathedrals that contribute to an overall aesthetically pleasing look. The 2017 card-based version goes away from the original’s 3D castle look into a more minimalistic style that focuses on flat surfaces with mainly blocky graphical landscapes featuring fields and buildings.

Gameplay also differs between the two versions, as the card-based version combines cards with dice for more dynamic dice rolls which gives it a special twist compared to the original version.

Expansion Packs

Expansion Packs for the Board Game Castles of Burgundy typically add new components to the game. These elements may include new game boards, additional dice, tiles, sheep figures, rules changes, and other game pieces. Expansion Packs often change the game rules significantly by adding variety, more complex strategies and objectives to the base set. For example, popular expansion packs can alter basic rules that dictate player turn order or introduce new actions that increase victory points or resources. The expansions generally allow for varying degrees of difficulty as players attempt to navigate their way through a wide range of scenarios inspired by medieval life in Burgundy. By offering more difficult and skill-driven play, these expansions can artificially represent many aspects of medieval castle life and expand on the overall theme of Castles of Burgundy’s two-player base set.

Hands-On Experience

The Castles of Burgundy is an exciting and entertaining board game that can be played by 2-4 players. Each player plays as a lord who is trying to build the greatest estate in all the lands during the French Renaissance period (1500s). Players must develop their lands via settlements, trading, city building, and farming. Throughout the course of the game, each turn presents an opportunity to increase your land, earn points for various activities such as buying and selling goods at marketplaces or sculpting with clay.

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Playing with different numbers of players leads to unique experiences each time. With two players racing along side one another can provides a strategic challenge as you compete with your opponent on controlling resources and completing various achievements such as specific number of animals within a region. Games can become incredibly competitive in this environment! When more than two people play it adds additional elements of cooperation and teamwork, making gameplay smoother with multiple resources being available for planning those efficient future purchases. With four players, games may move quickly due to each individual having their own space to develop their regions; however bonus points can become aggressive forcing difficult decisions among teammates that may upset a winning scoreline if not discussed at length prior to execution. No matter how many people play each experience is sure to be fresh and engaging while also providing consistent laughs throughout!

Ratings and Reviews

The board game Castles of Burgundy has been highly acclaimed, with critics and players alike praising its strategic depth, replayability and adherence to the theme. Players are encouraged to undertake a variety of actions in order to gain victory points – set up profitable production chains, colonize new territories, trade goods for coins, develop your castle…all this and more make Castles of Burgundy an intriguing journey into medieval life. Likewise, the modular board (which can be re-arranged for a different experience each session) keeps gamers engaged throughout each play-through. Fans of the game recommend it as one of the best Eurogames out there; even those new to the genre will find its tried-and-tested mechanics accessible and rewarding upon further exploration. Ultimately, no two games will be the same and ” just like in real life ” success is determined by smart planning and astute decisions!


The board game Castles of Burgundy is a great game for players and fans of all levels. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining game that can be completed in 90 minutes or less and features different strategic pathways to victory. The use of dice, action points, resource management and trading make it one of the most unique games available today. Additionally, with expansions such as the ravens and Dice Game expansion packs, there are plenty of options to choose between which offer entirely new scenarios to explore.

Overall, the Castles of Burgundy board game is an excellent choice for players of all age groups who enjoy strategy-based multi-player games. Whether you are new to this type of gaming genre or an experienced player looking for something fresh; Castles of Burgundy has something for everyone. For experienced players, expanding your knowledge base by introducing friends to the game or diving into some of the added expansions can be incredibly rewarding too! With a lower entry price than many similar board games to choose from, Castles of Burgundy presents a great way for anyone interested in trying out a new strategic style board game to get started on their journey.

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